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8 Years post SAH


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Up until the last 18 months I would have said that I was managing quite well post SAH. I had learnt to manage living with the limitations and after effects. The dreaded chronic nerve pain was helped by amitriptylene which did allow me to do most things.

However I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease in 2005 the year before my SAH it was thought that I may have had it for several years before diagnosis. I ignored this illness for years just having my yearly spirometry and taking meds prescribed. This may have been in part because of having SAH. I did and do still smoke although do keep trying to stop as I know the damage I'm inflicting.

The past 18 months has seen a deterioration in my condition to moderately severe and has impacted on my physical abilities and constant infections and coughing has made my nerve pain worse as well. I have now been finished up at work and finally won at 2nd stage appeal my Ill Health Retirement Pension but still waiting for paperwork to be completed and payment sorted out.

Finally this year has been a sad and difficult year for us as a family my youngest daughter lost her baby Liam on 1st of Jan at 28 weeks. My eldest has b-polar and had a really bad relapse in July. Then Wendy the youngest had a really difficult pregnancy and due to placental problems had Freddie at 34 weeks after being terrified all the way through that she might lose him like Liam but on a high Freddie is doing well so far. Sorry for long post just such a lot has happened this year.

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Oh my goodness Janet, you and your family have been through a lot. I had SAH 27th December last year, then a follow up 41/2 hour op mid August and I'm struggling with extreme fatigue and pain behind my right eye, my anni was behind the right optic nerve. I've not had much luck with pain relief medication, although the Amitriptylene has helped with the disturbed sleep patterns.

I also smoked socially before anni, but haven't had 1 since my surgeon enlightened me! The vapour pipes helped immensely, still do when the stress comes on, more of a comfort thing really. With so much going on it will seem like an impossible goal to stop, but please try, the coughs and infections might go which in turn might help the nerve pain. Please feel free to contact me if you need some encouragement.

My thoughts are with you and your family and little freddie..

Di/Poppy x

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Oh Janet, I am so very sorry to hear your news.  What a tough year you and your lovely family have had. I'm so glad to hear that little Freddie is doing well.


Have you tried the E-Cigs? I know that Keith (Bogbrush) was using them at one point to quit.


Good to hear that you've finally won your pension ... the struggle that you've had with work hasn't probably helped your stress levels or  health. 


Would love to be able to give you a massive hug right now .... know that I'm thinking of you .... Love to you and Morris and I hope that he's keeping well. xxx

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Dear Janet,

So very sorry that you and your family have been through so much. Great news Freddie is doing well :) Very pleased to hear you have finally won your 2nd stage appeal...I hope that this will take some stress away and help with your health and that all gets sorted & completed very soon for you. Take care xx

Sending lots of love and huge hugs to you lovely lady xxxx

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Hi Janet,

What a tough time of it you've had but at least there is some bright news with Freddie!  Also, now that you don't have to work, your stress levels should go down a bit and you will have more time to devote to family issues.


My thoughts are with you and I hope things very definitely look up for you from now on


Best wishes,



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I'm so sorry that your life has been on the bad side recently.


Quitting smoking is so difficult.  If it were easy, most smokers would have quit already, but usually people who try to quit, fail.  That being said, the best way is to do it at the same time you change your environment like when you go on holiday or sabbatical.  I'd also like to caution e-cigarettes.  They haven't been around long enough to say that they are safer or not.  They still deliver the nicotine and that might cause the increased risk of stroke rather than the tar that the industry tells you...they are trying to sell you something and there are no legal safeguards.  Only time will tell.  You could be an experiment, but really, your life sounds like you don't need that right now.  


I hope this next year will be a much needed easy one for you.  Keep us posted.


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