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Introducing myself - Angela


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Hi to eveyone. I'm Angela,

I have been a member on this site since 09, but never got round to posting anything yet.

I have been logging on and reading a lot of your stories, and reading about members recovery,and i can honestly say its been a godsend for me to know that there is light at the end of which seems a never ending tunnell

I had the misfortune to have suffered 2 ruptured Anurysms, But was very fortunate to have survived them.

My 1st one was in August 08.I was treated with great staff and doctors at The Southern General

I had coils inserted and even though very weak, after 1 week was allowed home to begin my recovery.

My daughter had just given me my 1st grandson 5 weeks earlier, so with a lot of determination i had to get better. They were my focus,as with the rest of my family whos support and love and care i will always be thankful for.

I was scared to go sleep at night,terrified incase it happened again.

Unfortunately it did, 2 weeks later,another bleed, this time i have not much recollection as to what was going on

Back into the Southern General, and coiled again .was in for much longer this time, and never really was out of bed for nearly a week.

Didn't open my eyes much was to weak and tired

The 2nd bleed knocked me for six

Got home eventually to start my recovery again.

Its been along road, still headachy, the dreaded Fatigue is a nightmare, managed to get back to work after 1 year,i only work 4 days a week my employers agreed that i could go back part time

There is a history of SAH's my younger sister suffered 1 eight months before me, she had to go back in for more treatment to get a stent put in

But shes getting there too

Sorry this has been as long, i only wished i had posted sooner, yous all seem a smashing lot and the support yous give to each other is amazing

Now that i have got round to posting, i look forward to chatting to yous all

Take care

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Hi Angela,

Welcome :wink: xx

I hope you asked why the second bleed was not picked up on the scan ?

Glad your doing "ok" I have finally posted on here, i too only recently started posting on here and it feels as if i have made lots of new friends over night and thankfully people who feel the same and know what we may be feeling etc etc, :wink:

Take care xx Karen

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Hey there Angela

Welcome to the family.

You're doing very well being able to work 4 days a week after two years and two bleeds. I'm nearly 4 years down the road after one bleed and working full time - still tired when I get home that I flop on the sofa.

Really glad that you finally plucked up the courage to post too - there are a lot of amazing people just waiting to give their support.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome Angela, nice to see you were cruising as now you are in the fast lane with us all........if you get tired just pass on the baton, we always pick up.

I followed your development quite closely......two aneurysms as we all know this isn't so friendly. But you did it and your sister. I had several bleeds before my big one. So welcome aboard....remember your focus on your grandchildren...but also think about yourself too. Wishing you luck and reading you more and please give my regards to your sister.... as we are all in the same boat.

You said we were "Smashing."...taking that as a compliment so thank you. We are also wise enough to know you are a "Cracker" to so carry on........doing what you did.

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Hi Angela and welcome! :-D

I had a sentinel or warning bleed a few years before the major one ..... it's definitely a double whammy, but sounds as though you're doing well with your recovery and still managing to work. Family and children certainly keep you going and help you to move forward.

Wishing you well for the future! xx

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Hi Angela,

welcome to the site as a fully published person. :lol:

Its a great comfort with some wonderful people who will invariably no how you are feeling or be able to reasure you that what you are feeling is quite normal Post SAH. :shock:

Looking forward to reading more of your story.:-P

Take care.

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Hi Angela

Welcome to the site! And well done for finally posting. It is great being able to share stories and get advice from others who know what you are talking about, and make good friends too!

Glad to hear both you and your sister are getting there; that must have been awful for your family with both of you suffering SAH! :crazy: I hope you are able to support each other fully in your recovery together.

Look forward to hearing more from you

Take care

Kel x

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Hello Angela,

Welcome to this great site:-D i see your in Bonnie Scotland like me;-). My partner was treated in the Southern General when he suffered his SAH, those people are worth their weight in gold. Like the others have said thanks for sharing your story with us.

Take Care. xx

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