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New kind of bleed with possible seizures

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Hello friends!

I'm afraid I've had a rough couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I went to the ER with an increased headache and sinus/ ear pain and pressure. As it turned out, I had developed a subdural bleed this time.( on the outside of the brain) and much smaller than last time thank God! So I faired much better. Was quite scary though as they took me away in an ambulance to the hospital that originally treated me one and a half hours away; originally admitting me to ICU.


I ended up being in the hospital an entire week with a pretty bad headache most of the time. What has been scary since I've been home though, is that my husband has witnessed two of what my doctor thinks are partial seizures where he is speaking to me, but I am not responding, but instead staring and blinking rapidly. I have no memory of these events. I am quite worried though.


Also under quite a bit of stress now that all of the bills are coming in! That's no good for head bleeds. This week I have an EEG scheduled and my doc wants me to see a hemetologist to try and figure out why I keep bleeding in my brain... Too young for this!

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All what others have put so I wish you well and glad you are getting treatment now xx


My Nephew had a seizure when young and he just stared at the ceiling and we called him he just stared upwards.


He had a cold but that was all, he came out all proud of his haircut.  This was many moons ago.


Wish you well and try not to stress too much xx xx  (easier said)  he is 45 now xx




Win xxxx

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Sorry to hear of the scary time you have been through let's hope things settle down quickly. I know that it is hard not to worry about finances but I do hope that you can try and not to let this impact on your recovery.

Take care x

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Hi X - So, so sorry to hear that you have been having such scary experiences.  Everything you mentioned hits home with me - but this is about you - When you are 100% feeling better  (yes you will be) we can talk more about each piece of this but, in the mean time, try very hard to be positive.  Take the greatest care of yourself.  Money is not nearly as important as you are.  All of that petty stuff can come later.  Keep us posted please.


Wishing you the very, very best


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I am so sorry to hear about this setback. You have been through so much these last months. Praying that the docs at U of PA can figure this out, but you simply cannot drive yourself mad over the medical bills. You may have to make payments until you're old, but the goal is to grow old! So align your priorities and tell the folks around you to stay with the program. We at BTG will keep you in our thoughts.


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