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Thought I would pop by!

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Hi Everyone!

Thought I would pop in and see how you all are! I'm feeling much better, it has been a long hard couple of years but at last I feel like I am 'getting there'. My energy levels are much better and at last I feel like I can move a bit quicker, this may be down to the acupuncture I continue to have - but who knows! I am considering doing an NLP/cognitive behaviour/hypnotherapy course as it has always interested me and maybe I will be able to help someone else. I've also taken up photography another interest I never had time to do before. I also continue to take my wonderful do Max gundog training - keeping us both fit, as the gym doesnt have the same appeal anymore! Anyway enough of me, to all those new to this site and in the early stages of recovery - it really does get better, it might not seem quick enough but be patient and you will come through it. There are less better days when the sun doesnt shine but hang on in there!



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Hi Caroline :) great to hear from you.....well done you on your recovery :) it's so good to read how well you have done ! Not been easy for you i know...but thank you for posting as it is a boost to others and your words a comfort. As you say hang in there, it does get better !! Take care....love and hugs to you xx

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