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Me and my shunt

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As some of you may know I had a shunt fitted a year after my SAH Op.

It has been working well so far and no problems.

Last week it started playing me up, an ache type pain as if I had been sleeping on it too much ??

Yesterday I went out with my brother and he was talking very loud and then he shouted.

I just said to my hubby I must go, said my goodbyes and went, tears streaming down my face. (I am a baby)

I have realised I cannot listen to others problems and I need more peace than before, anyone else feel like this since there SAH/Shunt?

Seeing Doc 2.9.13



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Oh Win, you poor thing.

I do find that I am not as tolerable listening to others problems than I was pre SAH - sometimes I feel I'm being selfish and then other times I feel that if they could just walk a mile in my shoes on one of my bad days then nothing would seem so bad.

Don't feel bad - if you couldn't cope then you couldn't cope - I hate sudden loud noises and shouting now, never used to bother me before.

Take heart dear Win - you're allowed to not want to listen to others, especially when you're not feeling too good. Sending you a massive hug hun xxx

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The lovely Win, super Mrs O. Poor you. sending huge hugs your way.

I am definitely more of a cryer now with shunt on board and SAH legacy l and unable to cope with emotional ups and downs like I used to coast through them, now I feel like I have been through the wringer if I just have raised voices over kids picking up off their bedroom floor.

Now here's the thing Mrs O, i have been very lucky with my neuro team and the shunt nurse (yes there is such a person) was almost on speed dial after I had mine placed last year as I took quite a while to settle and get a setting that allowed me to life 'normally'. One thing he said that stuck with me; "you're never wasting our time if you have a worry or something changes in how your feel as you know your body better than anyone." The site around my shunt can be super sensitive sometimes as can my head with air pressure changes and there's been a lot of those the last few days:shock: but it sounds like you are feeling a bit different than you normally do? does your head feel any different? Behavioural changes can be a sign that the shunt is blocked but equally you could just be under the weather. Is your GP any good? He could send you to local hospital for a simple scan series will quickly reassure you that all is well, no blockage or infection and its never better to wait if you're worried that something has changed.

Shine UK are a pretty good support charity and knowledgable about shunts and managing hydrocephalus, I get their magazine and its pretty informative and they sent me some shunt alert cards which I carry. Also Headway's telephone support service was good I found if you have questions 0808 8002244.

Win, if I was in your shoes( and I walk a similar path I suppose ) then I would see the doctor without delay if only for reassurance that nothing is amiss. It cant hurt.

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Thanks Sami/Miss Daffs lol,

My Family always shouted but moving away I got used to the peaceful life (snob Win)

It's good to know I am not alone thanks to You and BTG x

Daffs I have never been normal nor has my family, mad bunch. xx


WinB143 xx xx saw Daffs post also xx

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Win I don't have a shunt but I really hate noise, especially repetitive stuff (like dogs barking or children screeching) really winds me up so bad.

I have had occasions on holiday where I just wanted peace & quiet, the beach was extremely noisy one day & one child in particular was screeching. I had to ask to leave & felt very tired & tearful when we got in the car. I think its an sah thing not just a shunt one.

Sending you big huggles & a big snotrag to wipe your tears away x

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Win my dear,

I do not have a shunt but I cannot stand noise- I can barely yell it bothers me so much. I also was telling someone just the other day that I literally walk away from people telling stories at work etc... I try to pretend they are not talking to me but there are days I cannot listen to people. I know they think i am so rude but my brain is full and I cannot listen. I also have said "shhhhhhhh" to co workers that are loud talkers. Not only loud talkers but fast, loud and really only need to say one sentence instead of a story to me. Yep, you bet that goes over well.

And I agree you need to ask your Dr about this if it is new. I certainly do understand the noise etc....I feel it is not that I lack empathy that I have but it is all used up for people that are struggling and trying their hardest. Not people who can control the situation and are not.

Good luck, maryb XOXOX

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Thanks All,

You All put me right when on a downer, you are all so good on BTG.

