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What have I done to deserve this......

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Hi all

What a week - the only good point was finding this site!

I've had enough of it all this week.....was getting fed up with the SAH and all its ongoing effects and lack of recovery (was coming to terms with these a bit more after reading through some of the posts on this site...)

Then got kidney infection wednesday - which has really knocked me around, and set me back :frown: It was worrying because when my SAH got diagnosed I also had a UTI, my headache was worse than it has been for a while for a couple of days and I couldn't stop thinking about it.....although I know it was coincidental, it doesn't stop you worrying!

Then to top it all off had to go to post office this morning, so decided I'd treat myself to a 10 min car ride out, first time out of the house all week....and some kind person decides to crash into me!!! Argh!!!!!

Do I really deserve all that.....I must of been a very bad person in a previous life! Roll on 2012!

Moan over.


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(()) Kate I know how it feels like the world has it in for you. I get twinges & bad heads too but just have myself that as my anni is clipped & they checked all the angio for signs of another one & didn't find any that I am really ok!!

I too feel rubbish with tiredness & with my anni versary just gone feel like I should be back to normal as Sally said! It is hard to try &think positively when you have bad luck but I do consider how lucky I am to be so well & that there are plenty worse people out there than me. It doesn't always help but eventually it prods me into a better mood

Take care hon & remember you are a good person xx

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I had my SAH Aug. 2009 got ventriculitus then Sepsis...So I was out of it until Sept. 2010 when shunt was fitted and all has been well ....apart from walking ....but every day I do a little better......I waddle to the loo ...but I am alive.....Didn't even know I was ill.....Best way I think !!!!!

Don't let it get you down

Cheer up and dont let things get to you, now smile xx.( oh yes .I had UTI so painful had catheter cant spell it but it was horrid)


Win B 143

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Hey Kate

I know cheering up is easier said than done, especially when you have a day like you've had. It kind of feels like the worlds had a meeting or a party and you weren't invited doesn't it. Had loads of those days before and since the SAH, but take heart in that the SAH does really amplify the feelings of everything being against you. It does get better, I promise.

Keep your sense of humour and try to laugh a much as you possibly can - although someone crashing into my car wouldn't make me want to laugh either :crazy: It does get easier and being able to vent on here helps a tonne too.

Try and have some me time and plan your reveng on the world:lol::lol::lol:

Take care of you.

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Hi Kate.

Rubbish week all round then!

Bickering colleagues, spineless bosses and moaning assistants.

I don't want to come across all Confucius or anything, but bad things happen to good people.

You've been through some bad stuff, but your still here, posting with the rest of us.

In the end, everything will balance out, and as long as they were insured.....


Keep on keeping on.

Bill. x

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Hi Kate,

I'm not sure if I've welcomed you to the site yet, If not, hello, and welcome.:-D I just had to reply to this thread after the comment Bill made " bad things happen to good people". This made me realise that I've heard such comments so many times and I've thought to myself that people "just don't understand!!". I am now about to reach my 2 year anniversary, and for the first time I am feeling that possibly this is true! I've felt for a long time that "someone, somewhere has it in for me!".. I now think, I've been wrong with that and I've just had trouble accepting things. I wonder if SAH is something some of us have to go through in order to challenge our strength! I hope this is the case, as it would mean I am winning the battle and proving that,only the strongest are offered the "raw Deal" and we, on this site are all winning it. I would be willing to put my wages on that one! I would also bet, that we will be better people in the end when we finally get over all the shock and confusion! :-D

You are sooooooooooo early in your recovery and it will be a terrible shock for you to realise how long it will take to get back to your personal best again. But you will. Honestly, I have just discovered trhat slightly different often means slightly better! :wink:

Take care and keep us updated with your progress.

sally xx

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Well thats Aussie drivers for you!!!!! So sorry your having such a time:frown: But it can only get better for now on:-D Hopfully yoou have seen your GP and arrangede some couselling , You can go and get all your venting out with them, it truly does help. I found my headaches were and still are worse when im feeling ill with anything else, also around the time of the month:frown:

Monday is another week, a better week !!! Give us a call if you need to vent or just chat :wink: Take care Rhiann x

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Thanks to you all for all your support!

Feel better after a good sleep! I know I'm lucky to be where I am with my SAH, things could be a lot worse, and it's only metal at the end of the day and the important thing is I'm not injured! (and she did have insurance so all will get sorted eventually!)

Sometimes things just seem to pile on top of me a bit - looking on the positive side of things again today....and things can only get better!

GP on hol til end of June Rhiann so appt then!

Thanks for letting me rant.


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Hi Kate

Sorry to hear things have been getting on top of you. There are just days or weeks like that sometimes. I think our emotions are so much more enhanced after SAH and each little knock seems so much bigger and things do seem to then have a domino effect.

Glad to hear you weren't hurt at all in the crash and that she is insured and your car will get sorted soon, that is one less worry.

Am glad that a good nights sleep helped you see the positives again, sometimes that is all we need.

Take care

Kel x

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