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Newbie Tree Un-ruptured 4mm LMCA


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Hello,  I am a US citizen living abroad in Portugal.  I am 50 years old and just found out that I have a 4mm aneurysm on the M1 bifurcation of my LMCA.  About a month ago, I experienced a Thunderclap Headache and went to the Urgent Care.  The attending physician ordered a CT which was performed immediately but didn't show any tumor or hemorrhage.  Later that week I had an appointment with a Neurologist and after explaining that I had a similar experience over a year ago, she ordered an Angiography. due to scheduling problems at the clinic, I did not find out until several weeks later about my condition.   Upon reviewing the results of the Angiography, the Neurologist referred me immediately to the local University Hospital where I was admitted and kept under observation for about 6 days.  


The Neurosurgeon told me that there is no way for them to know if I had a SAH.  They gave me all the information that they felt I needed in order to take a decision regarding surgery. I was given the option to undergo Microsurgical Clipping.  Due to my poor physical condition at the time (I am overweight and was a 2 pack a day smoker), I chose to wait and see if I could get in better physical condition prior to the surgery to reduce the risk of disability.  I prayed long and hard about it and was convinced that it was the right decision.


So now I am home and dealing with this fear that any ache or pain in my head could be an indication of an impending rupture.  I have been home for a couple of weeks and have been eating right, taking vitamins and getting as much exercise as I can without getting my blood pressure up too high.  But this morning, I started to feel some sharp twinges of pain in my left temple and frontal lobe.  I am wondering if this pain is a definitive indication of an impending rupture.  Any feedback is appreciated.  





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Only a medical person can tell you that and I suggest you seek medical advice as soon as possible.


In hindsight I did have indications of an aneurysm that I put down to nothing prior to my SAH. Just wish I had gone to the doctor about them although I may have been told that they were nothing to worry about. 

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I had an SAH and my symptoms were as follows:~

Friday 2009 cooking a curry and I passed out, I awoke 2010 and did not remember a thing about

the time I'd been ill. 

My Family say I spoke to them but I only had dreams of running and chasing my parents who would

not talk to me. 

I often wonder how the curry tasted lol.

I remember odd moments like going though automatic doors and saying "open sesame"


See Doc and ask him what to do next as stress isn't good for you !!

Good luck

WinB143 xx xx and put that ciggie down and the wine lol xxx

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Hi Tree a very warm welcome to BTG :)


It's not surprising you are worried about pains and twinges you feel in your head, bless you !

It could just be stress with the worry of it all, but I really think you should get checked out. Don't take any chances.

They can do a lumbar puncture to check for blood in your spinal fluid.

You did not mention they did that before. I had this done when I had a scare after my clipping.

Let us know how you get on....take care xx

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Thanks for the welcome and support.  I asked if they could do a Lumbar Puncture but they told me that it has to be done within two weeks of the suspected SAH.   And yes, I did quit smoking and drinking alcohol  as well as caffeine (funny they didn't caution me that drinking coffee can double the risk of a SAH and were actually giving me two cups a day in the hospital). 


I count my blessings that the aneurysm was discovered before it ruptured.  I know it must be difficult for anyone who has suffered from a SAH to relate to someone who refused surgery but I am convinced it was the right decision for me, at least for the time being.  

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Hi Tree,

Welcome to BTG!  You don't say if you are still getting headaches, but I was getting them prior to my SAH but I ignored them because I was decorating at the time and I thought the cause was paint fumes. Then I had a massive headache like I'd never had before - I just managed to ring my partner (as she was then - she's now my wife) and she got the ambulance.  I up in the middle of next week (literally), having been operated on and having had three goes at a lumbar puncture - the third was successful.


Go and get yourself checked out -at least it will help to relieve the stress and at best it might just save your life!


Please don't leave it to chance. We're not qualified on here to give you concrete medical advice - go and see a professional my friend, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


To win the raffle you've got to buy the ticket!

Good luck,


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I still have coffee just decaf ??

I have stopped the vino collapso as I was drinking more than I should !

I also stopped the cigs (Ballooning up now).

So if you see a balloon going overhead look again it could be me.


Keep Happy a sing.  


WinB143  xx  adjust weights to hold her down xx

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So many things have changed since my non aneurism SAH. It has only been 2 months but the symptoms.  Stiff neck, burning pain at the back of the head, worst headache of my life then my vision went wacky. I drove myself one block to a Dr office and then called the ambulance. 5 CT scans later and 2 weeks in and out of hospitals I came home. The bleed stopped and it was in the area in the fluid that surrounds the brain. They have no idea where it bled and no surgery. I am a miracle.

