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13 years of feeling alone with SAH

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Its good to be able to read and chat with others that knows what its like to survive a SAH. I had a Basilaris tip aneurysm that ruptured in 1997 and havent had a chance to meet others with the same daily struggles after. I still have some issues with my health 13 years after. Had my second coiling and stentwork done in 2008 to prevent a second rupture.

Feel free to contact me to discuss issues related to your SAH

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Good Morning Homer and welcome to this site. It took me 13 months after SAH to find this site, so 13 years is a very long time. I hope now that you have found this group of fellow survivors you can benefit from their friendship and support and no longer feel alone.

Best wishes,


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Hi Homer.

We all find our own path. OK that was a tad deep for a Monday morning, but you know what. you managed 13 years alone. That shows a true strength of character.

Welcome to BTG. You are no longer alone.

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Hi Homer

Welcome to the site. I managed to find this site within a few weeks of having SAH and coiling so it helped me realise what I was feeling, and helped form questions for when I had my initial follow-up appointment.

13 years is a heck of a long time to be alone...I am glad you have now found us all and look forward to hearing more from you

Kel x

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Hi Homer andwelcome to BTG.

It took me 8 months to find this site as it took me months to be able to even sit at the computer. But I am so glad I did. Reading posts was like light bulbs going off all the time and I kept thinking "gosh that's me". 13 years is such a long time not have spoken with someone who has gone through this. But you've found us now and I hope you get as much out of this site as I have.

Take care.

Liz xx

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hi Homer

Wellcome to btg, I am also new to the site , abt 4 months and on to my 9th month post SHa.

Best thing about this bunch is that if you have dobuts you can always find someone who has gone through it.

We nearly all have in common that when leaving hospital we get no real information from our doctors as to how we may feel so most of the time we depend on others to clarify our dobuts. This is certainly the right place

Hope to continue hearing from you

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