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Inspirational BTG story -Please read

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To all my BTG friends:

I heard some news today from a friend that I would like to share. A very good friend of mine who I work with told me she wanted to talk to me after work. This is my friend who came and raked my leaves after I got out of the hospital, a great and wonderful person. We were leaving work and she asked me the name of my doctor. I told her the name and asked her why.

She said she one of her best friends (who had been praying for me when I was sick) had suffered two brain aneurysms this week and was admitted to the same hospital I was on Wednesday. She is 46 years old, a year younger than me. She was obviously in great danger and they were not sure if she was going to live.

She is conscious now and they are monitoring her. My friend went to visit her last night. Her friend is barely conscious but whispered to my co-worker that didn't she have a friend who had an SAH last year? My friend said yes and that he is back to work and doing great. My friend told her sick friend how hard I had been fighting through my illness and was inspirational and her friend said "Then maybe i'll be ok then?" as she's lying in the hospital bed. She had some hope. I was floored. It didn't seem real. I thanked my friend for mentioning me and wished the best for her friend. It is early but I would like to go visit her friend next week if they are kind enough to let me.

I cannot take credit for being some inspirational person because I am just trying to regain my life and be there for my wife. However, I can give credit to all the people at Behind the Gray. The administrators, the moderators, and the members who have been so supportive and great friends to me. You have given your time and caring and now you are getting it back. I couldn't have done it without everyone here and now perhaps it is my time to be strong for someone else.

Thank you so much for your help. I can cry now and go to bed.

Much love,

David xx

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Hi David its nice when you can help someone else but I will warn you it does come as a shock when you see them in hospital looking so ill that is when it hits home just how ill you were. However I would go and see her because it will help her a lot. Hope she is soon up and about and recovering. Jess.xxx

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The same thing happened to someone at my hubbys work, she had an SAH last year & was coiled at Wessex. I wanted to contact her cos I know the struggles she would ben having once she was home but unfortunately hubby is too shy to ask for her details or pass mine on to her.

I think it's a great thing that you are living proof that life after sah does go on no matter how bad things are when you are in hospital. Having a 'mentor' who is months ahead in the recovery process will help her no end. I truly wish Wessex had a mentor programme to new patients & i would love to be part of it.

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If and when you see your friends,friend ....sing her a happy song ...or make her laugh....be happy it's contagious and

laughter or joy is a healer in itself, So Good luck to your friends friend (is that proper english lol)....may she get better every day.

Don't forget to sing or give her a big smile..Good luck to you and family and your friends mate !!! lol (my English shhh!!)

Keep well also x I also agree with Gill and Jess xx


WinB143 xxx

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Its sometimes not what we know but the 'people' that we know.....

I've found that with a chum of mine she had a SAH but knowing that so had I & I'm walking & talking proof that its not all bad....

all the best to you & your friends friend....

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David, I do hope they will let you in to see her. It will give her so much hope, she needs that right now. Isn't it wonderful that something so awful that happened to you can be turned into a shining light for someone else? Gives me goosebumps.

Sandi K. :-D

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Hi David,

Why don't you print off some pages and take them into her to read when she is well enough and maybe she might like to join the group. I certainly hope so. I've only been a member a short while but this site has given me such a lift I can hardly find the words to describe it adequately.

Thank your friend, she sounds a wonderful person. I wish both of them very well indeed, it's great to know there are such great peoplee out there and I can feel my own eyes welling up as I type.

Good luck and thanks for posting this story - it's truly fantastic!


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Hey David

So sorry to hear about your friend's friend, but it's a great feeling isn't it? - being abe to give a little hope and inspiration back to someone? These are the things to hold on to when you feel down sometimes. If we don't have hope then we don't have much -but you have shown this woman that there is hope and have inspired her to get well and continue to fight. Well done. Please pass on my best wishes when you go to see her - and like others have said, be prepared that she may look bad at the moment.

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