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Let them keep their mean wee benefit. I give up!!

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Hello hello,

I have had it with all this 'red tape'. :frown: In the last week I've had seven different letters containing three different finish dates for my ESA, one with notice of a withheld payment I am possibly due but won't be paid out while they "investigate a possible overpayment":shock:, and one saying I need a medical certificate as my year in permitted employment is ended. Confused? ... you will be! They now say it's either give up the job or give up the appeal.

Neither pays more than £95 pere week. :roll: The doctor has refused to give me the certificate because I do work and the appeal can't go ahead without one. :confused:

I am now seriously contemplating an attempt at full time work. I have been a part time worker since my children went to school in 2000. I was earning more then than the full time will be paying and home life will defo suffer due to my need for rest in the evenings. However, I've been informed this week that the sewing company I was with before I had my family are taking on staff and if I don't move quickly I may miss the opportunity to try. I'm hoping it will turn out to be a big step forward in the moving on of my recovery and in the end I will feel more like my old self again.

Wish me luck?

Sally x

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Hi Sally, what a fiasco! If you weren't ill before getting involved with this country's benefit system, you certainly would be when you'd finished. The whole system is an absolute farce.

Anyway, I do hope you manage to get back to the sewing company, maybe they have some part time hours to start with? I know how tiring work is and when you have family at home, the work never ends. I know I couldn't manage full time work, but I've just managed to get another job in addition to my other two, just because the government changed it's rules and I now have to work 24 hours instead of 16 just to get the benefit back that they took off me. I thought this was preferable to ending up living on the streets!

I really hope things work out for you Sally - you deserve it, good luck:-D


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Go see MP Sally and .then punch Doc in face..it wont help but will make you feel a lot better....seriously never give up...go and see

Doc again explain to him/her you are cream crackered and need help...cry if you have to....makes me angry..we have fight for

everything...Grrrrrrrr .....lay it on thick xx see no one can see inside our heads and the pain we have gone through

Good Luck Sally

Never Give up


WinB143 xx

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Hi Sally,

it just doesn't make any sense! Is there an advocate who could help you through all of this mess? I'm sure its frustrating and makes you want to spit nails!!!

It just seems so unfair for so many people who are struggling to simply put there lives back together ans have to deal with financial worries at the same time.

if you do decide to try full time, I wish you all the luck in the world. In the mean time, hang in there tough girl. Whatever you decide to do will be the right thing for you. And if you need to change your mind, you can do that too!

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending big hugs.


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Benefits !!!!! When I was told I'd got my aneurysm I lost my licence for a yr and couldn't work luckily I'd got some savings 12 grand to be exact no 1 told me about any benefits but when my aneurysm burst in jan with only 3 grand left still no benefits so 4 months on I'm skint still tryin to sort things out girlfriend can't sleep at night worrying sorry this country's gone to the dogs looks after people that come here to live but if u was born here u get nothin rant over and breathe

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Hi Sally

I am so mad for you! :mad1:

How are you supposed to understand what is going on if they send out so many conflicting letters?! that is just crazy :crazy:

Good luck if you do go for a job at the sewing company, and when you do get full-time work you will need to advise your family that they will have to adopt a new routine to help out around the house. No ifs, no buts, they will have to help you.

I am feeling mighty grateful that I was indeed able to come back to full-time work so soon after my sah. Even though it was absolute hell initially, I have made it through and am now in a much better place.

Good luck and big hugs for you

Kel x

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this aggravates me to no end.

I am not sure of what is available to you in the UK but can Headway help?

I know I feel so frustrated when I are trying to explain things to people and they are blinded by ignorance. I wish there were advocates we could call on that had some clout.

I wish I had a Tshirt that said Member of Behind the Gray Subarachnoid Haemorrhage & Stroke Support Group. I would wear it like superman and change in a phone booth. Some people just need a good kick!

Good Luck Sally! We are behind you 100%

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Hello Sally,

We're with you all the way. Not sure what EAS is but in the States they have whats called disability or SSI. You can be paid if you are permanently disabled bit it is a paltry income. 50% of your normal wage. And you have to be disabled 6 months before you can even APPLY. I'd starve to death in 6 months. No guarnatee that an SAH will qualify either.

So I work and it's hard but I do it. Win is right, you will need lots of help at home. You can read the Back to Work thread if you need help or support.

Good luck Sally,


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Sally I totally empathise, after the farce of my second medicalI fully expect to fail & have to appeal again. This will only mean that I get my NI paid if I remain in the work related activity group but a friend told me the government have to pay your NI if you are a stay at home mum until your youngest child is 13. So does this mean the appeal woulf be a waste of time & energy???

I feel like I should appeal on principle after all the last one was sorted in less than 5 mins & nothing has changed for me in the fatigue stakes, in fact some issues of confidence etc are worse & I'm now on anti d's which I wasn't last year.

I will see what happens & how I feel when I recieve the decision but I don't expect it to go in my favour :-(:frown::frown:

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Thank you all for your replies,

decisions decisions, I'm duff with those. :frown: My husband says "try it" and my boss says" you won't be able to do it". Trouble here is I'm too twisted to take anyone elses word for it, but not sure I can trust my own judgement any more. :confused:

David, while we are working here we pay a fee to the government called 'national insurance'. This is to cover us for any benefits we might need to claim if we become sick. I have paid my dues with this for the last 30yrs. However the government have made a new rule lately that 'ESA' ( the benefit I have been receiving) can't be claimed for more than 360 days. Times up now for me. :frown:

Carl, I haven't had any dealings with headway, although I did make an attempt to contact them in the past, No one rang me back and I discovered it was in a town which I am unable to get to via any public transport. I may call them and ask if they could help me in any way with this. I've nothing to lose now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Kel, I've told the family i need them to help with housework till I'm blue in the face!!:shocked: Deaf ears on them lot.:roll:

Mr Scoobs, Haven't been able to get my licence back and am 3 yrs on now! I was a delivery driver with home shopping company when I had my SAH, but I've lost a big part of my visual field now and am fighting with the DVLA, who say I am still not fit to drive. Wish they'd tell the DWP that! :crazy:

Carolyn, I have wondered how I would deal with things if I go for the factory work and discover I'm not up to it after all. Not sure it would be easy to change my mind. Admitting defeat has never been one of my strong points. :wink:

Win, is going to see an MP something I could do? I'm not sure what I'd be seeing him/her for? Would it just be a personal thing or would I have to raise the issue of them stopping everyone claiming for more than the one year? If I can get my head straight on this one I might just do that. x

Sarah, It is the housework and keeping the family that wipes me out. If I could do the full time and not have that to worry about when I get back I think I could be successful with the sewing. But the other stuff on top is just too much for me. I don't know how you do it. and 3 jobs is just beyond me. Well done you. xx

So, once again I'm undecided about what I should do about things. Wish I had some of the oomph I had in my 'old life' again.

Thanks again all,

Sally. x

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Hi Sally,

What a carry on! Is your doctor aware that you work part time for a relative who is aware of your problems? This is not the same as full time work for a company who do not understand brain injury. Can you contact the Neuro Phsyc that did the tests with you for help?

Trying your old job full time might go well and might give you the feeling of normal back, maybe it's worth a try? If it doesn't work out, you go back to the doctor & start the benefit carry on again - nothing to loose. If you decide to go for it, good luck, you might surprise yourself with what you manage but definitely heed the advice about the family helping out at home & sharing the work load there. And keep the Turkey holiday fund in mind as an incentive if you do try full time :wink:

Whatever you decide Sally, I wish you loads of luck & I'm sorry to hear that you have put in this position in the first place.

Michelle xxx

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