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whooping cough

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When I was a baby before I had chance to have my vaccinations I had whooping cough. Now everyone knows that can cause brain damage, spontaneous bleeds in the brain and hernia's.

Now my question is could it cause aneurysms. Who if anyone had whooping cough then in later life had aneurysms. Jess.xxx

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I have no idea if I had whopping cough or was vaccinated for it. I was the only child that got through the school system without a small pox at that time. So I do not know. But I do know in the US they are vaccinating again for it. I have an appt with GP end of November and will ask about it. The thought of coughing like seems awful to me.

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Hi everyone it was just a thought I had because I coughed that much someone refused to babysit me again because I kept stopping breathing.

Thanks for answering everyone, however it is something I intend to find the answer to. My children have had the vaccination so cannot get whooping cough. Jess.xxx

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