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Taste changes (dysgeusia) after SAH/Stroke

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Hi Karen


Yes dysgeusia has been a massive problem for me. I still have a very limited number of foods I enjoy eating and tend to stick to bland food especially dairy products. I still find the smell in restaurants or people's kitchens very hard to endure - it's like a strong smell of sewage.


I'm going along to see a researcher in food science at a local college next month and she is going to do some tests on me to try to identify what is actually wrong eg if it's maybe a particular quadrant of my tongue though there doesn't seem much that can be done.


I've felt quite alone with this problem as not many people seem to have it as severe as myself and my neurologists, GP and dietician have not come across it before though they've read about it.

Anyway, enough complaining - I'm getting used to it and am thankful I can still enjoy things like cups of tea and coffee and lots of ice cream!



Anne xxx

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Keep us posted Anne, as it's an interesting subject..... Think that I only know of Scott (Rince), who totally lost his sense of taste .... but can well imagine, that having to endure what you're experiencing, isn't at all pleasant ....


I lost my "sweet" tooth after the SAH, where even toothpaste, tasted sweet and my teeth were on edge..... but that's not a bad thing. I used to love my chocolate and all things sweet. I do eat the odd piece of cake or a biscuit, but it's normally when I'm tired and looking for a quick sugar burst. A box of chocolates, I could devour in a day pre SAH, but can normally just eat the odd one a day ....my family normally get to them, before I do!.....xx

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Hi all,

Just to confirm that as Karen has said, I lost my sense of taste and smell (can't tell you when as it took a while to find out!!).

Really doesn't affect me that much as I taste what I'm expecting to taste, so it seems as though my brain has fooled my taste buds, or vica-versa!


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I lost my sense of taste and lived for weeks post SAH on smoked fish and salad. They were the only things I could tolerate, everything else tasted foul. Luckily it came back. The only difference now is the fact I can drink red wine, prior to SAH just a sip gave me a blinding headache.

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Yes, me too ! Immediately after the SAH my taste was all over the place, I really was not enjoying meals at all. They tasted 'wrong' even some of my previously favourite foods, very alarming, but thankfully most of these effects have improved, now most food tastes as it should or at least I now enjoy it!


Except for chocolate which really does taste pretty disgusting :( At least no longer liking it is better than to still like and be forbidden it! :shock: Poor You Anne, maybe like Scott you will be able to re-educate your taste buds. Do hope the technician is able to point you in the right direction :)

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  • 10 years later...

So happy I found this thread... my sense of taste and smell is so off after my SAH. Thought I was going crazy. I can’t stand to be in restaurants or kitchens where food is being cooked...


it’s like I have a hyperacute and unpleasant smell of grease everywhere. I catch this horrible smell everywhere... walking down the streets, on my own body and breath. It has been 3 months. How long do these symptoms last? Or do I just have to get used to this new reality? Does anything help?

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Still I stink, was told it was due to my SAH/Bleed , Comfort stinks clean bedding smells my hair stinks and water is foul.


Love a coffee from a shop and can eat out okay love food, I feel like I have had a shower in dirty stale water,  Now use babies shampoo and very mild kids detergents.  Still get laughed at by hubby who says I have an ism as in  phantosmia.  I go "can you smell that Al," he goes "smell what  your ism?" 


He is a kind soul but if you hear of woman hitting hubby over head with her shoe..It is me  ha ha  ..It is a problem though arghhhh!!


Can always eat well though !! Just smells have changed  perfume stinks  etc etc  been demoted to cheap perfume or body sprays  light ones  xxxx


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For the first couple of months everything I ate tasted as if a pot of salt had been emptied on it  I’ve lost my appetite for good food and tend to eat cakes, biscuits, cereals and chocolates rather than a proper meal a lot of the time.  Also I just can’t be bothered to cook. 

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