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Hello, all

Guest Beth1957

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Guest Beth1957

Hi everybody,

I'm new here :D

I'm 51 and married, with an 18 year old daughter who has just started at the University of Hertfordshire. I live in the North-East of England.

I have an unruptured cerebral aneurysm, 2cm, in a fairly central position in my head - near the LGN on the right side and causing sight problems (loss of a large part of the visual field in the upper left quadrant of both eyes). I've had a CT scan, and seen a consultant - due to have an angiogram on 31/10/2008, and to discuss treatment options immediately afterwards, once they have a clearer picture of what's going on in my head!

Everything seemed to happen very slowly when I first noticed the problems with my eyesight - trundling backwards and forwards between the optician and GP, then waiting for appointent with ophthalmologist, then getting referred for, and waiting for, scan...

Once the CT scan results were looked at, however, everything speeded up -presumably because of the size of my annie!

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Hi Beth

Welcome to the site and the family. There's a mine of information on these pages and if you can't find what you're looking for then please just ask - there's bound to be someone who has had a similar experience or feeling.

Good luck with your angiogram and I hope that everything goes well.

Speak soon

Love Sami xxx

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Welcome Beth and good luck with your angiogram ..... I also had a lot of eye problems for years, before having this SAH.

I'm not sure why GP's don't refer people for scans, if eye problems are persistent. Like yourself, I was too-ing and fro-ing between the opticians and Docs. xx

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Guest mojojojo


Welcome to a wonderful site i hope you find it as helpful and welcoming as i do...... i am sure you will enjoy your time spent here.

Best Wishes Sharon xx

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Hi Beth from flintshire-----Im almost 50,married,3 children 24,22 and 20.

what can I say about the site that hasnnt be said before-----well for me it has filled a void with support and frienship.Its a lovely feeling knowing that your not alone and that there is someone who has gone or going through the ups and downs that we go through on our road of recovery.Family and friends can support but they have not had the feelings----afraid,scared,uncertain---and many more concentration going a bit.I feel on here I can be honest with my feelings---if Im low I say it,if Im happy I tell everyone---it doesnt matter,where to family,Dr etc I sometimes mark problems and hide them under the carpet.

speak soon


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