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Re: Stroke post-traumatic stress risk - http://news.bbc.co.

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Hey there

Karen thanks for pointing this out. I was diagnosed with this a matter of weeks after my brain hem. It can manifest in several ways - mine symptoms were anxiety, severe depression, fatigue and emotional turmoil. There were times when I thought I was going crazy. Luckily for me I was referred to a counsellor who helped me come to terms with things and to think rationally.


Sami xxxx

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Guest Beth1957

Makes sense to me! It's a life-changing, even life-shattering, event, after all :(

It's nice to see that it's being recognised as such; perhaps counselling may come to be offered as a matter of course?

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:roll: Well this has happened to me! i am presently seeing a pshycoligist for this condition which became much worse for back last year ,when i had a bad relapse from stoke complications and other illnesses which got me.I am trying now to take life much easier,and cut down on my work hours and i am finding it very diffilclt to cope with tiredness.tc all paul
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The report makes interesting reading.

I think I was in denial afer my SAH for two reasons. One being that I have absolutely no memory of the event itself or the 10 days afterwards. I still don't exactly know what happened that day minute by minute as I was alone when it happened and I was unconscious for about 4 hours. Also my husband still won't talk about it as he was the one who found me. And secondly, I found it hard to accept that I'd been so ill as I'd survived whereas my Dad, who had SAH 6 years earlier, had died.

I had / still have emotional turmoil and fatigue. When fatigue hits me, the urge to sleep is overwhelming.


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Thanks for the article Sami

I had a councillor once and I don't think I will go again, I don't think she had any idea about SAH and she was at least honest by telling me that it's a first time with a SAH survivor.

I think it's about time that emphasis should be made on the mental part of recovery of SAH.

Myra xx

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Hi all

I'm just so relieved to learn that I'm not the only one who has had ongoing PTSD. I was fine when it happened then lost consciousness for 2 days and could only remember vague shadows and as my family didn't want to talk about it and shut me out as it were I went into denial and I think that really triggered it off. I'm still trying to unravel it and make sense of it all and although I don't appear as having PTSD it's left a bit of a legacy of issues which I'm continuing to work through with a counsellor. I think this article will be helpful to explain why I get so distressed at times.

The first year was the worst really but then SAH combined with a slower functioning brain and memory loss and other people unable to understand is traumatic.

My best wishes to everyone who is going through this part of the experience - just knowing it's "normal" helps and there's loads of support here.


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Guest Beth1957
Myra, you should have got intouch with Headway if you wernt happy with the councillor....

it really helps.....


Probably not too late, Myra! Give them a ring, honey...

I've found a slightly more in-depth version of the article here...

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/20 ... 230703.htm

Newcastle General is mine & Vivienne's hospital & The Prof is our neurosurgeon :)

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