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Guest Vivienne


My story is a bit different to most of what I've read, so I thought I'd post it for you all.

I'm 44 now, but since my early 20's, I've had regular check ups at the opticians. In the beginning, I was told I had a lazy left eye, and it was nothing at all to worry about. The years went on... and I was still being told the same. Then I lost the focal distancing in that eye. I found it difficult to judge how far or near things were to me. And as for walking out of glass fronted shops... well, the amount of times I've banged into glass corners! Again, the optician said it was just a lazy eye. I found I'd adapted to using just one eye quite well.

In Oct 08 I visited another optician as I couldn't see anything at all with my left eye, just blackness. She examined my eyes and said that she would like me to go see a specialist. She arranged an appointment for me in Nov 08.

I had a few tests done, and then dye was put through a catheter in my arm to show up what was happening inside my head.

On December 8th 08, the specialist said I had a growth, and as an eye specialist he could do nothing further for me, but he had referred me to a neurosurgeon.

The n/s sent me an appointment to have an angiogram done on the 17th Jan 09.

On the 23rd Jan, I got the results, I had a 15x9mm aneurysm.

On the 27th January 09 I had it coiled.

I hardly knew a thing about aneurysms, just that they were dangerous, and I was too frightened to read anything.

It was the most surreal feeling I've ever felt. I didn't have major headaches, wasn't sick, and felt fine!

As the aneurysm grew, it had been pressing on my optical nerve, that's why I lost the vision.

They don't know if I will get the sight back in that eye or not, and I know it's early days yet, but... I can see very very blurry colours and some shapes! Exciting!

Take care,


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Hi Vivienne

Welcome to the site and our family and thank you for sharing your story with us. My anuerysm was behind my left eye as well caused a third nerve palsy which closed my left lid which was just as well as the vision was very distorted and blurry.

Happily I was lucky enough to regain almost complete vision except for peripheral and it started to return within about six weeks of my SAH, despite the original prognosis being very poor.

Look forward to hearing more from you soon you will find all the help and support you need on this site.

Janet x

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Guest Beth1957

Hi Vivienne, and welcome to BTG; nice to meet you!

My story isn't dissimilar to yours in that it was vision problems which basically led to my diagnosis (I can't thank my optician enough for being on the ball!). Unlike you I've not lost all of the vision in one eye, just a bit in both eyes lol.

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Hey Vivienne

Welcome to the site and to the family. What a fantastic optician you have. I asked mine if they could see anything as mine is behind my right eye and they couldn't - they did however know that I have had trouble with my right elbow and my left knee - very weird :shock:

Hope to hear more from you.

Take care

Sami xxx

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Guest ElaineW

Hi Vivieene - when my mum was in hopsital 8 months ago with her SAH, there was a lady in the next bed whose Optician picked up hers, though as you say I think this is unusual so well done to your Optician. So glad that you are now seeing shapes. I know vision is a common thing to be affacted. My mum was blind in one eye before this happened to her so I can imaghine you have had lots of cocnern over this. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery now - thats good


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Guest Vivienne

Thank you all for your replys and welcomes, I feel like you are all a cushion of support.

It's odd how something like this can affect you, and draw you to complete strangers! Knowing there are others out there who have gone through what you are going through is comforting.

Hope that makes sense! (But at least I know what I mean!)

Vivienne :D

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