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Just want to know if any members have had any dealings with Headway and whether you have found their meetings of benefit.

The predicament I have found myself in is this.

There were elements to my previous life which occupied my mind and time.

I played hard at parties and bars and was also a member of a running club, training around 5-6 times a week.

I now shun the party scene and cannnot run as before and so am unable to return to my running club.

This has resulted in my friends, (quite understandably,) continuing with their busy lives, but I have been left behind. It is isolating and I do not feel that I am making the most of my life.

I realise that a new way of living is not going to come knocking on my door and instead I have to put measures in place to find it.

I have thought about Headway but do not really know much about them. I have seen their website, but wonder what goes on at their meetings. I just think it might be a way to extend my social life with like minded people and to inject some kind of routine into my evenings.

Many thanks,


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Hi lynne, I have hd one iniitail meeting at Headway & found it reallyrefreshing to meet other brain injury people. My first emeting was with a couple of mentors who have brain injuries of one osrt or another & a member of staff. We eent through & discussed the common factors of brain injury (tiredness, lack of attention, changes in mood )etc. I ahve my assessment with them on 20th where they will look at specific areas to help me (such as cooking, mood mangement etc) & then there will be a programme of modules of help. They also run drop in sessions but I don't know much about them yet. A friend whose hubby had severe injuries after a motorbike crash has found the social side very good. OUr unit has a garden where they do planting & looking after veg, then they cook stuff for bbq's etc 7 go bowling, have wii activities.

I was very hesitant about joining but I found it very useful to mix with other people who go through the same things as us. I am looking forward to getting involved more & eventually would like to be a mentor for others in the future.

Give them a call, I'm sure you won't regret it. yOU have nothing to lose hon xx

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Hi Lin

I can only tell you about D as the only times I attend Headway is for functions.

D has found it extremely helpful and likes to chat to others in the same situation as himself. He mixes with other people he would not normally do and has found people there with similar interests to himself which has been good. They have lots of social occasions and outings.

From my point of view it gives me a break and for him a break from me :-D

Hope this helps but you could give it a try and see how you feel. I know D was very very nervous the first few times he went but he persevered.

In fact tomorrow is the Christmas dinner function which I am going to, last years was great.

Poppy T

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Thanks for taking thhe time to reply girls.

I am definately going to give it a go. It sounds good from what you both report.

I think it would really assist with the emotional side of things, which I think I need some help with at the moment.

I will email Headway for details of meetings.



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When I was in the rehab hospital I went to a few meetings cant remember anything about them on a good note I dont think badly....so thats a plus.

My cousin went to them and they helped him a lot..

I hear great things about them and would say give it a go, as people there are in the same situ as you are.....

The best thing is you know that your needing the help which is alway good....

hope your feeling a bit better now.....

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Hi Lin, sorry for the late reply, I missed this thread!

I contacted headway as I was feeling a bit isolated and Like you could not go back to my 'old life' . I used to do accounts for small businesses and am now unable to do this anymore. I also now, have to plan my nights out, if I am going out in the evening I always make the day free for me to rest and also the following day, because if I go out I then can't get to sleep afterwards as my brain tries to process what I have experienced on my night out!

Anyway, a really nice man from Headway came to visit me and I talked for ages! obviously had it all bottled up :), he then told me what was available from Headway and made sure I had applied for benefits etc. They do have meetings once a month but it is too far away for me to get to, so I can't comment on the social side of things. They gave me a card to show to people if I am out and get muddled and are always there if I need to talk. So, yes, I would recommend getting in touch with them.

I have got involved in photography, first of all I got a camera so that I could take photos of things and look at them to remember. I then got more interested and joined a camera club about a year ago. I am now on the committee and there are lots of social events associated with it as well. It is just a case of finding something that suits you.

Good Luck

Vivien x

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Thank you very much for all your encouragement.

I went along today to my first Headway meeting, which just happened to be their Christmas Party.

I went along for the last hour. The session is open for three hours, but as it was my first attendance, I thought I would just 'pop in' today. There are different types of meetings during the week and today's session was an 'activity session' at a local town hall.

Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I had a nice chat with people, over a cup of tea and a mince pie!

It was interesting to learn about the array of brain injuries that people suffer. Some people were there with their carers, because their injuries have left them with obvious disabilities. There were others, who looked so well, that I was not sure whether they were staff or people who had suffered brain injuries. It was sometimes surprising to hear someone divulge that they had experienced a brain injury years ago and it was nice to see how they had coped with re-building their lives.

Very helpfully, a neuro psychologist attends the sessions once a month and he was there today. We had a private chat and both decided that I would benefit from joining the group sessions, where people share their stories under the guidance of the psychologist. He explained that there was no pressure to contribute to the discussion and that I could just go along and listen, if I wanted.

