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I hope they improve for you.  I remember having "weird" headaches often for at least the first year, but they did get less frequent and the duration when down.  I would say my experience was probably mostly in the first 6 months.  After that, I just got small headaches up near my temple and eye, but they would only last for an hour or so.  Now (over 2 years out), i have the occasional day with a headache of the "weird" (as in seems to be in the front of my head rather than the back where I always had headaches before), but these are maybe only 1 or 2 days a month.


We all heal differently.  I hope you improve soon and they get better.





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Is it normal though?  They aren't major headaches but I get them often still.  


I go to my primary doctor in a couple weeks but not to my neurologist for another year.  He cleared me.  


I had 2 additional CT scans in October of last year after my initial incident for head pain that wouldn't go away but they found nothing.  


I'll ask about the Tylenol.  I'm not on any prescribed pain meds though.  


Accupuncture helps a lot and thankfully I'm going tomorrow but I feel like once I get one of those headaches I'm home bound.  


I'd like to move on with my life but the headache are a constant reminder of what happened to me.  It makes me so sad.  Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

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May be try to see neurologist sooner since they are the ones who specializes in them but any severe headaches, any headache with fever, if you have nausea / vomiting that won’t go away,  incontinence that s new, etc needs addressed right away. Hope this helps.

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To pick up on what Skippy said, you can get rebound headaches even with over- the-counter painkillers like paracetamol (Tylenol) if you are taking them often over a long period. So it's probably worth trying to rule this out first, with the help of your doc if you aren't able to cut down on the Tylenol.


As to what's normal, who knows? I'm 2 years out and still get frequent headaches but luckily they are generally low level and I can get away with only using paracetamol occasionally when I have a more severe one. I hope you get it sorted. Xx

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I definitely get headaches and dizziness but anxiety causes alot of it for me.  I'm my own worst enemy sometimes.  The last three days here in CT, USA we had a snow storm and I swear the barametric pressure caused my head to hurt more than usual.  I went to accupuncture today so it helped a bit and I also took this Drinkable Magnesium called Calm but it's so hard not to dwell on whether or not there is something someone is missing.  My neurologist told me that I have migraines and tension headaches from stress more than likely.  I go to my primary next week so I'm going to see what he thinks.  Oh..... and I get nauseous with my headaches lately and don't want to really eat.  Usually happens around dinner time and only has been for the 3 days which is weird.  Anyways, thanks for all your advice.  I appreciate it.

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I drink a ton... the magnesium seemed to help yesterday.  I didn't have to take Tylenol at all thankfully!  I'm taking it again today.  Hopefully I continue to get relief.  Stress is a monster!!! I deal with a lot of personal issues, health related with family amongst raising 2 teenage boys by myself so it's been a challenge to try and make myself well and be superwoman at the same time.  I'm hoping I can get a handle on everything and continue to fight through but living in fear is not fun!  Thanks for your help.

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Sorry you are so full of fear - it sounds more and more like that could be the root of your symptoms. Sorry I haven't got any adequate answers for that - I did not suffer any prolonged health anxiety myself - I did have my moments but they were short-lived and infrequent. If you have not already had some counselling maybe that is the way forward. I had some counselling when I was about 10 months out - just wanted to talk the whole experience through from beginning to end with someone who was not friends or family.


And let go of the superwoman thing - give yourself a break!


I hope things get easier with time.


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I think you ought to sit down with pen and paper and write down all the things that cause you stress.  Then you need to work out a plan to reduce those levels, either by delegating tasks to someone else or cutting those things out of your life if you can.  Stress isn't good and whilst no one can say it is a cause of SAH and its  after effects, it can't be good to have it in your life.


Step back from some of those things and let others take the strain.  Others will step in if you let them, the world will still be there when you are ready to take up the reins again.  Like Susan says, give yourself a break, it sounds like you are taking too much upon yourself.


Just chill a bit more and rest when you need to, not when others let you - there's a difference!


Good luck!



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I've done therapy every week for almost 3 years now.  I definitely got there soon after my incident and starting working on making myself well.


 I journal, meditate, do accupuncture, essential oils and whatever else I come across alternatively that helps.  I also starting working as soon as I could to get my mind on other things.  


My Dad has been fighting cancer for the past 3 years and it has been extremely difficult.  That's where most of my stress lies unfortunately.  Everything else is minimal compared.  


I definitely purged toxic people in my life and I try my best to keep positive everyday.