What would I do without you All xx Thanks xx

Mary, Gill, Miss Daffs, Wem, and Sami xxxx

You know what they say "A trouble shared is a trouble halved "

Thanks once again

Watery headed Win xxxxxxxxx

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Hello Dear Win,

How are you feeling now?

I don't have a shunt but also have a real problem with too much noise or people rabbiting on with long conversations!

My brain doesn't hold onto the info, in one ear and out the other, but spins my brain on the way through.

A good pair of ear plugs really help.

I agree with Daff, it's a good idea to see your gp for a check up.

Take care lovely lady, hope you're feeling better soon.

SarahLou Xx

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Aw Win hugs honey.x

Another person with a shunt here and have to say since the SAH shunt in at same time so don't know any different but I can now say I don't suffer fools easily (is that the saying)

I know what you mean about chatter nightmare on the bus at times but for me ear plugs are a no-no cause me more problems than their worth...

Hope the doc can help you....

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You are one of the kindest people I've had the honor to virtually meet. I also come from a loud family. As the youngest of seven and with grown nieces and nephews and added great nieces and nephews I am not sure if anyone is really listening to the other anyway.

To that, I will say noise bothers me now. Before, I was right in the middle of it all. And, I also have a difficult time listening to others that think they have troubles when they have no clue what trouble really is. But, I have to remember I was one of those complaining people before all this happened to me.

I have a brother-in-law very sick with cancer and I watch he and my sister going through just awful times and I find my heart much softer now and not as selfish any more.

I do hope you are feeling better.


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Offt the dreaded noise thing, my three year old daughter was swinging the child gate at the bottom of the stairs earlier and it was making a loud squeaking noise and I just froze on the sofa, just wanted her to stop but couldn't move or get up to go to her, just screamed stop then went into a fit, that was the first from I got out of hospital.

When I told my other half that the noise triggered it she looked at me as if I'd two heads :( tried to explain other that certain sounds are intolerable now, like nails down a blackboard and in some cases hurt my ears.

Another bad one I can't stand is the noise from a bag of potato crisps, sounds so loud and repitive that I have to leave the room, and bangs are not bangs no more they are sonic booms and scare the life out of me now.

I'm also having presure problems with my ears as they are constantly popping and at times feel as if they are moving due to what seems like a build of air, they also get soapy water trapped in Them after every shower and then crackle for ages.

Told the doctor that I thought my hearing had improved, he said it hadn't and that I'm just hearing more due to my senses being heightend after my SAH that goes for my vision, smell and taste buds as well, they are not better I'm just taking more in and anlising it more.

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Hi Win,

Tell your brother to keep it down, you have a brain injury! Noise is a bummer but not as bad as it was initially.

I can't talk on the phone for very long either, neck and headache.

Hope your shunt is ok pal.

I got brave yesterday and decided to listen to music on my iPhone headphones. Bad idea. gave me a headache.

I will say the noise issue has gotten better over time, relatively speaking


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Louise, David, Desy and "I"

Thanks, you All know what it is like, that makes me feel better lol.

I think calm it Win, but Win and calm do not go together.

I can see my Mum in me, she laughed so much she would end up crying.


Thanks All


WinB143 xxx

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Since most have responded to the loudness, I can respond to the 'other's problems'

I sometimes have a hard time listening to other's problems too. They complain about the dumbest things. They don't know what really is worthy of a complaint. I try not to get mad and just remind myself that they are in a totally different place than I am. They have no idea what life can really throw at them yet, so they think their problems are bigger than they really are...mountains instead of the molehills. I try and just go with the conversation, but there is only so much you can take of dumbness, so yes, leaving is a good idea for both parties. Your brother needs a better perspective and you need a break. You were doing both of you a favor. You had the tears of truth.


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Thanks for reply Kris,

My Sister rang me and said "Terry thinks he's upset you " I said "No why would he ?" I am good at fibbing. Then I rang my brother up and explained about head and he sent me a verse aww

So I am all happy xxx

Thanks Kris and all on BTG

WinB143 xxx Where would I be without my virtual pals who understand all our woes etc. xx

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