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Hi from tanyaann


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Hi, I had a bleed early in August very little remembered before but remember the pain and most of what followed, I was very lucky compared to everyone else on my floor of Southampton General, They could not find the source of my bleed but said it is unlikely to happen again but I am sure like you the thought scares me, was not expecting this one.  I only have short term memory loss and speech problems to show on the outside but inside is different.


We love to travel europe in our motorhome with our dogs and family we were due to go at the end of August but found out the insurance would not cover me unless we paid out megga money for the last few weeks, the ferry company were lovely and refunded all but £20. I cannot find a travel insurance company that offers insurance at a reasonable price and some will just not insure me at all even Headway, the roads in the uk make me stressed we tried over the past few weeks but I cannot cope with them, the european roads I miss, does anyone know of an insurance company that will achieve my dreams again,


I know the hospitals over there are excellent but we would probably not be covered by the E111 and repatriation is not available through that.  Has anyone else had this sort of problem please.  PS am due to go back for more tests middle of December cross fingers all ok for me and I wish the same for everyone else on here too.

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Welcome to the site.


Unfortunately I don't think you will find an insurance company that will cover you so soon after your SAH without paying mega bucks.

Another obstacle to insurance is that you are still to undergo tests.

Sorry for being so negative.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel dont want to travel until April now if the tests say I am ok will I ever get insurance and if yes after how long, think 56 and otherwise very healthy is to young to vegetate. Thankyou for replying.

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Welcome Tanya,


Glad to see you are doing so well.


I sing and drive Family potty but they Love me !!  Try singing to help with speech as my sisters always sang to me.


Super Mario normally knows all the deals so !! 


Before I came on here this site helped my daughter as she was scared, I woke up after a shunt was fitted and haven't shut up since ha ha.


Keep Well and good luck xx

WinB143 xx

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Hi Tanyaann

A very warm welcome to BTG :)

I also had the same trouble as you have found regarding insurance....but, as I was clipped, when we tried our Bank after trying almost all insurance companies they agreed to cover me. I had been signed off. So as far as they were concerned I was cured lol ;)

Super Mario is right, they wont like it if you are still having treatment or having more tests.

Nightmare for you.

Wishing you well and please let us know how you get on.

Take care.

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Hi Tanya, welcome.

Glad you are doing ok and take it easy and it's good you have a goal of travelling, I was so keen to fly again just to prove to myself I could! super Mario is right. You will be able to get insurance, you will pay over the odds for it probably but you will be able to get something, promise.

I flew for the first time this April which was 2 years on for me and a year a half on from my last surgery but because I had had hospital stay five months earlier the price was still high. I was advised if you get 12 month clear from any interventions or overnight hospital stay related to a specific condition or the SAH then it helps the insurance price and also that some countries like Spain are more expensive than others so they can advise you. I used Staysure who were excellent and got a good price for me and my family , it was much more than I used to pay but worth it for of peace of mind.

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The reason that Spain is excluded from the first zone for insurance purposes is because they will not accept the European Health card even though they are in the EU. If you want Spain included it incurs a higher premium. This has only happened in the last 2 or 3 years to the best of my knowledge.

Seems very unfair as we treat their nationals for emergency treatment under our NHS.

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  • 2 months later...


I used Staysure in Europe and Top Dog outside Europe, the latter were more expensive but when you compare that against the cost of not being insured when something goes wrong, it's worth paying.  Make sure you declare exactly what your current situation is though as generally insurance companies look for reasons not to pay out if they can, so don't give them any excuse.


Both companies I mention above have been excellent with me.


It's a bit like getting a taxi and grudging the fare , but that is less expensive than getting caught drink driving - the consequences aren't worth it so pay the cash, don't grumble and sit back and enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that you are covered - you'll sleep better too!



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I went on holiday in the May following my bleed in feb ,I go on the Martin lewis website and follow the link for holiday insurance for people with medical problems ,I use orbis and they always find me insurance at a good price ,even with new untreated aneursyms ,good luck

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