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Hi everyone. My name is Lynn. It has been 10 months since I had a subarachnoid hemmorage. I have returned to work 4 days a week 6 hours each day. Some weeks I am ok with this but other weeks I’m totally exhausted on my days off. No energy to do anything more than sleep.


I function better in the mornings and by 1 or 2 pm I start to go downhill rather quickly.  I cannot multi task like I use to. I also suffer quite often with headaches which are mostly at the back of the head. My neurologist has me on medication for migraines to see if this helps but 3 weeks later it’s still about the same.


I have also noticed that some days I get angry over the smallest of things.  While this is all extremely frustrating re: fatigue, headaches and anger, I am very greatful to have survived my SAH!



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Hello Lynn and a warm welcome to BTG


While we do not provide medical advice, you will receive valuable support from the members of BTG, and also by reading the many Forum threads which relate to the varied recovery experiences of members and their carers.


With ten months behind you since you experienced your SAH you can look back on your recovery objectively. Perhaps you can tell us more of the circumstances when your bleed happened...and the following treatment and recovery.


You say you are back to work.  What is the nature of your employment and when and how did you approach that big step of getting back to work?

For many, a carefully phased return to work between 3 and 6 months  post SAH is recommended, but every recovery is unique.  Returning too soon can have many detrimental effects as your traumatised brain needs time and patience to compensate for the damage caused. Going back to a stressful job too quickly could well result in the various issues that you mention. 


Support from family and friends is also so important.  Contending with work and home life and recovery has to be managed carefully.


Many of the early effects of SAH improve over months and even years....


We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well as you recover.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.


Meantime continue to keep hydrated by drinking water often and do take important rest breaks throughout the day. Don`t let stressful situations at work or home hinder your recovery.






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Hi Lynn,


Listen to Subs about water.


I had an SAH and remember nothing my Daughter found this site and after I had a shunt put in and since then and coming on here I have not looked back.


Keep stress at a minimum and think happy thoughts to keep stress away as my Surgeon said stress is bad for us.


Easy on yourself as it can be a long haul and always keep a smile at hand for when you feel stressed out, as stress is not good for us..I always put this in and when I get the hump my head hurts more !! 


Anytime you are down just come on here and have a rant, but listen to your body it will definitely let you know when you overdo things xx In the meantime if  worried about headaches see Doc again and let him know how you feel xx  Welcome to BTG and keep happy xxx 2nd time of typing this sorry Mods lol xxx

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Thank you all for your kind words!


My story begins on May 13,2017. I had moved into my new house 4 days earlier so spent a few days unpacking and setting up furniture.  


On May 13th I woke up feeling fine. I had a friend over painting my living/dining room while I cleaned the windows and did more unpacking.  I went to Subway to pick up lunch and We ate while admiring the paint colour.  


We started to clean things up so we could wash the floors and place the furniture.  I started a bit of a headache at the back of my head and neck but figured I was just tired from the move and cleaning. Suddenly I felt a warm feeling in the back of my neck which moved up into my head and then came the worst pain ever. I thought my head was going to explode.


My friend Robert helped me to bed because I needed to lie down and he put a cold cloth on my forehead and back of my neck.  I told him I would be fine and asked him if he’d mind picking me up a few things at the grocery store. 


I wasn’t feeling the greatest and suddenly felt scared so I texted my son and his girlfriend and Robert and told them I need to go to hospital. Of course my main concern wasn’t for myself but for my baby.


My 110 lb Bullmastiff. I did not want her to be left alone in a new house so I made arrangements for her then called 911. Ambulance arrived and while they were asking me questions I got a second massive pain at back of head. I was put into the ambulance and brought to hospital.  I remember being taken out of ambulance and brought into the hallway.


I heard talking then the word transfer. I asked if I was being transferred to another hospital and they said yes. This was Saturday May 13th in the afternoon and I have no memory of anything after that until Tuesday morning May 16th. 


While at the first hospital I had a CT scan which showed a bleed in my brain. I was then rushed to another hospital that had the best neuro team available.  The surgeon called my son to come to hospital and was told that I was in critical condition and not able to make any decisions as I was apparently in and out of consciousness so he was my power of attorney.  


The doctors didn’t know if I would survive and if I did what the outcome would be re: brain damage.  They did an MRI and angiogram and that’s when they saw how substantial of a bleed it was and that it was an SAH.


They then prepped me for surgery to place a drain tube in my brain to drain the blood. It’s weird to not remember any of that but as the neuro surgeon said it was a very substantial bleed and he was not surprised by my not remembering. I was in the hospital for 20 days and had the tube in my brain for 15 days.  


My story will continue with my recovery at home and my return to work.  

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Welcome Lynn...You have been through a life changing event...Thankfully for you and your loved ones you have survived.  My SAH was shortly before yours,  April 2017...life looks so very different after the event but we are so fortunate we get more time...but...then there is the recovery which can be slow and worrisome...  There are so many wonderful people sharing their stories and giving words of support.  I am finding this site to be a true step in my road to recovery.  Please continue to share your words will inspire others...I wish you all the best as you continue

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Good luck to you. Please remember that you were very lucky to have survived a SAH. I cannot give you medical advice but see your primary care if you still have headaches. You ll see that this website is very helpful. Make sure you gets lots of rest and sleep.

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Lynn congrats on your recovery and on finding us! I'm 2.5 years since my bleed and completely remember the "angry over the smallest thing" phase. It went on quite a while. I've always had a shockingly short temper and just thought it was something that had got more pronounced after my bleed (my poor husband). In the end I realised it was a sign I needed a nap....a bit like a grumpy toddler. So off to bed for 30 mins and then everything came back into balance again. Took about 9 months before I could last a whole day without my grumpiness showing up.


Good luck on your continued recovery.



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Thank you Weedrea!  

I am soooo glad that I found this group.  It’s hard for some people I know to understand that the healing process from an SAH can be a long one.  I have brought family members to my neurologist appointments to have it explained to them. As for coworkers that’s s different story. 

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Welcome to this site which I was lucky enough to come across after my husband had a PASAH whilst on holiday on Cyprus in September.  He is now 5 months post bleed and I must say has really improved over the last 2 months.  He is back working more or less full time but still gets tired and could sleep,for England if I left him in bed in the mornings. It was very scary for us when the event happened being away for home and him being in hospital in Cyprus for nearly three weeks.


I have found this site a god send and it has really helped us both to come to terms with what has happened.  Whilst he was in hospital we were told by the neurologist that he could die in the first couple of days. We were so glad when he got past 5 days.  I get very nervous if he complains of anything at all but have got better the last couple of weeks even booking our first trip away since it happened.


Take care

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