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Nick Gregory

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Hi everyone.

My name is Nick, I'm a 48,  I suffered an aneurism at the end of October 2014 and had surgery to fit a coil.

I have made a good recovery and decided to join an online support group. I didn't do too much searching and used the first one that came up from my Facebook account. I won't mention any names but I was in a closed group which I thought was safe to post about issues I had faced and also talk about these with other members. I was wrong. I posted a question on a thread but it got deleted by admin. I thought the admin was being bias with their own opinion on the subject. It was going very well until the deletion of the post went.

So, what I need to know right away is: Is this a support group that questions ones past and also ones past vices! Will I be ridiculed by submitting a question to other similar people who have suffered?

If so, I'll get my coat now before I get any further through the door!

Kind regards, Nick.

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Hello Nick - welcome to btg.  Mine was June 2014 and I was glad to find this site.  I did see a few others first but they felt kind of "odd" to me.  Not warm or something.  


What's past is past in my opinion.  


I'm so sorry about your sah.  You're young and certainly didn't need something like that.  If you're feeling angry, confused, scared, sad, etc. it might be your brain recovering.  You should feel better every day....with time.  Try not to let it bring you down.  


I think the rules for this site are basic...posted on home page somewhere easy to find.  I don't see people swearing or fighting back and forth.  I think it's just a calm, non-dramatic, helpful place to be.  I started it because I was trying to find out what all the weird stuff was that was going on with my head and was relieved to find others had the same symptoms.  That kind of thing alone will help you.  Just follow the threads.


Take care.  Let yourself heal.  Be good to yourself.  



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Hi there Nick


All we ask here is that you respect others feelings and opinions; that you follow the basic forum rules and that you don't expect any medical advice as we cannot give it.  


We've all questioned our past vices and our present ones too. We'll offer support, comfort and honesty.  I joined this site 8 1/2 years ago and was, at that time, the 9th member.  As you can see we've come on in leaps and bounds since then.  I can honestly say that the friendly compassion and support I have always received on here has helped me not only come to terms with happened but not to blame myself for it either.


Feel free to ask questions, have a rant, have a cry and have a laugh - they are all vital parts of recovery and we'll be here with you every step of the way if we can.


Take care and we look forward to hearing more about you.

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Welcome to BTG, my daughter found this site while I was busy having an SAH and it helped

her no end.


So take your coat off and good luck while on the mend.


It just helps that we are not alone and we have people who have been through the same we can talk

to them.


It's good not to be alone in this.  Good luck whatever you decide.


WinB143   x

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Hi nick ,I see you're from derby ,me too ,welcome to the group ,I've only joined a few days ago after receiving terrible news about my aneurysm and three new ones I've developed ,I'm old school having had original bleed 14 years ago ,all I can say is the welcome I've received here has been great and the forums are very helpful ,I'm hoping to get some good advice from fellow members ,all the best ,jane

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