I did exactly what they told me for 1 month. Ice packs, lots of rest, dark glasses no light, tons of rest and quiet. No computer or reading for 6 weeks. I was so scared.

I cannot drink coffee now only decaff. Limited amounts of alcohol if none. My taste is crazy. Everything tastes like hairspray...weird...I had quit taking my BP meds and whammy. Never never again.

But my energy is coming back and I did lose 10lbs as I was so sick from the meds. I only walk short distances.

If you looked at me I look normal and no physical disabilities. But when I overdo anything I have to immediately lie down and rest. Its like my body just says no.

Good luck and its only been 2 months for me and an amazing recovery..but so scary

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Thanks for the comments and welcome.  I am so happy to have found this site because it's important for me to know that I'm not unique and to hear about other's experiences.  


I think it's been about 3 weeks since I checked out of the hospital.   My follow up is scheduled for mid November but I plan to go see the Neurologist as soon as possible because I want to have a full spectrum blood analysis in order to treat any underlying illness as well.  


My biggest challenge right now is not smoking.  I've had a couple of slips and almost immediately felt the effects.  I am completely and utterly addicted to cigarettes even though I know they will most certainly kill me.  I am so fortunate that they discovered the aneurysm before a major rupture and that I didn't have worse side affects.  I am fairly certain that I had a small bleed (even though the doctors could not be sure) but that it stopped because my blood coagulates very quickly.  


My symptoms after the thunderclap headache, were dull aches behind the eyes and neck with occasional shooting pains as well as burning sensation in the top of my head. My taste, vision and short term memory have also been slightly affected.  The headaches had gradually subsided since I was released and I was feeling great.  But then yesterday I found an unopened pack of cigarettes in my briefcase and after having a brief argument with myself, broke down and smoked a couple.   The symptoms almost immediately returned.  


What kind of insanity is it, that would possess me to risk my life? Giving up alcohol, coffee, chocolate or eating any food at all is easier than quitting smoking.  I have been using an e-cig but who knows what the long term affects of that are?  Uggh, I'm crawling out of my skin and would really like to get my hands on the person who invented candy cigarettes.   :angry:  

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Hello Tree,

A warm welcome to BTG, we're a good friendly bunch here and will give help and support when we can.

I admire your honesty telling us about the tough struggles you're having giving up smoking.

It can't have been easy to put into words when you are writing it and for us reading it, we all know that smoking puts you at high risk.

I gave up the ciggies about... Err... Gosh must be 10 + years, you would have thought the date was etched in my memory but it's not!

I loved my smokes, didn't want to give them up, was told I needed to etc etc.

So it took me three attempts because I needed to give up when I wanted to and not because I was being told that I should.

I had the perfect reason, I had to give up to become a kidney donor and save the life of the man I loved. I was watching him dying.

I decided to 'just give up', no patches , no gum etc just quit. As I say it took 3 attempts.

Hitting week three was the hardest part for me. I have to say there's no way I would have got through without my trusty Chupa Chups (other brands available!!)

What I want to say to you Tree, is don't give up. If you really want to give up then you will, if you don't really want to give up then you won't.

There are really good support groups out there, speak to your GP for advise,perhaps you've a few friends who could give up together so you can give each other support.

There's so much going on in your life so I can understand while you want to keep hold of this, but please Tree, do not let it win. Give up them ciggies and take control of yourself.

I'm pretty sure there's been other threads on here about this so perhaps do a search through some older threads.

You'll gain strength from us too.

Take care, stay strong.

I wish you luck.

SarahLou Xx

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Went to see a GP yesterday, he spoke very little English, but I handed him all the files and letters that I had in my possession so that he could see what was going on with me.  He asked me, ''so why you here today and not in surgery?''.  In broken Portuguese/Spanish, I managed to convey that I wanted to get in better health before surgery and to know if there was any underlying illness which caused the aneurysm in the first place, such as ASVD and that I wanted to know the condition of my lungs, heart, kidney's liver, thyroid etc.

I explained that I had been a smoker for 35 years.  He said that he had been a 4 pack a day smoker but had quit many years ago.  I think he could relate to what I was going through because he proceeded to write referrals for every test in the book.  I had a chest X-ray, Spirometry, EKG as well as full spectrum blood and urinalysis.  I go next week to see the results.   


I had my little smoking ''relapse'' 3 days ago and am already feeling much better.  I think I'll go for a walk today and fill my lungs with clean fresh air.  The sun is out and it's a gorgeous day!

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