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Continuous headaches

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Hi Everyone


I had a ruptured aneurysm 6 weeks ago which was coiled but am at home now. I have fatigue, tiredness and feel weak but that's expected. I have  continuous headaches above my right eye and am trying to manage the pain.


Has anyone experienced headaches and for how long.

Any advice welcome


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Hello Carolyn... a warm welcome to BTG.  So glad you found the site.


It is very early in your recovery.  Following an SAH the medics are unable to tell you with any certainty how the bleed will affect your daily routines and recovery. Everyone is different and only with time do you begin to discover how your life and body have been affected.


Headaches and fatigue are common after effects. These can ease with time but again vary in severity from person to person.  It s important in these early days that you do not rush your recovery.  Your brain will take time to heal. Efforts to get back to `normal` too quickly will result in increasing fatigue and headaches.  Always make sure you are well hydrated by drinking plenty water.  This really does help.


Please take time to read through the various forum threads as there is so much information from the personal experiences of our members. You will feel that you are not alone in your recovery. Others have many years of living with SAH.

The following link will help on the subject of headaches.




Please take time to share your SAH experience with us in the Introduce Yourself Forum and you can expect much help from our members with any questions you may have.


Wishing you well as you begin this challenging journey





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Hi Carolyn :)


A very warm welcome to BTG !

As Subs has said above so well, you are in the very early stages of recovery.

Glad you found us and we look forward to hearing more from you.


Wishing you well with your ongoing recovery.

Take care

Tina xx  

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Hi Carolyn


Welcome to BTG.  Again, as others have said, you're very early in recovery and headaches, unfortunately, are part and parcel with the fatigue and memory issues.


Mine didn't stop for nearly 6 months (mainly due to still trying to do too much too soon) and I didn't stop needing an afternoon sleep until a year later.


Tell us a bit more about yourself too - if you feel up to it.  It can help you, and others, identify with different recovery, circumstances and experiences.


Good luck with your recovery and remember - it can be a long road to recovery, but you're allowed to make as many pit stops along the way as you like.


Keeping hydrated and listening to your body are really important too xx

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Thanks sub zero for your advice. Also Tina and Skippy.


I think you are all right as I am not one for doing nothing and think each day I should be better and try to do more and then get tired and frustrated and over think things.


I tend to be a bit more active if that's the word getting dressed overseeing hubby prepare the evening meal etc but by lunch time I am finished. Have to lay down and go to sleep.


I don't tolerate noise so tv isn't on and I can only just read a few pages of my  book and then have to 're read a page as I forget what it is about.  I also find I get unexplained tearful weepy days which I can't control for no reason. I do think this condition is a very lonely one as people can see a broken leg but not a broken mind.


When people say are you better or ask if you are doing anything I want to cry. I am not feeling sorry for myself just frustrated at how I am not me. I haven't been out anywhere as I am just so weak but I do have a little walk in the garden, weather permitting.


I just have to talk to myself and say I am lucky to be here and stop wishing for who I was and concentrate on who I can be.  The headaches do scare a bit. Thanks for your support and best wishes to you all. 















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Hi Carolyn,


I remember first coming on here, I used to ask is it normal to have this and that.  I was so scared !! 

Then I saw how many had bleeds etc and it gave me hope as I was sure I was dying, used to sing songs for funeral and any little pain scared me witless.


If in doubt always see Doc...it will take stress away knowing it is the norm.  I awoke after shunt was fitted,  until then I was in cuckooland  


They are a nice lot on here and a trouble shared is a trouble halved, ..Welcome to BTG (Behind the grey) and we are survivors always remember that.


Hope to see you in Green room forum when you are up to it.   Headaches come and go !! but get less.


All the best to you and see Doc to just get the stress and worry out the way xxx All the best 

Bossy Win ha ha xxxx ....Oh and on here under Inspiration is  "A  letter from your Brain" it tells you what happened to our brains. !!  Make sure you drink water as I was told that also,  as said above by Skippy xxxx

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55 minutes ago, Carolyn73 said:

I don't tolerate noise so tv isn't on and I can only just read a few pages of my  book and then have to 're read a page as I forget what it is about.  I also find I get unexplained tearful weepy days which I can't control for no reason. I do think this condition is a very lonely one as people can see a broken leg but not a broken mind.


