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    • Hi Suzy and welcome to BTG.   Yes, since they changed their opinion on my SAH and decided it was an intra-ventricular haemorrhage I have seen a couple of other doctors who have all been of a similar opinion - that it is mainly semantics and all of these types of brain haemorrhages are often connected anyway!   From what I understand (although I could be wrong) as all the parts of the brain are inter-connected these names for haemorrhages are mainly to do with where the bleed originated. The intra-ventricular ones are ones which start in the ventricles and that is why they often lead to hydrocephalus. Obviously I now know my bleeding started there (they think from an artery or vein but they are also looking to see if I have an AVM currently as well) and then spread into the sub-arachnoid space as well, similar to a SAH, which is why they thought it was an SAH at first.   As I have posted above though I have had a lot of appointments etc. since my haemorrhage to try and figure out the cause of my haemorrhage, mainly (I think) as I had it during surgery and due to my heart condition I am likely to require more surgery in the future (my medical records definitely have me down as an extremely risky patient!).   I would guess that the 'Previous right intraparenchymal and intraventricular hemorrhage no longer seen' could be that the evidence for the bleed has cleared up - i.e. the blood has dissipated. This does occur over time, which is why they often do scans etc. a few months after the bleed. I am having an angiogram in October almost two years post-bleed and this is because they are hoping to be able to see more now the blood has gone and the swelling gone down. I would suggest speaking to your doctor about it to clear things up as it could be to do with something else.   Based upon what you have said thus far am I right in assuming that they have not found a cause for your bleed? You also mention hydrocephalus - did you have to have an EVD or a shunt fitted (I ended up with an EVD and then a shunt in the end).   Anyway - I will stop bombarding you with questions! Look forward to hearing more from you when you feel up to it.   Gemma
    • Hi,   I am new here, so I will have to complete an introductory post, but I thought I would reply to this thread before I forget how to find it again   My release papers are similar to others above.  I had a ; Acute spontaneous intraventricular intracranial hemorrhage with hydrocephalus. and my most recent cat scan said this: Previous right intraparenchymal and intraventricular hemorrhage no longer seen.  So I'm not sure if I had an SAH either??  I just know I had a bad headache, I'm tired and I'm having trouble typing with my left hand!!    Nice to meet you, thanks for the great reading so far and I will introduce myself soon!    Suzy            
    • Hi Xizzi,   I take two blood pressure medications at their maximum dosage as I have high blood pressure as a side effect of my congenital heart defect (without medication my BP has been as high as 240/180). I took these prior to my brain haemorrhage and am still taking them now afterwards. I have also had heart surgery because of the defect and the combination of that and the meds makes my blood pressure around 130ish/80ish. My cardiologists are happy with this figure, however I know my case is different due to the heart defect anyway. I also have an un-ruptured aneurysm which is being monitored and my neurosurgeon is not currently concerned with my blood pressure as it is.   I have taken blood pressure medication for over ten years and in my experience it can take a while to get the correct dosage and to find the right drug. There are a number out there and most of them have some side effects. It is a matter of trying to find the best combination.   As others have suggested on here I would advise speaking to your doctor about the medications you are on and maybe get them to do something like a 24hour blood pressure test to see how your BP varies over the day. Readings tend to be higher when seeing the doctor and it could be that from day to day you are actually achieving much lower readings. Your readings might also be much lower whilst you are asleep so a higher dose of your medication might not be a good idea. A home BP monitor might be another good idea as others have suggested.   Good luck, Gemma
    • Hi Xizzi I never had high blood pressure and still had an aneurysm rupture.  Here in the US they generally look for the upper number to be 120 or less and the lower to be in the 70s.  That said, my 92 year old mother-in-law has a kidney doctor who tries to keep hers somewhat higher ( 140 over 80 something) to boost her kidney function. So, obviously the best ratio varies depending on other factors.   If the meds are making you feel badly, can they try another formula? At any rate, your dr is the one to ask.  Hope you feel better soon.   Colleen
    • Hi,   I was put on BP meds too, plus a few others, mainly to help protect my one kidney ( I was a donor in 2006) to reduce risks of further stroke. It has been a hard graft to loose weight and increase my fitness levels. I'm getting there though!   It can take time to get the correct dosage/ drug so give it time and talk to your GP about any concerns.   Also we have our own BP machine at home (bought a while ago because of Hubs critical illness and his needed regular checking) it's given us great peace of mind and will enable you to track your own and then show your GP.   Take care,   SarahLou Xx