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What Brain Injury Survivors Want you to know!

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I had a particularly good session with my Headway Occupational Therapist yesterday. The topic for our session was helping me with strategies for helping others to understand what my strengths and weaknesses now are. One of the things my OT shared with me was the article in the link below, and I though I would share it with you all as I thought was quite good. 




Not all will be applicable to us all, but some of it may be, it was for me. I will share some of this with my dearest and dearest to try to explain things a bit better.


I've abstracted one of the points below (I didn't quite agree with all of it, but I felt this bit was particularly apt)


Hope folks find this helpful






Please don’t confuse Hope for Denial. 


We are learning more and more about the amazing brain and there are remarkable stories about healing in the news every day. No one can know for certain what our potential is. We need Hope to be able to employ the many, many coping mechanisms, accommodations and strategies needed to navigate our new lives.



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Excellent link - have just read the bit about brain recovery being measured in years to mu husband - not so that he can understand where I've been coming from, but for him as he sustained a brain injury in September last year through a motorcycle injury and is very impatient to "feel normal" - so thank you very much for posting the link.

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Good work Sherlock Greg  ha 

That is what I mean when I say I need happiness around me and I do not want to hear Doom and gloom.


The brain needs a break from others troubles, I do switch off a lot xx


Well done Greg this is going straight to my hubby and Daughter lol and maybe a few who think I should be better by now.

Don't get me wrong I am 100% better but I need another 20% lol


Win xxxx

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Brilliant Greg!


This article articulates what so many find difficult to put into words for themselves.  I've saved it and am going to laminate it and pin it to my home notice board  - it's that good in my opinion.  Well done and thank you!



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Very useful article - thank you for sharing Greg. So much of it resonates - such as the repeating actions and the having to work by myself, if my husband tries to help me cook I find it very difficult. It is easier to do it by myself and use my strategies.  

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This for me explains so much about me as a person I thought I would have to share... I posted this on my Facebook tonight.


Some of you know my difficulties, some help by being able to understand me more than others.


I don't always see my deficits but my friends do, they are there to help, guide and reassure me that it's ok to be different.


Most of all it may appear I am an arrogant person, not so, this is one of my many self protective qualities.


If you read the link you'll realise that I am awfully ill. I try hard to please and get things right, but I often fail. Not on purpose but because I'm learning still.


Even after 9 years next week I still struggle. I continue to learn and get better each day at what I do and say.


It takes a lifetime to adapt, help me, help myself. Be there with and for me, help me be the best I can...


With your help, support and guidance we can help each other understand I am different but I am me.


I am Mike.....

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