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Just a small post....

I am really upset about my weight I would love to tell you all what I weigh but feel to ashamed.....I need tol loose at least 6 stone :(

I just dont know were to get the energy from to exercise x I have a medical appointment at the gym tomorrow ( and I do like the gym ) but I get tired really easy, people keep saying it could be my weight ( well they say it IS my weight ) and even though yes Ithink it could be x x I know that since my SAH i only have a bit of energy and that is taken up with work and Jack ( my 2 year old )......I have an appointment with my GP on Friday to discuss my weight and I am also going to ask if I could get help with cost......Its strange the gym does not do pay each time you go it is all membership everywhere......I dont know if i'd go enough for what i would be paying x

Has anyone else been in this situation and what did you do ?

I am looking for any help or advice with this because it is getting me down and I seem to be in tears when I talk about it x

I've just had enough of people commenting on my weight x x I do ignore them but now it is starting to get to me x x

My GP gave me diet pills but they played havoc with my head x x and i dont like taking tablets unless really need to x x

I am om peroxatine for my anxiety and I know I am not ready to come of them xx

Thankyou all

love donna xxxxx

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Hi Donna

I know exactly how you feel, I too have to lose around 6 stones and it's really hard. I am making small progress and that's through sheer determination and willpower.

I think the SAH is making us tired and with the added weight.... it does not help at all. I use to go to the gym before my SAH but I cancelled my membership because I felt tired all the time and I don't think that it was helping and off course financially it was a strain.

I think there are wellness schemes that GP's can help, where your local authorities help with the cost but that I think is a 6 week scheme but I am not too sure.

I don't think I can take medications for losing weight as I already take too many meds for my BP and other medical problems. I have devised my own plan and monitor this every day and weekly weigh in at home, I have showed my GP and he was impressed but most important it helped to lose 21lbs so far and I still have a long way to go. The important part of my plan is to know your body.

As to regard to exercise, a cheaper way and fun is to buy a wii fit and yes I have been found dancing slowly to Abba :lol:

I think you should something that you will enjoy and stick to.

You can always PM me if you wish but I know this quest of losing weight is important to me this year because I was doing so well before the SAH and now I am back to square one but if I stick to it like I have since December 2008 I know I will make it.

Take care.

Myra xx

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Hi Donna

I know how hard it can be to lose weight. I'm trying to lose a couple of stones myself at the moment as I know that my weight is affecting my general health. It requires a lot of willpower and you really have to want to do it ... for yourself, not just for other people and it sounds like you do want that.

Gentle exercise is the key, nothing strenuous. I've started going for a 20 minute walk every lunchtime and it's definitely helping. Anything much more strenuous than that and you should consult your doctor. I won't mention the exercise bike as I had an argument with one of those a couple of years ago which I recounted on here at the time. I also know it can be hard to find the energy when you are suffering from fatigue post SAH.

I won't give any diet advice as there are a million and one opinions on that one, except to say that I've cut out all snack foods and sweet stuff from my diet, except for the odd lapse at weekends and that has helped a lot.

I'm not going to say how much I weigh either ;) I'm just short for my weight :lol:



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Hi Donna,

I do feel for you with your weight. I've gained 4 stone post SAH and I cannot focus on losing it. My GP commented on it last week when I went to see her for an unrelated problem. I now weigh over 13 stone. For my height (very short), it's not good and I've had my blood pressure pills increased. I do take exercise with walking but it's clearly not enough. I want to get back to pre-SAH weight but don't know how to start.

Happy to PM if you wish, I could do with the incentive!


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Hi Donna

I too have have problems with loosing weight post SAH. I'm also short for my weight but found the pills I was on before Xmas were responsible for some of the gain. Gyms can be good but are very expensive.

I used to enjoy the one I went to before it closed down it had special weight adjusted machines and only took 30 minutes. Unfortunately there isn't anything else like it in this area and I can't use conventional gym equipment as I have oesteo-arthritis in both hips.

Myra and the others are right its finding a type of exercise that is right for you and doesn't use up too much energy. I bought a pilates rower basically 2 foot straps attached to thick elastic with handles and it comes with a DVD showing the diffeent exercises. The bonus is they only cost about £12 and take about 45 mins for the whole workout.

