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Hi my name is Jan, and I suffered a SAH on Sat November 13th 2009. My husband and I were babysitting our 2 grandaughters aged 18mths and 7 yrs. I had just brought the baby down from giving her a bath at approx 7.50. I sat in the chair to dry her when I got a terrible pain in the left side of my face. I new nothing much more until the Thursday when I found out I had suffered a SAH which was coiled.

At first I could not believe how ill I felt. I had no support group close at hand so was left just plodding along feeling quite ill and thinking I was going to die.

After a couple of emergency returns to hospital and speaking to a doctor there, I was given a better insite into what had happened to me.

I discovered this website last week, it has been of great help to me.

I went to my GP this morning as my sick note was due, My HR Manager had visited me yesterday to say my sick pay would be halved at the beginning of Feb.

I was horrified, upset and scared wondering how I was going to pay for my bank loan and car (I do have payment protection). I was determined I would have to go back to work before then, albeit on reduced hours.

My GP has said this morning no way, and given me a sick note for another 4 weeks. He said if when I do get back to work, he would not expect to be able to go back to full time until 3 to 6 mths after my phased return.

Still panicking about money when I got home, I rang both my insurance companies who have put my mind at rest regarding money.

I now feel more relaxed, and can give more time to trying to get back on the road to recovery.

I still feel pretty ill on my bad days, mainly feeling sick, a woosy head and queer sensation in my head.

Today is a good day, although I will have to have a rest from the pc as my head is starting to hurt.

I look forward to hearing from you and all and discussing my story further.

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Hi Jan

And a warm welcome to the site.....

think all employers are different but I thought you had to be off at least 6mths (if not a year) before they halved the pay, getting intouch with the Citizen advice is a good idea that way they can tell you what's what.

but glad you mind was put at ease with the insurance....

You are really early in your recovery taking it easy is the best thing....

take care

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Welcome to BTG, glad you now have peace of mind re finances and can concentrate on getting better instead.

Your GP sounds like he/she has your best interests covered and is being realistic and sensible.

Everyone here knows what you are experiencing and it can be a great source of comfort


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Hey Jan

A very warm welcome to the site and to the family. So glad that you found us when you needed us most. This site has been pivotal to me over the last three years for advice, comfort, understanding, support, encouragement - the list goes on. I hope that you get as much from this site and I have.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

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Hello Jan

Welcome to the family....well hows this then i had my SAH/stroke same date two years earlier 13th november 2007!!!

As everyone has said take it easy rest when your body tells you and keep posting when you're head/eyes will let you...i still have to rest from my pc as well.

Looking forward to chatting soon.

Take care

Michelle C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello Jan and a very warm welcome from me too. I won't add much as the others here before me hae, I think said it all:-D So pleased that your GP sounds supportive and that your initial worries about finance have receded a bit. Just listen to your body, it will have got it right. If you have any little niggles at all, about life after SAH, and all it involves please don't just worry and fret.......Ask, there will be someone here who knows the answer. I look forward to your next post and to getting to know you better:-D

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Welcome Jan,

I believe this site will be of great help. I agree with Vivien's comment, once the mechanical bits have been fixed, it can feel like now your left to deal with the aftermath. Having the right support and information can be most therapeutic in helping get through the early months of recovery.

I look foward to hearing from you again soon,

Best Wishes,

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