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Rainy day headaches? Air pressure?

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I feel like a human barometer! Does anyone else experience headache pressure, general malaise, and an overall "bad day" when the clouds roll in? Every time the air pressure drops due to storms, clouds, etc. I end up feeling like garbage. I actually enjoy rain and snow storms for the most part. So, my physical manifestations seem strange.

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Hey Noah

You certainly aren't alone with this one - I can usually tell when the weather is going to change or the air pressure is changing - it's quite disconcerting at first but, for me, at least I knew why I had a headache all of a sudden and felt lousy. I don't know why we react like this now, so if someone can shed some light on this, it would be appreciated lol

Take care Noah

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I thought I was alone in this. But apparently not.

On the up side, I now know when I need to remember my unbrella!

The weather is rather grim today and mixed with staring at a computer screen all day I am in a fair bit of pain (The irony of the fact that I am posting this on a web-site is not lost on me.

Hang on in there, It gets easier. I think.

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