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New to group, my story - Ian


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Hoping things improve Ian sounds like a very tough time you having.  Fingers crossed the doctors get it under control.  Sounds like all the feelings you have are very understandable.


I know my family won't every discuss my SAH I think it brings back fearful memories so often can feel quite isolated.  This website and all the people are great so don't hesitate to ask anything.


Take care 



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Hi Ian

I m sorry to hear you have been readmitted to hospital and released with more information than you really wanted but his offer to get you some help is a massive step forwards.


I hope things do improve for you and that you do try not to focus on the down side but I do wish you well we are always here for you should you wish to express your fears and have a rant.  good luck.




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Hi All,


Thank you all so much for your kind words, talking about these things with family is a tough affair - as I guess so many of you understand.


There seems to be so many things spinning around in my head at the moment I wish they would all just go away! A miserable day out doesn't improve the situation!


I have my first session with a 'therapist' on 7th September, time to bite the bullet approaching..


Well everyone I am going to have a quiet weekend sorting books out, internet and phone off  (landline still in just in case). Do as much as possible to focus on going back to work next week - decided to spend a few hours a week demonstrating healthy, low cost eating to families who the system has cast adrift. 


The sort of charitable work that always improves your esteem.


Have a good weekend everyone, take care and thank you all again.



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Hello Everyone,


Well my first 'counselling' session was brief, mainly background and a lot of going over and over the symptoms and allieviations. Ironically I have been better than normal and even took time away to visit some friends in Germany, perhaps it was the relaxation and catching up that took my mind off the pains and issues. Perhaps that sort of distraction is indeed better for us than dwelling on the conditions we suffer.


Anyway, the summer is drawing to a close and what good vitamin D there is to extracted from the sun is dwindling, I hope to be as good as this for as long as possible, so thanks to all who kept me up at a pretty low point a few weeks ago.


Wether or not it is this purple patch that is making me more positive and gregarious I know not, but after being very much alone for a wee while there is a female in my life again and she is not offput by my condition.


Wow, how times change



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Well Ian,


You don't let the grass grow under your feet lol,  glad you seem happier and also as I have said, it's good to know there are others here who can understand how you feel.  So keep informing us on how you are doing, sounds like you are doing VERY well lol .


So keep singing and smiling and most of all your post sounds optimistic,  where as before you was on a downer xx


Good luck and may you go from strength to strength  xx


Win  xx (The Singer ha)

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