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    • My understanding from my SAH and my husbands motorbike accident, in which he sustained a head injury resulting in bruising but not bleeding on the brain, is that in the event of any head or brain injury your licence must be surrendered until the DVLA have contacted your GP and/or Consultant and have taken their advise as to whether you are fit to drive or not.  The DVLA do drag their heels, but from my husband surrendering his licence (about 8 months after his accident as he wasn't driving anyway) to the DVLA writing to him to tell him he was fit to drive, was actually only a matter of weeks.  Unfortunately I think its somewhat of a post code lottery as to how quickly your case is dealt with.  Definitely keep badgering consultant, GP and DVLA though - even if it means they speed up the resolution just to stop you calling 
    • Hi   From what I understand one of the critical things is whether you have had surgery e.g. an EVD (as I did), a coiling etc. If you have then it is an automatic licence suspension. If however you have just suffered an SAH and had no surgery, then the situation is different. I didn't actually surrender my licence till I started the re-application process but just because I had a licence in my hands didn't mean I was legal to drive.   I am fairly sure you would find your insurance null and void if you had been advised not to drive/not informed the DVLA of pertinent info (which I know isn't the case from what you have said). For my situation where I had an EVD I should have had surrended my licence for 6 months, in the end the DVLA was so slow it was nearer 10 months.   There are some other threads on here somewhere with loads on this issue. Other folks may be able to comment if they have had to go down a different route in their efforts to get their licences back (mine was a fairly fixed process with the DVLA taking info from both my GP and my neuro consultant).    I'm afraid the DVLA doesn't move quickly and the best thing you can do is regularly pester the appropriate folks both at the DLVA and in your medical team to make sure things keep moving.   Good luck hope you get some progress soon. 
    • Yes but you know a lot xxxx and I have faith in you steering people in right direction xx   Driving pun then Super xx or you know of someone who got license back xx      
    • Win, you must have a lot of faith in me.   Actually the only thing I know is that DVLA drag their heels in returning licences. Since my event over 12 years ago I have not been able to get mine back because of severe dizziness. 
    • Super Mario will be able to help or someone who has their license back xxx   They are good at advice so hang in there and they will get to you soon xxx   Good luck Adnegk  xx Welcome to BTG also   Winb143  xx