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Hi my name is John


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Hello. I'm John and this is my introduction so you can get to know me a little bit. I had a SAH on April 1st, at the age of 37. So far it's a

non-aneurysm, but the doctors tell me they might be able to image any hidden (by blood/clots) aneurysms during my CT scan with dye next

week. The past three weeks have been a crazy mix of fear, changes, insurance lessons, pain, love, health care system triumphs and failures,

tears, drugs, gratitude, tests, fatigue, and hope.

Right now I'm very glad to be home from the hospital. I'm not sure when I'll be cleared for work, but hopefully it won't be too long. My biggest

symptom is an ever-present headache. It fluctuates in severity in reaction to light and my activity level. I'm on meds but I haven't found that

balance of pain relief and being able to function yet. One med works pretty well but it completely knocks me out and I'm fast asleep within an

hour of taking it... Also, I have developed a facial muscle tic and have weakness on my left side. The weakness is not too bad and I don't even

really notice it and the doctors think it will get better rather than worse. Another symptom I have is personality changes. Some of these

are pretty marked, but overall they are positive changes so far, so I am just going with them. I have a desire to paint now, which I have never

done in my life. I bought canvases, brushes, a palette, the whole nine yards, and set up a little area in my extra room to paint. According to my

family and friends, I'm considerably more verbal, emotional, and affectionate. Personally, I feel the same but I trust that they are telling the truth.

Finally, I have memory issues sometimes, with a hard time finding the correct words and having to have people repeat things when we're talking.

edit- how could I forget the fatigue, must have been too tired to remember-ha!, but yeah I get soo tired and worn out very quickly if I'm over-stimulated

or concentrate really hard or just do too much... once I've over done it I'm pretty much finished for the day.

Overall I feel like I'm in a decent place emotionally and spiritually. I have accepted the SAH as best I can and am not dreading the future.

Although I'm a little freaked out about the headache lasting forever and the possibility of more neurological symptoms presenting, I'm grateful to

be alive and to have as few symptoms as I have. I realize it could have been much different.

I'm glad to have found this community. Reading through some of forum over the past few days has been such a great comfort to me. Some of the

posts have been so spot-on that I could have written them myself. You all can understand what's happened, and happening, to me in a way my family,

friends, doctors, and nurses just can't. I love my family and friends, but I needed to find this place and now I can breathe a little easier and relax a bit

more knowing that you have walked the path ahead of me.

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Hi John, welcome to BTG!

You are right, lots of people here who have been through it. Everyone is very warm and caring, ask anything and say anything, this is the place. It's my safe haven. Everyone here understands.

Hugs to you John

Sandi K. Xoxo

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Hi John,

It's great that you have found BTG so quickly after SAH. There is so much information on here that helps you to understand your recovery is normal. You sound like you are doing really well so soon after it happened and the personality changes are all good ones, that's a huge positive.

Michelle x

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Great that you found this site. You'll get more out of this than anyone in the "real world". These people on BTG are great. I'm sorry to say that I am graduating and moving on after my SAH on January 5th 2012, but will check in from time to time to say hello.

At 3.5 months out, I am completely recovered and it seems surreal. I awake each day wondering if it really happened. Oh, it did, and the thing the neuros can never tell you is when you'll recover and to what degree. I never saw coming out the other side of this when I was in the thick of it in the early weeks.

I have one more challenge to get through and these are my three words that most accurately describe what I'm all about:

Positive, resilient, strong

Hope you're on your way to better days. There are some pluses to going through this and you're starting to see the changes, ie the desire to be artistic. The biggest gift, a chance to press the "reset" button in life.

I wish you well.


