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Remnant Annie Growing?

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So I went to my doc and complained of some new headaches. He is very conderned that my wee 2 mm annie is growing. I too am a bit worried since the headaches I am getting are the same as the ones I got before my annie ruptured. This question might seem silly given the seriousness of a rupture, but they accurately see what is happening without an angiogram? I am terrified of the MRA and would way rather have an MRI.



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Hi Linda,

I've recently experienced similar to yourself, but with my coiled aneurysm and I was given a MRI scan to check it out (no significant change was my result). I believe that cerebral angiography is the best procedure to "detect" aneurysms ..... but, they know where your annie is and from my experience here in England, they tend to send you for a MRI scan as the first port of call.

You really need to go back to your Doc and explain your concerns to him ..... he/she can probably put your mind at ease in seconds, as to the follow up procedure of your aneurysm and how they're going to screen it for any changes.

I've only had one cerebral angio since the coiling itself and that was a normal follow up procedure to make sure that the coiling was still in place and hadn't settled. However, they did allow me to have some sedatives before the procedure, as like yourself I was pretty frightened!

I can't really answer your question Linda, but would advise that you make a call to your Doc.

Good luck Linda and hope that you get some peace of mind.....xx

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