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Six years on

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Today I "celebrated" my own SAH, like a lot of things in life it wasn't what it seemed to be.

It seemed to be a life wrecking event that meant the end of my life. I wouldn't be able to work again and I spend every day thinking about my own death. My finances are wrecked and it has had an impact on a large number of people beyond my immediate family. That's what it seemed to be.

What it actually turned out to be was a second chance, a move away from a lifestyle that would see me into an early grave. A rebirth for my relationship with everybody that was close to me, my wife and my children have I would like to think have benefited. From having a husband and father with the time to spend with them talking and being with rather than a figure who would leave in the morning and come back when they were all in bed. Although I don't enjoy the best of health I now appreciate every day that I have in a way that I certainly didn't before. A new circle of friends that understand me better than any others in my life. The freedom that comes from only just having enough money each week rather than a huge shortfall each and every month.

A few people have asked me today whether or not it was something to mourn or something to celebrate and on reflection I believe that it was something to be grateful for. In the early years I did mourn the passing of a lifestyle that now I wouldn't want, I genuinely am more happy now than six years ago.


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Scott, I wish you well ..... :)

It's such a comfort to read your post and that despite all of the problems that a SAH can bring, that there are positives to be found and that wealth isn't just accumulated through material things and that a true sense of family, friends and the love within, is something that you can't put a price on.

I hope that you've had a lovely day and that Sarah and your boy's are all keeping well .....xx

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hi scot

congratulations on your annieversary i think you have said what is in most peoples mind and i take note of what you have said a very touching tribute to the way life is going and the happiness brought about by a life changing but shocking event im very pleased and happy you have found a new meaning and happiness in life as such may you enjoy for many a year and never become tired of it enjoy and be happy congratulations once again

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Hi Scott,

Congratulations :D

Your message has helped me in a strange sort of way, here I am worrying about whether to go into teaching again or not and there you are talking about the things that are precious to you- life, family and friends. You are so right, just got to find another job that seems right as well! Without loads of stress!

Love and hugs and go Basingstoke :D

Love and hugs


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Hi Scott

Congratulations Scott,

It very inspirational to read your post today, it helps others to look at SAH in a different way.

It's so true that family and friends are important and yes, SAH survivors are given a second chance.

Take care.

Myra xx

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Scott, many congratulations on your sensible but tough decision, sorry that statement sounds a bit patronising, it is not meant, but I just trust you will know what I mean. A life changing event can be destructive or constructive and you have made it so clear which is the best way to go :) Mainly I want to thank you for your courage in saying this 'tis obvious already that people are being helped by your very brave decision.........no more to say just congratulations and an offer of support should you need it, but that I doubt :)

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Congratulations Scott :D Sorry i am a bit late. Your words were very inspirational to read.......so pleased things are going well for you and your life going to way you want it.....take care ...love Tina xx

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Hey Scott

Sorry I'm late in congratulating you - we've been away for the weekend and ironically enough it was to spend some quality time with each other and very very dear and important friends.

It's strange indeed how a life threatening experience actually makes you look at whats important in life - must be that "you don't know what you've got til its gone" thing and we have all very nearly lost it all. Very inspirational post Scott.

Take care and sending love and hugs to you and yours

Love Sami xxx

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