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You are doing so well John.......look back to when you first knew what happened ...then middle of next month see how you much

you have improved....I remember last Christmas I could not walk...now I can limp..lol...so in 6 months I can walk 50 yards, better than not walking at all ...and as I always say

We are the Lucky ones ... we survived xx

Hope head clears up soon....I get them so don't worry..and if you are still worried see Doc....let. you know when I can do 150 yards lol

Good luck on your recovery All the Best and welcome to BTG

WinB143 x

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Hi John,

Pleased to meet you - so to speak. All this happened very recently for you - glad you found this site so early as I'm sure it will help you during the weeks and months ahead as you go through your recovery. Hopefully the headaches will ease in due course - drinking plenty of water should help with this. Many topics of conversation on here are that people have gone back to work too soon - so please bear this in mind when the time comes for you. In the meantime I wish you all the best with your new found pastime - could we be chatting to the next Picasso:-D

Take care,


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So sorry, I edited my original post and it disappeared. :oops: Maybe it has to be approved again? Hopefully it will be back soon. Thanks for all the nice replies... and Sarah, I'm far from Picasso status, lol. Maybe I'll upload some pics one day, mostly I just paint trees so far.

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Hi John

Welcome to the site and to the family. You're definitely in the right place for empathy, understanding and support. I say it to all "newbies" but it can be a long road to recovery, but you're allowed to make as many pit stops along the way as you need to. We'll be here to help you refuel and change your tyres to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Look forward to chatting more - don't forget to make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day - it really does help with the headaches.

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Hi John,

Another warm welcome to you! It IS GOOD you've found us at this point in your recovery.

Tons of great information here, wonderful people who "get it" and know just what you're going through!

Looking forward to hearing from you again!


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Hey John, painting...i find it very therapeutic...it clears and relaxes your mind.

I painted a lot the first 6 months of my SAH...it keeps my mind from over thinking

things and worries. plus BTG answered most of my questions and put my uncertainties

to rest... you have a great support system here...once again welcome!


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Welcome John! I had mine on Jan 28 and this place has been a godsend! I can't see your original post, but I'm sure it'll show back up.

Finding something you CAN do right now and feel good about really helps. I started a sourdough starter before I had mine. I managed not to kill it while I was in the hospital (I gave my husband instructions for feeding it, apparently). I am NOT Suzy Homemaker by anyone's stretch, but for some reason bread baking has been very therapeutic to me. I think it's because when I got out I could follow simple, linear instructions. In fact I got a little obsessed and we had sourdough bread coming out of our ears. Hey, it felt good to beat up on some bread every now and again and watch the "mother sponge" grow.

I am finding it helps now to focus more on what I can do and try not to be too disappointed about what I can't. Today I can say that. Tomorrow I might very well be feeling sorry for myself again. (I am a teacher full time--off right now to try and recover some more-- and a fitness trainer/running coach to adults so my life WAS very very active and I miss that. But right now I'm focusing on "Can I get out for a walk today? Yes, then that counts!")

You're going to like it here! If I hadn't found this group I would have gone nuts ages ago.

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Welcome John very pleased to meet you,i see you are quite young 37 ...well me too i am only 35 and had coiling,stent and blood flow divertor on two annies,one believed to have bled a month prior and one with divertor fitted as a precaution.I got discharged 10/3/12 so i am still early days too.I was doing okay and felt very lucky not to have suffered any issues apart from the operation itself.

But recently i have had difficulties with anxiety/stress related issues that im trying to get a hold on.I dont suffer from headaches but the nauseus and lack of sleep and overthinking make up for them lol.Knew there had to be a catch lol.Oh and not to forget the fear of every little twinge and fear of the drugs im on etc etc.

I have found this site to be a godsend though and anything i can help or advise on dont be shy in asking.

All the best Tom

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Keep painting the trees John but don't forget to paint a path so you can find your way out of the woods!!

Always happy to support John, this is a great site and it will give you a fantastic lift on theose 'down' days. Just knowing you are not alone and there are people who understand - but sometimes struggle to spell - is a great comfort

Welcome anyway


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Sorry, realise you wrote on here a long time ago but your intro message was written so well and I have been feeling the same in so many ways! Coming home from hospital there wasnt any support - I am so glad I have found this forum and also Headway!

I hope you have gone from strength to strength and still painting

Take care, Linda x

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