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introducing myself - Phil

Guest phil

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hi im philomena had a sah 7mts ago. Had this coiled. Still get extremely tired. not able to return to work. taking alot longer to recover than i thought.

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Hi Philomena,

Welcome to BTG :D It is a longer process of recovery than I thought too but with the advice and support of friends on here, it makes the process slightly easier!

Looking forward to hearing more

Take care and try to listen to your bosy (easier said than done :wink: )

Love and hugs



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Hello Phil and welcome, the time it takes to recover is the one thing which really gets to us all, but after all we have had at the very least a brain injury and maybe surgery too, so it is going to take a while.Conventional wisdom says one to two years and that is what the majority of us find, but we can all promise you that you will improve, gradually, possibly in fits and starts but for sure it will happen. Looking back over the last year, I am so much better now than I was only a short time (months) ago. Your best bet is to accept that it takes a while, rest and spoil yourself, talk to us and generally let yourself be pampered for a while :)

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Guest Blossomuk

Welcome to BTG... :D

Its a friendly place and the guys & gals are fab only been here a week myself but they have helped me immensly so far.

Keep Smiling

Jac x

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Hi Philomena :D Welcome to BTG....you will find lots of support and friendship here.....7 mths is still very early on....i am at 15 mths and still struggle.....take care...look forward to hearing more from you...love Tina xx

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Hi Phil and welcome to btg.

As it's been said here already, 7 months isn't long and we all recover differently. I'm 4 and a half year post SAH and I still get tired and forgetful. Don't try to rush things and be patient with yourself.

Take care.


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Welcome to BTG Philomena

It takes time for recovery after what we have been through but with the help and support here you will find it easier to cope, it certainly has helped me with my ongoing recovery still after 1 year on Friday.

I look forward hearing from you some more.

Myra xx

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Hi phil

welcome to the family hun x x

It is a long process to recovery i thought I would be back to work after 3 months and I was wrong x

I suffer alot with my confidence and always think I cant do things when I know deep down I can x

I am nearly a year into recovery and I still have bad days but more good than any I still have bad head days and feel dizzy/head spinning alot but I know I am alot better than what I was and everyday tell myself I am here enjoy my life x x

tc love donna x x

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Hi Phil

Welcome to the site and to the family - this is a fantastic place to be for support and advice.

Seven months isn't long - I, like many on here, thought my recovery would be very quick but it was at least a year before I started to feel anywhere near 'normal' (not that I ever have been :lol: )

Take care and speak soon

Love Sami xxx

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Hi Phil,

The recovery spectrum is large and you shouldn't get hung up on where you are in that wide spread. What you have to worry about is doing the best YOU can do, don't worry about anybody else but do listen to your body and your brain!


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