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Hello from Waterball


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Hi my name is Diane, my husband was admitted to hospital a week ago with severe headache, stiff neck and sore eyes and with his symptoms they said it was a bleed and a ct scan confirmed it. They did another ct scan to confirm an aneurysm this scan showed that the bleed had stopped.

On Friday 6/11/09 he had an angiogram and it showed up negative they will do another next week as an aneurysm could be hiding.

All through this period my husband never became unconscious, did not vomit and all his neuro obs have been fine and there has been no speech problems.

At the moment he still has the headaches but not as bad sometimes they throb but his eyes are sensitive to the light.

Is all this normal i am so very scared, i take consolation in the fact that the first angiogram was negative and i hope the next one will be, he has not been rushed off to theatre and i have no phone calls from the hospital. He had another ct scan on tues to rule out fluid on the brain no-one has said anything about that, sometimes i am too scared to ask.

My husband is 45, i am 45 on Monday and i have my graduation in 2 weeks as i qualified as a nurse in January. Diane

I live in Coventry

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Hello Diane,

Yes, what you've told us, sounds very normal in terms of hospital experience and we have quite a few members on BTG where an aneurysm hasn't been found. As far as I'm aware, non-aneurysmal SAH has a very good prognosis.

From what you've said, it does seem that he's doing pretty well at the minute, but I'm not a medic and can only go from my own experience and others on here that have had a SAH. Headaches and light sensitivity are quite normal after a bleed and some of us post SAH now experience more headaches than we used to, but on the whole they become more manageable as recovery moves forward. On the other hand, I've also heard from a few members, that they get less headaches now, than they did before the SAH!

It's absolutely understandable to feel frightened and not want to ask questions, but perhaps you will feel a little more settled after the next angiogram has taken place and feel more relaxed about asking?

Hope this helps a little and anything that you want to ask, then ask away! :-D

Wishing you both the very best and will keep my fingers crossed for you next week... :wink: xx

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Hi Diane :-D a very warm welcome to you. Really hope all goes well with your husbands scan. As Karen has said....his symptoms are something that we all seem to suffer with. Wishing you both well...look forward to hearing more from you. Congratulations on qualifying as a nurse....hope you will be able to enjoy your graduation :)

Take care

Love Tina xx

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i have been to see hubby today, he seems brighter in the morning than late evening.

He had the result from the ct scan that was done on tues and there is no swelling and the blood is clearing. he has to lie on his back for another 2 weeks so he might have the angio next week or the week after.

thank you for responding i do feel more confident when i have read other people threads.

love diane

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Hi Diane,

Try to keep as positive as you can, as your husband seems to be doing okay and no swelling is v.good news!....

I'm sure that they're looking after him and keeping him monitored ..... in fact, I found that I got no peace at all in hospital! ..... which is a good thing really, but when all you want to do is sleep for the whole of the UK, you start getting a bit grumpy, being woken up, every few hours!:wink:

Do you have family around to support you Diane? ... sorry, I'm always nosey....:wink: xx

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Hi Waterball

I hope your husband continues to do well.

I've only recently found this site, although I am months into my recovery. This is a wonderful site. I have found so many answers to questions I have had and I am still working my way through posts. It was such a relief to find others who understand what we all go through.

Congratulations on qualifying and enjoy your graduation, you've work hard for it.

Best wishes

Liz D

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Hi Diane

Welcome to the site glad you found us as there is quite a lot of useful information that should help you and hubby. Karen as usual has given you the best advice and that is to stay positive but I realise how hard that must be when its someone you love that its happening to. Any questions at all just ask there is always someone who will try and answer them for you.

Congratulations on becoming a fully qualified Nurse and remember if you can to take some time out for yourself.

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Hello Diane and welcome to the site. Karen has once more put things in a nutshell, her advice is always useful and good so I won't add anything else, but I will say well done on your graduation, i do hope that you continue to do well and your husband too, who sounds as though he is being well looked after and is doing well:-D

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Thank you everybody, i have taken a month off work which i do feel guilty about but i cannot do everything as i have a 12 year old daughter to think about.

I have some really good friends who were with me at the start and still are if i need a cry.

I know i have to be positive and it is hard but it is now a week on and he has always remained stable.


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Hi Diane,

I know that it must be really hard to stay positive and easy for me to say, I know! :wink: .... but, it sounds as though your husband is stable and that's the main thing .... try to take one day at a time and don't look too far forward for the minute .. things eventually work out for the majority of us...

Well, I'm glad that you have good friends around you, who will hopefully support and see you through this... don't be afraid to talk to them, as I'm sure that they will be more than happy to help.

My daughter was a couple of years older than your daughter when I had my SAH, my son was at Uni .... I think all of us Mum's, feel tremendous guilt when we can't be "there" for our children.... it's only natural, but they're more understanding and resourceful than we perhaps think....

I'm hoping that your Employers are sympathetic to your needs? ..... just focus on you and your family for the minute and take each day as it comes .... most people are pretty empathetic when it comes down to this type of situation. Take all offers of help that you can, whether it's practical help or a shoulder to cry on .....

Look after youself Diane. xx

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Hi and welcome sorry to hear about your husband and the worry it causes you i'm sure he's in good hands and sounds to be doing well i too am a carer and i know in a different way it can be nearly as hard standing by and watching,but stay strong and Good luck Rod

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Hi:-D and welcome to the family.

Your husband sounds like he is stable and doing pretty well, so as others have said try not to worry too much, hard i know.

Take each day as it comes and try and find a little space for yourself sometime, because we are the one going through the SAH we sometimes dont realise how it effects our loved one and can be megga grumpy by the end of the day;-).

Sending love and hugs to you and your family, take care

Love luck and laughter

Michelle c xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Diane and welcome

Sounds like a SAH with no aneurysm maybe? Two weeks lying slightly tilted was what they did to me too, also repeated angio, no aneurysm found.

As others have said, you will need to be patient and be there for your husband as it is a rocky road to recovery (as I am sure you know as a nurse)and emotions can run high at times for both sufferer and carer.

Good luck with everything, there is always support here for everyone.


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