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hi all, sorry haven't been in for a while. too tired after work but wanted to let you know i had good news this week. went for a angiogram last week to check on clipped and coiled annies and clipped one perfect and coiled has a moved a bit but nothing too much so i havent got to have another angio until march 2012!! gives me time now to get my strength built up and improve my fitness in case of next round with 2nd annie but fingers crossed it wont move any more. i was so pleased and hope you can share this with me. i also hope this gives some encouragement to those just starting on their journey. it can be a long process but have faith and go with it as it is worth every minute. i still get very tired and dizzy but am back to work 3 hrs a day and manage to do a lot of things now. you just have to know when to stop and rest. I think and pray for all of you often and hope you are all well or at least having all the help you need. god bless take care

love caz x

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Hi Caz,

great news well done.

Its only been 4 1/2 months for me so far, not got to my first six month check yet.

But news like yours gives me encouragement that the annie I had coiled will have behaved. Wishing you all the best.

Take care and look after yourself.:-D

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thanks to you all for your good wishes. I have got so much strength from you all and i can only say thank you for that xx as for the yoga, i am back doing some yoga as i used to enjoy it before haemmorage. I am just waiting to hear from hospital whether or not i can go for hydrotherapy as the physios seem to think it will be good to strengthn up my back and neck muscles which have been affected and also get some stamina back so fingers crossed.I have a couple of days off this week and am enjoying relaxing and being on the pc to you all again.

take care everyone

god bless

caz x

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