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Ray new to this site

Guest Ray

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Hi to all. Never done any thing like this before but nurses at the hospital recommended this site as you are all so friendly and helpful. Still very difficult at the moment only 4 weeks ago. I will post my story later. Ray

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Hi Ray

Welcome to BTG hope you find the site as useful as I always have. Look forward to hearing more about you when you're ready.

Just remember its very early days for you yet and get plenty of rest the first few months your body wont let you do too much without the awful fatigue kicking in. Take care of yourself.

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Hi Ray and welcome....

Have a feeling that you may have been treated at Wessex Neuro, Southampton?

There's a fair few of us, that have been treated there.....

You're very early days, being only 4 weeks on ...... take your time and only post when you're ready to do so ....

Nice to meet you though ....xx

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Hey Ray

Welcome to the site and the family. You'll get lots of support, advice and sympathy on here. It's been a godsend to me and I've made some life long friends.

Well done in your recovery so far, even posting to say Hi at this stage is an achievement. Take your time and don't feel rushed, we'll all be here.

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