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One year later...


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One year ago, April 25 at 6:45pm I experienced a thunderclap headache.  I had no warnings, I had no idea what it was.  Thankfully my cousin was with me and realized something serious was going on and off to the hospital we went.  I recovered easily and well, it stopped bleeding on its own.  I spent only 3 days in the hospital, I walked out of there thinking that was it.  The most scary was yet to come.  


On April 29th I was alone and suddenly I was again having symptoms but worse, way worse...I called emergency services myself and from there don't remember much for the next several days...they told me it was vasospasm, some days later..I spent a week in Intensive care and two weeks in rehab..I was off balance needing a walker and struggling with easy math and word puzzles..


So today a year later, I am doing well, very well...yes I still have some things that I struggle with such as pretty well controlled headaches, some difficulty organizing new information...but...I am here and I am so extremely thankful. I am enjoying my life heading to Mexico for a vacation soon.   This site has been part of my journey, your stories, your journeys.  I tried to find a support group in my area and could not, you all are my support group.  Even when you are responding to another person that shares some of my journey it helps me...I hope in some small way to help someone else with my story..


So bless all of you who take time to write.  I am one year down looking to get my full years of life.  I am thankful and still improving..  Life is a gift and every time I hug someone I love I realize how fortunate I am..

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Hello Jean, and congratulations one year on.


From that initial traumatic first fortnight it is great to hear how positive you are about your journey so far.  We are pleased that your friends in BTG have been a support and encouragement along the way. 


Time and patience help so much in that first year ....  and I wish you continuing recovery in the months and years ahead.


Your Mexican holiday sounds great. Take care and have a safe vacation.




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Hi Jean,

Congratulations on your 1st Anni-versary, lovely to hear how well you are doing, the recovery journey can be a bit of a bumpy road at times, I think we all find ways of coping with it as you are doing. You have come a long way in this 1st year, well done.


I hope you have a lovely holiday in Mexico, relax and enjoy it.


Wishing you all the very best.


Michelle xx 

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Hello Swishy,


It is great that you are doing so well I suffered from SAH about a year go also, I also have good days and

bad some days I have so much energy other days I am so tired i can barely  stay awake, I also had a Seizure right after my year it was mild but the medicine makes you tired I also feel dizzy sometimes I was wondering how you head feels did you have a coil or shunt i feel light headed some days.


I am so happy you are doing so well  Bless You



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Hi Patricia,

I did not have a coil or a shunt.  They were able to do an angiogram and deliver Verapamil into some of the vessels in my head which stopped the vasospasm...slowed it anyway...I have no memory of any of this (I am thankful)...  When I am still (sitting, even driving) I feel perfect, normal like before.  When I am walking, bending, turning or reaching I have a sense of extra motion...I think some is from my head and some is from the core weakness I now have. 


 I was taking a med that made me terribly foggy  neurontin but I was able to stop it very early in my recovery. It is difficult to take a med that makes you not feel like yourself.  I do take  amitriptyline for headaches, it controls them well for me. 


Patricia I also have days that are bad and days that I get a headache I am no good, just tired.  This is the most difficult thing I have ever been through.  It is a day  to day challenge and that is what brought me here to this site for support and encouragement.  I also wanted to be able to communicate with people who understand the difficulties we can experience.


There are many fine people here giving tremendous support, many who are much more eloquent writers than me haha...

I wish you well and hope each day brings you closer to a full recovery.


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