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Another New Member - Penny

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Hi I'm Penny and found this site a few weeks ago after searching for the last few years for info.

I had a SAH in Feb 2004. I was hit on the head by a ball of ice and it is suspected that this caused the aneurism, that I knew nothing about, to rupture. It has transpired that I have one at the other side as well but that is being left alone because as my neurosurgeon said it has an overflow i.e. another vessel going off it. He actually said it is a bizarre arrangement.

I haven't had the other one checked since but I don't let it worry me and just continue to get on with life.

I developed hydrocephalus and have a shunt fitted. I don't know whether it was that or the SAH that did the damage that has caused me to have quite severe balance problems, so much so that I have to use a triwalker.

I haven't worked from that day to this but I do some voluntary work and keep myself busy.

I love travelling and have travelled alone for years. This hasn't stopped me doing as much as I can afford, still on my own.

I now live by my motto of

Take each day as it comes, enjoy it to the best of my ability, blow tomorrow, it may never happen.

As I have found out the hard way you don't know what is round the corner, there is more to life than work and more work.

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Hi Penny

Welcome to BTG,

We are always here for new comers no matter when they had their SAH.

I can't work either as I too suffer from balance problems since SAH I wanted to try volunteer work, I did that even before my haemorrhage but I just physically cannot at the moment.

Feel free to post, we love to hear more about you. Take care.

Myra xx

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Hi Penny

Welcome to BTG and thank you for sharing your story with us. I love your motto of live each day as it comes. What a remarkable person you are and I'm certain that your experiences will be a great help to a lot of people who use this site.

Look forward to getting to know a lot more about you.

Janet x

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Hi Penny

Welcome to BTG and thanks for your story. Although my SAH was also in 2004, I've only recently joined here. Everyone is so supportive of each other and I feel I have a whole new circle of friends who really understand what I've been through. I'm sure you'll feel the same.

I love the motto too.

Look forward to hearing more from you.


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Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I do what I can, when I can, if I can

I like that Louise, I will add that to my motto. :)

Forgot to say that the SAH left me almost blind in my left eye, down to Terson's Syndrome but luckily a brilliant eye surgeon managed to correct it. :)

Hope to join in and take part in the forums.

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You are sound like such a positive person, which is something I am trying to work on

Thank you Donna

I try do be but I must admit it took me a long time to come to terms with what had happened. You can't turn the clock back so all I do now is live life and enjoy it. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

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Hi Penny,

Welcome to BTG, you are so positive and have such a great outlook on life. Does it not really worry you when we have snow/hail etc, I think it would me.

Hope you get the advice and support I have here and are happy to have 'met' us all. Ask any questions, I'm sure someone will have some advice.

Love and hugs


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Hi Laura

What has happened has happened. Although it was a deliberate attack, CICAP have classed it as a crime of violence, not all kids are the same and I think that I was unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and an easy target.

I am certainly not going to cower in a corner when it snows because of that incident or else the instigater will have won.

I have put it to the back of my mind but of course I am cautious when I see snow but it does not worry me too much.

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Hi there, Penny :) Great to 'meet' you and to share your story. I too had Hydroencephalus and a shunt so we already have something in common :wink:

Being positive is a real winner isn't it? I try to be too, but there are times when I waver fortunately something usually happens to fetrch me back1 I look forward to hearing more from you

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