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Eight Year Ani-versary


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Hello All,


November 1 come and almost gone, marking eight years since my ruptured aneurysm/SAH.  I won't say I didn't think about it, but I don't get as anxious as I did in the early years.  I've done well, maybe better than I deserve, but I am grateful that I was able to heal and return to my family.  I am able to carry on life much as before except for the reduced stamina, fatigue, and memory lapses that are a common theme through our thread.  I am also so grateful to have BTG to come to so that I don't feel as though I'm crazy or alone.  Thanks y'all.


I didn't make a celebratory cake, but I have plenty of Halloween chocolate candy left.  Win??? Are you out there???  Cheers!


Love, Colleen

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Congratulations Colleen on your 8yr SAH Anni-versary ! :)

So good to read you are doing so well and not as anxious as in the early days.

I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your lovely family.


Thank you for all your caring support to others on BTG xx

I am sure Win and all of us will help you out with your Halloween chocolate candy left over ;)


Take care

Love Tina xx




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Stand back Tina, Colleens cake could explode and I already have mouth open to catch bits lol


Who said is that where the drafts coming from !!!


Cooey Colleen I am here lol chocolate to Win c/o BTG  hands off all !!


Seriously happy Anni versary and many more xxxxxxx


Win xxxxx Be Proud and head up high xxx



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Hi Colleen.....well done on 8 years after your SAH.


Thanks for your comments from across the waters. Great that you are pleased with your progress, and dealing positively where SAH is still a challenge in your daily routines.


Take care




Oh !!!  Where`s that draft coming from ? :shock:




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Congratulations Colleen on your eighth anniversary - I didn't realise you had your sah exactly a week before I had mine. There we were, starting this recovery journey together, over 4500 miles apart - so who would have thought we'd meet up on here. So glad we did as I've enjoyed your posts, support and friendship along the way:-D


Take care,





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