I can completely understand and empathise with this - it's like listening to myself.  I gave up on the books for a little while and read magazines instead - especially those with puzzles in and did those too.  Now, I'm reading on average 2 books a week.


The tearful and weepy days I also had - I asked my GP to refer me to a counsellor as I was diagnosed with PTSD - it might be worth talking to your GP about this.  I was doubtful at first, but my word, how that man helped me was amazing.  Please look into it.


Don't watch over your husband preparing meals, if people ask if you're OK then answer them truthfully - its the only way they'll begin to understand what you're going through.


Never feel ashamed, embarrassed etc - you're a very special person - you survived.  Give your mind and brain time to heal and take baby steps - keep a diary of the good and bad days and watch as the bad days become less.  The first time I realised this, I danced around my back garden laughing my head off - it felt so good.  It will happen, listen to your body and take things slowly - as if you have had a broken leg and can't be a quick as you were.



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Hi Carolyn, you replied to my post and I just wanted you to know that we both went through this ordeal around the same time. I had a coil too.


I’m feeling tired allot, and my vision is really bad, and I feel dizzy quite a bit. Do you have any of those kinds of problems?  


I pray that you are doing well in your recovery , and am here just like all these lovely people in this forum for you anytime.. Take care of yourself please and go at a pace you can handle. Talk to you soon.

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Hi Janeece


Thank you for replying to my post.


Like you I am totally fatigued by lunch time. I also have to think of words if I am having a conversation but the dizziness, blurred vision and off balance feeling is quite frightening. I didn't have this in the beginning although I can't remember.


On Saturday I had a total emotional breakdown and cried like I have never before. I felt so desolate and it lasted most of the night.


It's 10 weeks now since my SAH and I guess I am better than I was it just doesn't feel like it. I have been going out with my hubby on little shopping trips but find I feel a bit insecure at times. I guess I am expecting too much. Hope you are having better days


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Hi Suzanne


Just seen your post. Hope you are getting better each week. It's now 8 months since my SAH . I still have awful fatigue. Some days worse than others but it is still every day. I also get headaches some days but not every day like before.


A Neuro consultant gave me 31 botox injections in my head, neck and forehead in December as she said I had hemicrania continua which was not linked to the SAH. They made me have some small issues and did not work initially but 4 weeks later the dizziness and horrendous daily headaches on the right temple subsided my headaches are less frequent but are across both my eyes and forehead when  i get them  now. 


I saw the consultant who operated on me in March and had  an MRI  and he was pleased with my progress. He did say fatigue could last many months/years as it is a symptom felt by many. I can now go out on my own and have even driven my car short distances as I also suffered from PTSD and was anxious outside. Things are improving but like many told me in the beginning-  it takes time.


An acceptance of the new me took time and sometimes new situations puts me in the back foot. It's difficult when you experience a problem when others see you as "normal" as they are ignorant and don't understand. Please try to stay positive and keep going. Carolyn 73

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Hi Carolyn,


When I was coiled, my pituitary gland was damaged. As a result some of my hormones and vitamins became deficient. I now have to have daily injections of a hormone to combat fatigue. It hasn't completely cured it  but I am much better than I was. I am a rare case, I know, but if it can happen to me...........


I am not for one minute saying this is the cause of your fatigue, because there could be a number of reasons, but what I would say is broach the subject with your medical team and get them to check it. At least that could be explored and eliminated.  At least ask because if you don't ask you don't get.


Worth a try maybe?


best wishes,



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Thanks Macca for the info. The professor who operated did say it was a symptom. I don't see him again for 14 months and due to the covid 19 getting to see someone or even going to hospital etc is a no go at the moment. Thanks for your help though. Much appreciated. Carolyn 73

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