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My final angiogram

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I am sorry I have not posted much lately. I think that life has got in the way a bit over the past few months. But I do pop in regularly to see how everyone is going.

I had an angiogram just recently, my second one since my SAH in June 2009. I went to my follow up appointment on Monday and have been told that my two coiled aneurysms are totally occluded and that I will be having yearly MRI's now to keep an eye on everything. :-D I will be going for my first MRI in a month or two, when they have sorted out the appointment. This one will be done as a reference MRI so that they can check for any changes when I have have my subsequent MRI's.

To say that I am relieved is an understatement and I feel that I have been given the best Christmas present ever.

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hi debbie,

congratulations on your results!!

could you, or anyone advise me about angiograms?? no one has mentioned them to me yet, and im not sure whether everyone has to have one or not?? i had my SAH in june 2010, ive just had my first scan in november, which i was told everything was fine.

now im worried about re-bleeds as i have read on here people have had to have more coiling and angiograms???

i thought everything was over for me now apart from yearly scans??

please advise!!



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