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Hi everyone! My name is Sharon, I am 46 and had subarachnoid hemorhage 4 months due to a ruptured aneurysm.


They coiled two of them but I have one left that is only suitable to clipping, due to its irregular shape, I think.


The neurosurgeon said it is half of 1% a year that it would rupture and 3 to 5% of something going wrong in operation.


The other aneurysm that ruptured was only 3mm ( they not sure which one) and this remaining one is also only 3mm so he said he can't guarantee that in the coming years it won't rupture, and my life long expectancy.  And no point in monitoring it because of this. 


So the decision is mine to make on whether I can live with it and take the chance or get it clipped , the neurosurgeon said he is willing to do the clipping soon if I come to the decision to go ahead with operation. 


Has anyone here had to make a similar decision? Or had clipping of an unruptured aneurysm? I am so afraid. 


Thanks for reading my post.

Sharon x

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Hi Sharon I have had a ruptured one clipped and an unruptured one 3 months later I didn't want a ticking time bomb however everyone is different xxx


I was in a week with the unruptured one Good luck with whatever you decide to do xxx

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Hello Sharon


There are many threads on this site discussing `unruptured aneurysms`.


Follow this link to access the information.  I hope you will be able to relate to some of the discussions and find the comments helpful.




Surviving SAH is challenging enough and the added emotions when discovering that you have unruptured aneurysms creates a totally different set of challenges as you seek to recover.


Take the time you need to gather information to help you with these decisions … and remember your consultants and neurosurgeon are there to help with your questions.


Wishing you well as you continue to recover and deal with these challenges.






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Hello Sharon,


I have epilepsy since I was 14 puberty, got to 63 was okay and seizures where getting less !! 


I passed out and had an SAH that was coiled nothing to do with epilepsy,  Then I day 1 had a seizure like I have never had before it was stronger and my body ached.


Saw Epilepsy specialist and he sent me for MRI and it showed 2 small bleeds I had and that they had healed themselves. 


I was so stressed out and thought it was the end for me  ..I am a baby and panic set in. 


Do what you think is right for you as we must not stress but go ahead as I know I did !   My hubby was worried about me having a shunt put in so he asked  surgeon and he said if it was my wife I'd have it done.  So my husband went ahead or I did !!  Glad I had it done as was in cuckooland ..But it is your head you will have to decide but wishing you all the best xxxx  If you need to give vent or worried this is a good place as we have all been there in one way or another xxxx


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I had an aneurysm that ruptured and was coiled immediately. During assessment, a second aneurysm was discovered and was not a candidate for coiling due to its shape. Two months following the rupture I underwent a craniotomy during which both aneurysms were clipped for good measure. Hospital stay for that surgery was two or three days and I was back to work full time within the month. I had annual check up scans for the next four years to make sure everything was holding. My neurosurgeon is well known for his research, skill, and compassion.


We cannot tell you what you should or shouldn't do and the specifics of your case are unique to you.. However, I would suggest if you feel you have unanswered questions, you could seek a second opinion from another neuro specialist and go from there. 


Best wishes, Colleen



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Good Morning. I'm Liz, 40 yrs old and have an 8mm saccural aneurysm in my left internal carotid artery. After a couple months of weird symptoms, the neurosurgeon believes that I experienced a small leak or bleed. I'm scheduled to have it coiled and a stent placed on Dec 23 and the waiting game is something awful. I know the chances of anything happening in the next 12 days are very low.....but the doc has me restricted anyway and fear can certainly get the better of you at time.

I'd love to hear how folks coped with the waiting game...


All the best.

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Hi Liz, must be a very anxious time for youI am sure if the neurosurgeon thought there was a high risk of rupture he would have operated sooner. Try to keep yourself occupied, I expect you have a lot of Christmas prep to complete as it looks like you will be in for the 25th?


I am sure there are others on the site who have been through the same, hopefully they will offer you advice and tips too.


Clare xx

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