Janet x

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Hey Donna

Don't be disheartened sweetheart - weight issues are something we all have post SAH. I'll tell you the first thing I thought when I saw you for the first time - what a pretty face and a beautiful smile.

I can't exercise as much as I used to either - I used to jog, swim and do step aerobics twice a week - can't do it now cos I get brain vibration from jumping up and down. I've done pretty much what Keith has - cut out all snack and only eat fruit during the day and then I have a nice healthy meal of chicken and veg or fish and veg or a low calorie WW meal. The exercise I do consists of half an hour on the strider a night if I have the energy. I've loads of keep fit DVDs that I've never done :oops: Put on the radio (or a music channel on TV) and dance around with Jack or on your own for an hour (or as long as you can) - that helps - believe it or not housework is good for you too and it tidies up at the same time :lol::lol: . Just by cutting out rubbish food I've lost 3 pounds this week hun - I'm two stone over what I was when I went into hospital and have never been able to shift it. Determination and will power will help a great deal.

Remember - I'm here if you need me.

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Donna

I've also put on 2 stone since SAH. Iknow most say its unnoticeable but again I know and I want to lose it. It makes me look pregnant as it all round my stomach. I've tried eating healthier but the only thing i'm really succeeding in is a 20 mins walk at lunchtime, more to get out of work than to exercise :lol: but at least i kind of feel a bit healthier!

I need to do Sami's tidying but can never be bothered. I never really thought about weight gain as I'd never had an issue before but now its quite annoying.

I do need to get thinking and beome active and eat healthier- gosh its making me tired thinking about it :lol:

Love and hugs



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Hi Donna

best excersise I've found and costs nothing is walking and eating healthy both can boost your energy but you do have to want to do it for youself.

I find this time of the year makes you even more tired than normal....


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I went to have a chat at the gym yesterday and going to talk to my doctor also tomorrow....

I do want to go but still feeling really tired lately x x I worked 10-3 today and it has tired me out.

I will keep you all informed how I get on.


thanks again


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Guest ElaineW

There is a GP led programme called Exercise on Prescription - have a look on the internet - I am not certain what areas it covers but GP's in my surgery where I work use it often. Hope you are successful. I have a friend desperately trying to lose weight she follows diets relentlessly, goes slimming worls and still looks at a cake and puts on a pound. I haveheard cross trainers are very good, but its having the space to keep one and I don't know how much thery are! How about just trying a few exercises at home - say 30 squats, 30 leg raises and some skipping.


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Hi Donna

I lost a lot of weight in the first 6 months post-SAH as my taste was so distorted and I didn't eat much. When I started back at work after 6 months I too found that I was very tired so I ate stuff like nuts and chocolate just to get me through the day and have put on weight as a result which I now need to lose. I exercise very little as am so tired.

My GP sent me to the community dietician after my SAH and though she can't suggest much to help with my taste at least I feel she is keeping an eye on me, at first to help me gain weight and now to help me lose it.

I would say try not to focus too much on your weight just at the moment - be kind to yourself and pamper yourself. We've all come through such a life changing trauma, concentrate on how well you're doing. It seem doubly cruel to beat ourselves up over our weight when we've come through so much.

Hope your GP appointment went well today.


Anne xxx

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I went to the doctors yesterday and I am booked in to see a HCA who helps me with healthy eating ( I have decided it's not a diet just change of life style and healthy eating )........ so hopefully she will be able to help me x x x the problem I have is I dont like ANY fruit..............

I am going to try and go swimming x x x x x with my sister every friday x x

I will keep you all informed on how it goes :? I am going to try doing exercises at home x x x x

Thankyou all for your support and advice x x x x x

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Guest Beth1957

Best of luck Donna! xx

I'm about 4st overweight -and I'm only 5' tall so it really shows! Something to tackle - along with stopping smoking - after the operation...

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Hi Donna

I too have put on heaps of weight since SAH. It is really affecting my self esteem too.

I have just bought myself a cross-trainer, and am trying to use it every night. It doesn't help I have been away on holiday for a couple of weeks and all I did was eat!!!

I used to be 53kg, and now am 70kg :oops: .

So together we can keep each other on track :D



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