 Another piece to my puzzle is that I had an underlying condition for the past 14 years.  Rhumatoid Arthritis which is an autoimmune disease so I deal with an array of stuff from that daily, mostly chronic pain which doesn't help with headaches, dizziness, nausea and such from my bleed.


 I think that having the autoimmune and constantly being under stress from my Dads cancer has me worrying constantly.  


I also know that I'm just naturally a worry wart and need to always try to distract myself from thinking the worst all the time.


I have come along way that's for sure and I'm very proud of myself.  I appreciate the support.

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Scar tissue from the bleed can last 2 yrs or more and cause headaches that long. Sorry, but not much can be done. I know everyone is against narcotic pain meds these days , but they have really helped me a lot! One 5 mg norco or percocet really does the trick. Consider a pain clinic if this is continuing. Having said this, we all know about addiction problems with these. I try to limit to one tab if needed daily. I am not as "anti-narcotic" as everyone else because they have helped me immensely.

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I'm definitely a fan of whatever works for each individual.  I can't take pain meds because they make me sick unfortunately.  I take extra strength Tylenol if needed and 1/2 pill of Klonepin if I get any anxiety.  I'm really sensitive to meds.  I have been on a buffet of crazy disease modifying meds for my RA over the years and they all wreaked havoc in some sort of way,.  My blood or bone marrow would go bad and the doctors would make me stop.


 That's outside all the side effects of those heavy duty drugs.   I was also on an SSRI drug daily for anxiety for like 8 years after I was diagnosed with RA.  Funny thing was that after my bleed I did read that certain SSRIs can cause brain hemmorage.  Part of me thinks that maybe being on one or all of those drugs aided in my bleed.   Prednisone is another drug I was on for a while and I had actually taken a 10 mg pill that morning before I went to the gym.  I wonder if that contributed in my bleed.  Anyways,  I've heard that once the vein that bled heals the scar tissue makes that vein even stronger.  Is this true?  

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Hi Krislwal, 


I’m sorry to hear you’re in such pains with the headaches and of such difficult struggles in your life.


Wise words from Macca, his words have given me great support, strength and understanding over the years.

Also good advice from The Super, drinking plenty of water really does help.


Me, well I’m over 7 years in and I still have headaches and temple pressure every single day. I honestly can’t remember what it’s like not to have them.

I wake up with headaches every day, they take about an hour to ease off. So my start to the day is quiet, I don’t want to look at or talk to anyone, no radio etc on at all. I have to work through those pains alone.


Most of the time I can cope with them, other times I can’t, they floor me, my whole head hurts.

I have visual issues too as my bleed was behind my eye and my clip irritates my optic nerve (so my latest MRI showed after referral back to Neuro following my visual issues)


Like yourself I live with other health conditions too, including Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes... blah blah blah the list goes on!


My Mama has been fighting cancer for a couple of years, she’s had many operations but there is no cure, my sister fought breast cancer last year,she still has a way to go yet. These ladies are amazing.

My husband is a transplant patient, so we live on a double edged sword.

Throw in a SAH and can we take any more!!!???


We are stronger than we think, because everything happens for a reason.


I have learnt the hard way to have patience and understanding, and yes I know there’s members screaming at me that I have very little patience! That is true, but I have learnt understanding.


I know to plan things differently, I know when my brain will go into shut down because it can’t take any more. Resting in complete peace and quiet, even for a short time, is something I have to do every day after work.


I do take paracetamol pain relief as that is the only pain medications I can take, most the time they take the edge off if I can’t cope.


The daily headaches have become a part of me, but I wish for just one day without them!


For me I’ve learnt that there’s just some things that I can not change, I’ve had to learn to adapt.

Adapt but not Acceptance. Not sure I ever will find that little gem!


We are the lucky ones, we survived.

Cherish every day and do things that make you smile and laugh.


Take care,



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I’m only 5 weeks past my bleed, but headaches are constant, irs like someone’s constantly trying to bore into my right temple and my eye is affected too.


It doesn’t open all the way and still bothered by light. Recovery is frustrating, I have a developed a stutter since my bleed and often struggle to get out a sentence. It’s worse when I do too much.


Seeing as I used to teach, not much hope of going back to that just now.

 But I’m thankful I’m alive for my 3 girls.


I get by, thinking others have it worse and I should be thankful mine wasn’t worse. Although some days, I do think why me.


This site has been great. The advice and shared experiences assured me none of us are alone, and here people understand what you are gonna no through. You aren’t alone and I do hope you feel better soon. 

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