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Appointment for CT Scan

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Just received a letter from local hospital for a CT scan next Friday.

Are they the ones that tip you up and around?

Hope they can take my weight lol

At least they can check temple swellings and my bleach smells.

Let you know how I get on in a weeks time.

Be well all and remind me about appointment lol (brain forgets) xxxx



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Win, I haven't heard of a CR scan ... did you mean CT scan? There's some info on CT scans on the following site http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/health_advice/examinations/ctgeneral.htm

Wishing you all the very best for your scan and hope that you have good results. Is this just a follow up or have you been having problems ... sorry, I'm nosey and you don't have to answer! :wink:

Hope that you're okay ...xxx

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I am a silly moo aren't I.

MRI and CT lol doesn't take much to get me in a tis now days so thanks ladies for correcting the

Deliberate (not) mistake lol.

A check up on swelling of temples Karen and thanks you 3 xxx

I'll be okay just scared of breaking the thing.

So next week !! I do forget easily, reminders please xx

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No worries Win, bless you... Where the heck are the temples? I'm going to have to look that one up! :wink:

Just looked it up and have never heard of it ... you're a first for me Win!

I'm going to have to do some research.

Take care lovely and I'm sure that you won't break it!

Will be thinking of you. xx

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Win, I think the appropriate song for singing under your breath on that CT scan will be ' the good ship lollipop':lol:

Too poor taste. Sorry.

Hope it is all fine ! Let us know. I think that the CT is the one that they just slide you in and out lying on your back into the big donut shaped machine but you don't have to wear ear muffs to block out the clanking sounds like you do for the MRI...

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Thanks All,

Temples are at the side of your eyes Karen, about 1/2 inch back from my crows feet in head.

But I do not think you meant that lol. Got the giggles now.

Daffs I am not scared (knees knocking /well fat is wobbling ha ha)

So remind me please I'll forget otherwise.

Love to All

Win xxxxxxxxx

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Anita & "I",

Thanks you 2 xx

Anita I hope you are feeling better hark I am singing and hubby is trying to watch top gear lol.

I'll be okay but I fancy a doughnut now !!

Be Well All

WinB143 xx happy weekend All xx

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Thanks Dawn,

I'll be okay xx what would I do without you lot of lovelies xx

Karen, cooey Karen, that link you sent me also has back exercises on it I will do some one day


Thanks all you BTG'ers xx



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Right you BTG'ers,

I am waiting for hubby to get going, we was having breakfast up there !! (Hospital)

I'll just let my tummy rumble, as he is still sitting here watching "Don't get done, get Dom" zzz.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Be well All


Win (hope I don't have to get undressed lol) xx xx

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Well I had the scan done, a doddle apart from him not telling me results there and then lol.

I asked him "Is all okay in the brain dept." he replied we have to send it to your Doc first.

I was so nervous though and it never hurt it's what they might find and the waiting.

Nice friendly people in the waiting room, who all heard about my anni, lol poor s*ds.

If they never had a headache when they went in bet they came out with one. lol

A man wanted a cuppa and nurse said how about water so I offered him a mint and he took 2!

Nice people at the hospital, 1 woman showed me her bald head, bless her some brave people in


Right fish and chips on there way. Thanks All xx Love you All phew !!!

Brave Win lol xx xx

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