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Oops! Forgot to introduce myself on here despite attending the BBQ! Kimmy


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Hi All,

I'm sorry this post is a little bit late, but I have been reading all the interesting articles and stories that I simply forgot to tell you my story and it was only after talking to so many nice people at Karen's BBQ that I thought I'd better put my writing head on (My words - Steve's fingers doing the typing so readers can make sense of my rambles!).

My name is Kim and I had my "event" almost 15 years ago when I was 30 years old. It happened whilst I was at work in the Gulf Hotel in Lincolnshire on a busy Xmas Eve. At around 8pm whilst working in the kitchen, I came over with a feeling of dizziness and a strange sensation like a rash appearing on my face. It went all tingly but to others looking at me, there was nothing visible. From the feeling of dizziness, I must have fallen in and out of consciousness, as I had a sensation of people lifting me up and putting me in different places. My last coherent memory is getting out a car at Boston Hospital (I wasn't driving it by the way :-D) and then waking up the following day under a CT Scan. However, as soon as I woke up, I must have drifted off again, as the next thing after that I was being put into the back of an Ambulance and was transferred to Queens Medical University Hospital in Nottingham. I was in and out of consciousness for a few more days realising that I'd missed Xmas Day with my two boys (Craig then aged 5 and Stephen aged 8!). I struggled to understand the seriousness of what had happened to me until the following Wednesday when I was being wheeled down to the operating theatre to undergo open brain surgery! I couldn't have the surgery any earlier as my Consultant advised that he couldn't operate until I'd stopped bleeding. I have one anurism that has been clipped and had a nice array of staples in my head (Looking at the photo's posted on here by others I'm pleased that we didn't have a camera near by!).

Over the last 15 years I have good and bad days. I have tried a varied array of medication from Stemostil and Serc 16 to Anatriptolyne, Nortriptolyne and a whole host of other multi-coloured tablets too numerous to mention. At the moment, because I seem to have a reaction to these drugs, I have decided to go without and rely only on a mixture of either Panadol, Anaddin Extra or whatever ever else is handy that contains paracetamol! I was told I can't take Ibobruphen, but again, medical opinion is mixed on this because some doctors have in the past put me on this in a variety of strengths.

In terms of my day to day feelings and experiences, I don't work. I have tried, but I normally have to have a sleep during the day for at least an hour, so finding a job that can accommodate me has proved difficult. Every now and again I get a pulsing sensation going through my head that stops me catching sleep. When I'm out, I want to veer to the right, so either Steve walks by that side and supports me (He's my Hero! - Steve wrote this!:biggrin:) or I have to grab a trolley to guide me round the shops. I find the lights in Supermarkets affect me and we try not to spend too long in them because my head "goes" - headache, dizziness and every now and again, squiggly lines in my right eye.

My consultant, after listening to me reel off my symptoms, told me that I suffer from chronic migraine, but having suffered a few migraines over the years am not happy with his diagnosis. My problems appear to be balance, but trying to get that across to him is very difficult and frustrating!!!

In terms of visible effects, the right of my face is slightly lower than my left and as such, I hate having my photograph taken, as photo's just seem to emphasize to me the damage.

Almost 15 years on, I have learned that I am very lucky to be alive and try to live life as much as possible to the full. Whilst I will give anything a go (I've even tried White Water Rafting in Thailand!!!) I do need to be careful not to overdo things, as it all catches up with me and I have a couple of bad days following any "overdoing". However, after finding this site and meeting others at Karen's, I now don't feel so isolated or misunderstood. Thank you! :-P

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Hello Kim,

Thanks for telling us your story. I do like to hear from the people who are further down the line. Though I am a little concerned now that the fatigue is still with you after such a long time. Your photos from the bbq are great. Forgot to pass the camera on, so we could see one of you.:wink: I dont like having pics taken either now. Am sure the hollows under my eyes were never this bad. If I had my wits about me before the op I'm certain to have told them "just tighten that up on the way back out".:lol: good to hear you had a good time on Saturday. Wish I could have been there too. I'd love to meet up with th folks on here. Maybe next time.

Thanks Sally xx

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Welcome Kimmi. It's always helpful to hear others' stories. Thanks for sharing! Hope to hear more from you. Glad you were able to make it to the BBQ to meet some of these wonderful folks! I'm in the US, but wouldn've loved to have been there. Have a great day:biggrin:


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Hi Kimmy

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm like Sally, I get inspiration from survivors who are further along than me and congratulations on being 15 years post SAH! I have managed to get back to work but cannot imagine being able to do white water rafting!! (I'm so impressed). Glad too that you had a good time on Saturday, sounds as though it was a really good day.

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Hi Kim

Nice that you have posted your story for us all to see how you have done since your sah.

Although a few post-sah symptoms still linger for you, I suppose the compensation has been to be there to see your sons grow up and do such things as white water rafting albeit I don't think you would catch me do it!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the BBQ - are you the good photographer?

Best wishes,


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Hi Kimmy, good to meet up with you & Steve last Saturday. Glad you have written your story, do you feel better for writing it? I was ages before I wrote mine,the thought of it was traumatic for me but once I got it done I felt much better like somehow it was a weight lifted off my shoulders.:-D

Look forward to hearing rom you again.

Much love xxx

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