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Got My MRI Results!

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Wel I went shopping today AGAIN ...Whats new !! no chocs !

My hubby said he had a call from the Hospital...about my MRI scan....I went "oh yes and"...drrum roll bbbbrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm

"All okay" said my hubby,, (He's a man of few words) I am the one with short term memory loss but he said..ready? My husbands words!!!!!!

"The things are not swollen and no other Anni's showing up" ..I was pleased but said ""what things were swollen Al"...."I dunno" he replied..told you he is a man of few words lol...guess he meant ventriculitis/ventricles ????....Just read this to my hubby he laughed and has told me the tubes or ventricles are not swollen...and gone to do some work with a smile on his face.

Love to All

WinB143... xx A relieved WinB143 xxxxxxxx

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Thanks all,

Lets see how good my memory is so,

Thanks to Momo, x Sarah L x, Sandi K, x Ninja alias John good luck today x Kempse alias Sarah x Winter xx 2 as 1 for dog

Fiona alias Fi x and Riane x and BTG X lol

Phew so relieved and thanks once more..oh by the way I didn't remember all, I kept going back and looking lol I'm such a Cheat !!

Today is the happiest Day of the year and the best hours are 4 to 6...News just told me, so all smile xxxx..

Okay song time wake up family hold ears all ...2 Spanish eyes prettiest eyes in all of Mexicooooooooooo


WinB143 xxxxx

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so pleased for you and in your honour am going to smile all day , think happy thoughts and sing

Love Maggie xxx:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

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Thanks Maggie for the colourful mail xxx Hold ears as I am going to sing to you ..Ready a1 a 2 goooooo

Ohhhhh Dear Maggie May

They have taken her away

And no longer

down Old Lime street will she roam ...darn it dunno the rest of the words Got another one keep holding ears

Noooo I'll keep you happy I'll stay quiet


WinB143 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Maggie May lol

You could try this one Win.... oh she robbed those lime juice sailors and the captains of the whalers

Than dirty, robbing no good Maggie May...

BUT, I like this one best ....

you may search from here to china,you'll not find any girl thats finer

that is finer than my darlin Maggie May


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Okay Maggie

Come on sing us another song....I'll introduce you

Ladies and Gents..and all SAHers I give you the one the only Maggieeeeeeeeeee

Go Maggie sing xxxxxx and thanks for cheering me up pal xx


WinB143 xx

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