He explained the role of counselling very well. He said that if my house had a burst pipe, I would call a plumber. If I needed help in the garden, I might ask my Dad. Why would we not ask someone to help us with our emotions, when arguably they are more important.

I left feeling brighter, lighter and happier; with an appreciation that some peoples lives have changed dramatically and their struggles are exceptionally challenging. I need to appreciate that I am fortunate that there is still a life ahead of me, it's just going to be a bit different to before.

So all in all, a good day. And I won a writing set in the raffle too. Lol!!

Lynne xx

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So pleased it wsa a help to you Lin & I know what you mena about seeing people looking & doing so well & then finding out they had brain injuries to deal with. I met a guy who had had major injuries after a car crash but he was amzing!

I have my assessment with them next week so looking forard to that & then the sessions to help me deal with things. the nueor phsych I am seeing in jan is also involved in Headway sessions so it will be interesting to see how they rok together.

I love the anaology about the burst pipe, how true but we don't see it as being help in the fist instance I guess?

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Hi Lynne

I hav heard of Headway, i spoke to them on the phone with intention of going to one of their meetings here in northampton. But didnt go as i couldnt drive at that time and felt at bit uneasy about it. But since then i have been to a stroke group called Different Strokes which was nice but they do an hour of exercise first which i couldnt keep up with as im so early on in recovery. Maybe in a few months i will go back. But now im being told i might have the onset of MS so will wait to see.

I know what you mean about your life before, that has been my main problem dealing with the new me, but looking like the old me.

Tracy S xx

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So glad you went Lynne and really pleased it has worked out so well :) I contacted Headway and like Vivien they were to far away, but they sent me info and also a card to carry around like Gill has. Well done you for going...so pleased you feel brighter lighter happier and had a good day....and won the raffle ;) Love and hugs to you :biggrin: love Tina xx

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Hi Lynne

So glad you went along & your right sometimes you just never know that the persons had a SAH or whatever for that matter with Headway it can be lots of stuff.....

I dont mind telling people whats happened to me way I think of it is if I dont tell them/explaine then they dont know/understand.....

But big well done you for going......onward & forward.....:roll:

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Lynee, i have my assessment next Mon but have recieved notification of a 6 weekmodule working on relationships starting in Jan so it looks like this is one that most people attend. I will be going to see what they have to say but not sure it will help with my very short fuse these days bu you can hope hey?

Will let you know how it goes


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  • 4 weeks later...

I went to a headway meeting today.

The main session was a simply a social meeting, presenting an opportunity for people to have a chat over a cup of tea and meet others recovering from a brain injury.

There was also an opportunity for us to talk to a psychologist, as part of a group; and I went along to see what it was like.

There were five of us in the group, all suffering with an array of brain injuries. I was the only one there who was a SAH recoverer.

One lady there was @ 15 years into her recovery and attended Headway simply to help others. It was interesting to hear her account and she remembered the various stages we were at.

Others were a only a few months into their recoveries and I was able to share with them how I felt @ the 6 month stage and relate to the emotional stages they were going through.

I noticed that when the meeting started, we were all quiet, a bit nervous and some of us looked sad.

By the end of the meeting, there was laughter and I noticed how there was a certain lightness in our manner after the meeting.

Today has had a very positive impact upon me and I will definitely go again.

If you have a local Headway group, I would consider contacting them. Even if you consider yourself well, attending the meetings and helping others is an invaluable assistance to them.

I got a lot out of today, not only from the help I received, but also from the small help I was able to extend to others.

All in all a good day and I'm beginning to see how fortunate I am to be able to say that.


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Hi Tina.

I was intrested about the card that the Headways sent you. Do think it is a helpful thing to carry around with you? If it explains what has happen to you in easy terms, then it has to be a good thing.

Hope you are well and ok after your injection today.

Love Sonia xxxx

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I went to my first Headway social today but mine was very different Lynne. Ours was a small group of mainly blokes playing board games & hardly any chat! In some ways given the mood i was in it was probably a goo thing not to be chatting!

I have my craft session on Wed & my relationship module is on Thurs

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Thats great news Lynne, so pleased hun....

Lynne now that I have moved outside of town I thought there wasnt anything near me however after doing a search for Headway I found ( Physical Disability Resource Centre) I knew that was there but the Headway link to it I didnt know about, not that far from me so when I'm feeling up to it Im going to get intouch.....

Sonia, I have that card its just like a bank card very handy at times.....got a new purse from Ronnie for my Christmas and where your meant to put a picture I've put that so its easy to show.....

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Hi Sonia...yes Louise is right it is like a bank card...you put name address etc, incase of need. I always carry it in my purse too. They send them to you for free. It says on it:

I AM A SURVIVOR OF A BRAIN INJURY. I may have problems with my memory, speech or actions. Your help and patience would be appreciated . I think it is a very useful thing to carry in case of emergency :)

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