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How often do you have to go for scans ,angios and consultant appointmemts ??

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Like Dawn...I have been signed off....lol...I am having one in a years time as my hubby wanted me to have it..Ta Alan lol

Open door thing ie we call him if I feel rough in head lol

Good luck Donna


WinB143 xx

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Every hospital must be different im so confused as ive just received an appointment to see my consultant but i only seen him at the end of November so im not due to speak to him until april next year at the earliest as i was told evry 1 1/2 to 2 years im not due any scans either as my last one was 20th dec :confused: wonder what new stories i will be told next week as evry time im there my medical history changes:roll:


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Hi Donna,

I think that perhaps every hospital is different with its follow up, which is something that I've seen on BTG ... I've never seen the Consultant since discharge from hospital just after the bleed. I had a MRA scan about 18 months post SAH. My next MRA is due in 2015. I've still got a neck left on my aneurysm and I took part in a trial with a new type coil, called hydro-gel. I don't think that one size fits all in this case and those with successful surgery will be discharged and no further follow up. I've also got an infundibulum (abnormal funnel shaped artery) on the other side of my brain, which may or may not turn into an aneurysm.

I think that you need to ask the Consultant as to "why" you're being monitored and to get some information about your case history rather than worrying about it or ask to see your medical history. I think that the unknown can cause a lot more stress than having some honesty.

I really wish that I could have had the chance to speak to a Consultant .... may be one day....

Take care Donna and if you're worried, ring your Consultants Medical Secretary and try to find out what's going on....xx

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I too think every hospital is different as are we all different no hard and fast rule.

I was disscharged at the 5year point but up till then I went for an angio then 6mths later to see the consultant for the restults then another ango & so on, my last thing was MRA 6years ago.

Yes Karen's right ask Why tell them you want to know saves you worring needlessly...

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Hi Donna

I was in the Royal as well and so far I have had an MRA at 3 months with a review with :-Dthe consultant. He told me that I would get another scan in a year's time. I have been reviewed by the rehab consultant at 4 months and have been at weekly rehab since with a full review in August.

As others have said it seems to done on a case by case basis. I think the advice about ringing the consultant's sec is a good plan

Good luck

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Hi Ms DM,

As others have advised, you should speak to your consultants secretary.

Like Gill and Karen, I was treated at the Wessex. I had a check up 3mths after surgery, then due to tinnitus and whooshing noises in my ears I had an MRI in December last year. I saw the surgeon recently and have now been discharged from his clinic. However, as Gill says, we're lucky to have contact with a neuro nurse specialist.

She's looking into my notes because I feel now is the right time for me to know more about what happened to me. I've to return her call but I've been really busy with hospital appointments and an up coming operation this Friday so I don't expect I will get to speak to her for a while.

Ask and get some answers Donna, maybe ask someone to go to the appointment with you if you feel this would help.

Good luck hun, let us know how things go.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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.... The neuro nurse specialist just called me, how excellent is that for aftercare.

She gave me all details of everything I had done, scan and test results etc.

I found out I had hydrocephalus, I didn't know that. She also said that I had clipping not just because the bleed wasn't suitable for coiling but I had to have it because I only have one kidney, so coiling wouldn't have been an option anyway.

It's really good to have been given some answers and I now have more understanding.

I feel very lucky to have such support around me.


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If my memory serves me right Donna, you, like me, have another aneurysm which will be why they continue to scan us, but the fact that you were only scanned in December and now have a letter saying you have an appt with the consultant is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps a quick call to the consultants secretary would be a good idea to put your mind at rest.

I go once a year to be scanned, which was today in fact, but last year was told I did not need a follow up appt. with the consultant because the aneurysm hadn't changed from the previous year's scan. I wasn't told at today's scan how or when I would be told the results, so guess it's just a matter of playing the waiting game - last year I was told I would hear the results in 10 days but it took 46 days before I heard anything, so what you expect to happen and what actually does happen are not always one and the same.

Take care,


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Donna, I believe al cases are so different. I had a month, 3 month and 6 month scans done & follow ups - but I was also "nicked' atmy brani stem when they did the angiogram- so that was extra problem the other was they saw a small brain tumor and they followed up at 6 months with a scan to see if any growth. I will be scanned yearly now- kind of like a mammogram if you have a benign lump. I am only seeing the neurologist ( I think) as I was having problems with memory, great fatigue and falling prior to SAH, stroke yada yada yada. I still have neuro issues either due to the SAH etc or the Fibro so that is why I am following up with a neurologist now. My SAH was sept 2011. Hope this help. Maryb

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It was 7 months after the operation that I finally got to see the neurosurgeon and was recently discharged from both the neurology and endocrinolgy clinics.

However, I have had an average of two 'medical appointments' a week since coming home from hospital last year. Those include blood tests, GP and Head Injury Service appointments as well as neurology/endocrinology/TIA clinics. Each one seems to have a slightly different set of opinions and recommendations which is a bit confusing.

Angiograms = 2 this year (first one was abandoned due to an artery being 'nicked', and another is planned for September to monitor the residue of the clipped aneurysm and a tiny 2mm one on the opposite artery. Its position means it is not suitable for coiling so the neurosurgeon recommends a 'conservative' policy i.e. avoiding surgery: although I may eventually need to have another craniotomy to reposition or replace the clip. Not a happy thought.

Monitoring is likely to include an annual angiogram (which has its own risks)

The only CTscans/ECGs/x-rays I have had since the SAH are when I've been taken to hospital rather than any planned dates.


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