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TV Emmerdale - This evening

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Hi Karen,

I watched emmerdale whoooo didnot realise it was on for an hour :roll:

how false was that it made me laugh out loud although hurt my head to do it :D

Thing is i will have to watch again tonight, hope im not getting slightly :wink:

boringly addicted :lol: now that would be BAD. hA HA :roll:

Love luck and laughter,

Michelle C

P.s. missed you on the site, hope you had a nice break

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Well, it's on tonight again .... an hour's episode last night, was a bit hard to bear..... :roll:

But, feel the need to watch it and see how they portray it etc...

Nice to chat to you today Michelle ..... feeling better thanks and at least it's not SAH related.....which makes a change.... :wink:

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Guest ElaineW

It was nothing like real life - well not for most I would think anyway. Don't know what you all thought! To me it made a traumatic event like a bad headache!!!!


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Know what you mean Elaine .... loved it when they said that they would have to operate in the next 48hrs .... laughable really .... but, I suppose that it makes for good TV or the viewers would get bored with the in's and out's of whether there's a hospital bed available etc.....we all know here, that it doesn't reflect true life, but if it hi-lights Cerebral Aneurysm, then hopefully, it can only do good .... :wink:

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I am same i had to watch it to see how they portray it x x x

But it does concern me x x she is being diagnosed because she has a headache and blurred vision..... I have them now and didnt prior to SAH...... Does any1 ever get really weird sensation/pains in their head and neck still.....The twinges are always different and do worry me because they make me feel quizzie ( spelling )...

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Hi Donna,

I still have sharp pain/sensations in my head and sometimes have a stiff neck, i did have lots of headaches before my sah 13th november 2007 i also get twinges all aching legs and arms but its still early days everyone keeps telling me, so try not to worry.

Hope this helps somehow.

Keep strong,

Love and hugs

Michelle Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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