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Shirls nice to 'meet' you all


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Hi all. I've been reading everyone's stories before I felt ready to tell mine. I feel I am very lucky but tell me what you think.

I had my SAH on 31st May 2011. I was at work went to the loo and had this weird vibration all over my body :shock: I work in my family business so

shouted my son who was a nurse that I felt ill. Then I got the most awful pain in my neck and down my back, everytime I moved the pain shot through me.

We decided I must have hurt my neck in some way so my dad took me home and after feeding by dogs I went to bed. :wink: I got up an hour later with the

worst headache I have ever had and realised I needed help.

Cut a long story short my son & dad took me to casualty at our local hospital after a long wait I had a scan and was transferred by ambulance to the

Southern General in Glasgow(OMG morphine is a wonderful drug). Next day I had another scan and then a coil fitted.

I spent 3 weeks in hospital and all I can really remember is the headaches, a lumbar puncture, the day my left side was dead, but it came ok with fluids:shock: The day my brain went into spasms and everything I tried to say came out wrong (that was a scary day) but that came ok too.

Then I got home I could do very little but sleep but slowly I got better. I went back to work for an hour or so every day 3 weeks later. We moved house on 31st August and I had a week's holiday then went back to work full time :)

I do get very tired especially when I can't sleep at night. I struggle at times to find what i'm trying to say which I hate. And I have fired my curry down the front of my dress in a restaurant :lol: because my coordination isn't good but getting better :lol: but i'm alive and very grateful for that :-D

I was very independant before my SAH and I struggle with being so much more dependant on my family than I used to be but I will just have to get used to the new me :crazy:

Hope I haven't bored you all but I can't sleep tonight :lol:


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Hi Shirls,

You have done amazingly well to be back at work full time so soon. Well done you :-D There is a 'back to work' thread on here that you might be interested in (and if you feel up to it, you could post on to encourage other people?).

I still get words muddled up or open my mouth and speak gobble-de-gook too, mainly when I am tired.

Best wishes for your continued recovery.

Nice to 'meet' you too :-D

Michelle x

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Hi Shirls, and welcome BTG.

Returning to work so soon after your event is great, but also full of pitfalls.

The desire to return to the former life is very seductive, but not always the best course.

The new reality, that is your life now, is best absorbed over a period of time that is only fully understood after all the symptoms have faded into the

background of your life.

You, may well be one of the lucky ones who re-enter life almost seamlessly, and I hope you are, but the symptoms you relate (Fatigue, lack of

co-ordination and searching for words and names) are common to most of us here on this site.

Take your time Shirls, this wasn't a sprained ankle.

It was a life changing event.

We all bounce back in our own ways. Some of us never work again, some of us only work part- time and some recover enough for full-time work.

I am seven years down the line from my event, and still struggle with all the symptoms you described.

I can only manage three days a week of normal work, but have loads of time for all my creative stuff, which seems to charge my batteries.

Life is very different now and, in many ways, better than it was before.

Accepting the new, is the hardest thing, but when you reconcile the changes, and fully confront the new reality, this new life, is full of possibilities and


Now go and get some sleep.

Best wishes,

Bill B.

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Hi Shirls

Welcome to our virtual family, its good to hear that you feel well enough to return to work but just remember to be kind to yourself listen to your body and rest when you need to you are still in the early stages of recovery. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Shirls your experience sounds a little like me with th spasms & the left sided numbness which went with fluids! I was clipped though.

I am stunned you started work so soon & agree with Bill that it could be too much too soon.I am 16 months post op & still suffer badly from fatigue. My brain just seems to freeze & refuse to co-operate any more. I do rest when ever possible & have help to sleep if that is a problem. I would recc you read 'a letter to your brain' which is on the home page, it really helped me.

Take care hon & take some time out to rest xxx

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Hi Shirls,

Welcome to the forum. You will find it's a great help to talk to other people who have experienced what you're going through. I was quite convinced I was the only one in the world like this till I joined here. Had mine in June 09 and was also in the Southern. It hasn't been easy as I'm sure you will know to reintegrate into the 'old world' again. Things have changed for us all and time helps us to overcome our hurdles and develop new coping skills. Take your time and allow yourself to improve at your own pace. I think we all suffer emotionally and phycologically after SAH. Your family will also likely be struggling to understand any changes in you. Good luck on your continuing recovery and feel free to vent your thoughts to us all as someone will always be here to listen and advise.( Great bunch they are!)

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Sally. x

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Hi Shirls and a warm welcome to BTG. Reading other people's stories and advice on here is certainly a great aid to helping you realise that you are not alone in how you feel post sah.

It sounds like you have done really well so far - I'm not sure how many of us would have managed a house move so soon afterwards:shock: Tiredness and fatigue seem to be very common following a sah, I know these still hit me on a regular basis and although I'm coming up to my third anniversary, I do allow myself to have a daytime sleep as and when I can/need to. I appreciate this is not possible for everyone, if working full time or not being able to sleep easily, but for me it is a neccessity and I make sure I fit this in between my two part time jobs, two teenagers and 11 year old!

Don't be hard on yourself, you have been through a major event and it is perfectly acceptable to rely on others to help you through your recovery. I wish you all the best,


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Hi Shirls,

Welcome to BTG.

Wow, you've done so much in the short time since your SAH.

This site has been a godsend to me, a wealth of support, advice and good friendships.

Have had some good giggles along the way which helps brighten the road to recovery.

As Gill suggested, reading 'a letter from your brain' is the best bit of advice I can give, I still go back and read it a lot now, it grounds me and reminds me not to be so tough on myself when I'm feeling a bit low.

You seem to be doing brilliantly with your recovery, be kind to yourself and rest when you need to. And drink plenty of water, it really does help with the headaches.

I wish you well with your recovery.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Thanks all for the lovely messages. It does help to know others are suffering the same symptoms as me and many much worse than me. I do at times do more than I should and suffer for it. But I am very lucky as my partner does everything at home cooking, cleaning etc so although I am back at work I do nothing else unless I want to.


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