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Things to be happy about......

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Five weeks on and here are some things I am happy to celebrate:

Sending the wheelchair back to the shop

Having a bit of appetite back and eating 'normal' meals with my family

Being off the drugs (except a bit of paracetamol and occasional tramadol)

Walking (more like staggering at times, but hey...) along the sea front to buy ice cream!

Being able to get up from a chair without help

Taking a shower in private

Being in the garden with my family

Managed a day at work yesterday, but am shattered and not too good today. It was an achievement none the less! Still got plenty to work on, but I'm learning to be patient and pleased with progress so far :-D

The one thing I've learned from this site is that we are all recovering differently and at very different speeds. It's a bit like the kids at Christmas with 'how many sleeps til Santa?' - I wonder how many sleeps until I can drive again, exercise again, have the energy to socialise again......

Just for now it feels enough to still be here and able to enjoy the sunshine on my back

Julie xxx

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Hi Julie,

I think you are doing wonderfully. Wow, what achievements!! Be very proud. I am almost at my 5 month mark and have been feeling a bit sorry for myself. I read the posts on here and realize how blessed we all are and our tiny steps to others are big giant steps to us.

I am working part-time right now and it is putting a 'hurting' on me. Headaches in the afternoon and I've had this glorious stabbing pain through my left eye for days now. It's going to rain where I am so that does not help.

Thanks for putting things for me into perspective again. Keep up the fantastic work!!


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It's a weird thing isn't it - I get frustrated when I don't improve and frustrated when I do, because it's never enough...

I'm following the many wise words on this site though and celebrating each milestone, no matter how small. If this had never happened to me, I would still be taking it all for granted (can't go so far as to say I'm glad it happened though!)

Win - the thing about the wheelchair is that it was great to send it back, but walking is exhausting and people stare - I'm thinking of having a tee shirt printed "no I'm not drunk". At work people kept trying to help me up, catch me if I wobbled and help me up and downstairs (whether I wanted to go or not!!). I did quite well - didn't swear at anyone, didn't fall, until I left the building at the end of the day and promptly fell over my own feet :oops:


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I so understand frustration. I walked with a cane for awhile before I walked alone and when I did I moved at turtle speed. I didn't care though I was busy dealing with the invisible helmet and hairband on and around my head. I still get pressure and tension headaches along with the burning feeling at times.

My boss said to me the other day that he thought I'd be past most if this by now since it was a "little" trauma. I set him straight real fast. Just because the outside may look normal has no reflection at all what is going on inside. He has been wonderful but that just hurt.

I had to laugh when I read your other sentence about not being so happy about having a SAH. I hear ya loud and clear but one thing is for sure, it definitely puts life in focus. It did for me.

God bless and continue with that wonderful outlook. Did me some good. :)


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I am happy about people on here progressing!

I am happy I can smile at silly things.

I am happy I can make choices for myself.

I am happy I am a grandpa and I got to see my first grandchild.

There comes a time in every ones life when we learn that rainbows are not magic, When that happens we lose something.

After the brain explosion many things seem magic again.

The beauty of a fragrance, the joy of being able to filter out a single conversation in a room of many.

The joy of silence, the joy of music, the joy of laughter. These are magical. They are milestones. I have come to the conclusion that just because I have reached a milestone, doesnt mean I will pass it. I may come back and visit it a few times, but what an incredible journey. "Not all who wander are lost"

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2 years post SAH:

Happy to go on a long walk after doing yoga on the same day and my quads no longer feel strange.

Love to do tasks with several steps and remember all of them... and to think in my normal way.

Love to not take a nap or rest

Happy to be able to listen to 'Let it be" without crying

Happy to help people going through it at the inpatient rehab.

I am glad most of the time that SAH happened to me.


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Took my son to a mother and toddler group for the first time.

I was really happy with how my son interacted with others. He is very sociable.

I became very fatigued half way through, (noise levels quite high and trying to talk to other Mums while keeping an eye out for my son was very tiring.)

That said, I went with my Mother in law so was able to share the work. I took five minutes outside to give my brain some stillness.

Despite fatiguing, I didn't feel frustrated about it, but just accepted it as understandable.

All in all, many things to be happy about today.

L xx

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, it was 8 weeks on Sunday.....and I'm still here!! After the dismal stats I was given in hospital that has to be something to be very happy about :-D

Also appearing on the list of happiness this week:

Fell over twice in one day last week, but when I slipped a third time I didn't fall!

Able to exercise gently with some support - was deliriously happy when I jumped without toppling over!

Went away to our caravan at the weekend (first time away from home) and wasn't terrified about how close the nearest hospital was

Have managed to stabilise my weight a bit and even enjoy some foods again

Have learned to take time out to hug my children more and marvel at what amazing people they have become

Returned to hospital for a neuro follow up and only cried a bit......

Still celebrating the little miracles that occur each day, so long as I remember to notice them. On the down days and the sleepy days trying to remember my tired brain is doing lots of hard work rewiring itself! Watch out for the new improved Julie......you have been warned :biggrin:

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That's really great to read Julie and I think that having a positive attitude (I know that it's not always easy!) and noticing/marking the improvements, big or small, are all key to making a good recovery and keeping your mental health on track too. Well done you! :-D xx

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Julie, what a super attitude and thread...so to continue in your vein..

I had a super cuddle in bed this morning with my daughter and then marvelled at the fact that both of them are so self sufficient these days, they had to be post SAH i suppose but it has stuck. They get themselves ready in the morning with little moaning and no assistance really. I know that this isn't the case amongst their friends of similar ages so very proud of them and how they have managed since that very scary time.

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I am happy as I have a great gp who tries her best to get things sorted for me, she is always booked up & running late but that's cos she spends time with every patient.

I'm grateful to be here taking my son to school ever day, he pushes every one of my buttons but hey I love him to bits

I am grateful for my hubby whose patience knows no ends, he is an amazing man.

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'What makes me happy' today is that finally got my six month scan results - brain and spine MRI back in August - and all clear. No further deterioration and no new ones springing up - hurray!!!!! Still can't find where the original bleed came from, but hey, there's a clip in there and nothing else has happened so I can live with that (no pun intended!!).

How nice to be able to write something positive and have a place to write it. A smiley day today!

Sarahk x

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Well done all and Sarah,

I went to Garden Centre and dogs can come in, so let me start again, my Sarah, Sadie pup and Mum(me) went to G. Centre.

We had cheese straw and cake, what you call a healthy lunch. !

Saw the checkout girl who asked me how I was, so she heard all about me and my poor brain, I cut it short. (in case she got fired) joke !

I bought some decorations for Christmas. Be prepared is my motto !!

That cheered me up, the food, the Christmas and also my Daughter who is my best friend xx along with our lovely dog.xx

I am happy today and content. xx



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