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Hi All

Love this forum it is like having some friends who can actually help!

Last night (I have been feeling worse this week) I touched the spot on top of my head where the EVD drain went in after they made an incision and there is suddenly a noticeable dent that was not there a few days ago.

My husband thinks that I am mental by the way, with my ever changing symptoms

Is this normal?? I am terrified my head is caving in.

Surgery took place on July 18th and it is today Sept 14th.

Could this have anything to do with me feeling worse this week or am I being paranoid?

Thanks Guys XX:crazy:

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Oh I totally get you! I could always tell and in fact still can, how I will feel based on my little fontanelle as I like to thnk of it now!

You know a babies fontanelle, the soft bit they tell you to be careful of and if it's ever sunken on the baby it means they are dehydrated. I figure the same applies to us. If my EVD hole is very sunken then it means I am running at low pressure, I up my fluids and rest up a bit more. Actually I am very weather affected so if the weather is low pressure( rain etc) then I find it harder.

I know what my EVD scar feels like when I am running well ( it fits my fore finger exactly, don't laugh) so if it is too depressed or the other way the I know it will match my out of kilter feelings.

It sounds to me like your drainage system is still settling down. It dipped very low pressure in the uk on a weather front this week and I felt awful, you may find you are picking that up too.

If you feel any worsening of symptoms though, any tightness or are finding it harder to concentrate then get yourself checked out.

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Hi there

I didn't have any noticeable dents straight after my surgery but I went to have my hair coloured a few months later. They put my hair in foils & all went to plan, went to brush my hair back from my face & found a really noticeable dent in my right temple. I am 100% sure it was not there before but it is still there & hasn't changed since then.

I think some changes along the scar line are to be expected but if you are at all concerned I would contact your neuro dept or as a minimum speak to your gp & get it checked out

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Mine is in top behind my hairline on the RH side - I think they go in there and the EVD that threads through and pops out the side of your head........ they have never actually explained to me!

After I came home, some CSF leaked out of where there is now a dent, and I am paranoid about it happening again although I hope some 8 weeks post surgery this will now be ok......

I am miss worry worry worry, the worst person this could have happened to!

They still cant find a reason for the bleed (or stroke as they are calling it) which concerns me too....... I am having repeat angiograms in due course, but they never warned me about this dent.

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Have not got a clue what you guys are on about lol

But if its to do with the piece of skull that got removed and fitted again after brain surgery that you think is moving then it is, and can move about for quite some time after surgery.

Came across this info online a few days ago while looking into something else and if that's the case its fine if not just a horrible feeling.

If not and I'm on a rant just ignore

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I have to top you, (just kidding) but I have 2 drill holes where I had ventriculitis (cannot spell it).

If worried go to Doctors better to be safe than sorry, but I feel my dents and one feels deeper and bigger

than other one.

Good luck on recovery and relax.

WinB43 xx

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Hello lawson

I know exactly what you are talking about too. I had my SAH in May and where my EVD drain was has only just healed and I too have been left with a head dent about the size of my


It is still very itchy at times , my consultant told me its where they had to drill when operating, i don't know if it ever closes over but I do have to go back and have it checked again so I will ask.

Also desperate to colour my hair but have still been told no chemicals on it yet , hope that helps but does sound same.


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I have a dent on the front right hand side of my head just behind my hairline. To begin with, it would change size depending on how tired I was, but this has settled down now and it also seems to have shrunk to about half the size it was to begin with - the tip of my index finger fits in the dent perfectly.

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Dawn - snap! My head dent is in roughly the same position and of a similar size.

I found it very disconcerting when I first discovered the dent, and for almost the 1st year it could be either very itchy or would leave me with a burning sensation around the site. I understood this was largely due to the fact that the nerve endings had been servered when they drilled the hole in my head.

No itchiness or burning sensations now and I hardlly ever notice the dent anymore.

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Yep, I have the dent too. Right hand side, just behind the hairline. It was a pesk till I managed to remove the last of the sticky blood around it. 2 years on, it's still there and I just assume that it's with me forever as a wee reminder of the simple fact that they felt the need to bore into my head to save my life. Can't say I notice any changes in it though.

Me, I'm more concerned with symptoms. Keep thinking I'm getting over it all - moving on - what everyone around you wants you to do. Trying so hard. Then sick sick. Horrible. Try to do less - get accused of giving up. Try more. Sick sick. Horrible. Think I'm stuck in a loop here.

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They cannot see our scars so we are well to them, (family/friends), they mean well and have had a lot to go through.

We all have, but if you look well then you are well. Not true.

We still have a long way to go, every day we get better is a plus and it is hard to forget what we went through.

We cannot let it beat us we are survivors.

My aim is to prove hospital wrong and walk again. Keeps me going.

Right hand side also here but another in left after getting ventriculitus. (however it is spelt).

Keep going and be happy

WinB143 xx

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