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    2. Non-Aneurysm SAH or Perimesencephalic SAH

      This is the forum to post in, if you've experienced a SAH with no known cause.

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      This forum allows members to post a question on Subarachnoid Haemorrhage matters which should also include a Poll. All newly started Polls will be subject to Admin and Moderators approval before they appear on this forum.

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      For all other types of stroke and childhood stroke

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      Discussion for carers of an SAH or stroke survivor.

    6. Untreated/Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms

      Please post here if you're living with aneurysm(s) that haven't been treated or totally occluded.

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      Please feel free to post details of your SAH/Stroke Anniversary here .

    8. Cerebral AVM's - Arteriovenous Malformations

      An abnormal connection between veins and arteries, usually congenital.

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    1. Advice & Tips/Healthy Living/Benefits

      Tell us what you've found useful as an aid to your recovery (such as relaxation techniques etc.) and discuss natural diet advice/healthy living tips. This is also the forum to post in, if you need or can offer advice on Benefits that can be claimed after a SAH/Stroke

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      Tell us about yourself here and please feel free to include an account of your SAH/Stroke.

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    • Hi Paul, This is a truly inspirational tale and one that shows how resilient and strong we can be. Progress  is an individual thing and is one that incites momentum once it gets going.   I salute your love and devotion to Lin and your dedication to her continuing journey. The toll on you and the strain you must have been under is immense.    Of all the stories I have followed, yours is the most heart wrenching but heart warming at the same time.    You both deserve all the good luck in the world.I hope you get it.   Macca
    • Hi Paul   Magical moments for you and LIn hope you get that extra funding really soon and the surgeons replace the plate back in. Wonderful news Lin is doing so well. Take good care of yourself too Paul.   Love to you both Tina xx
    • Wow Paul! Lin is doing so well, a true star.  I know you will rise to the challenge of giving Lin that extra stimulation which will enhance the fantastic job you are already doing.      Love to you both, Sarah
    • Hi "the quine" sorry I don't know your name.   I feel truly privileged to have given you even the slightest bit of support. I have read and reread your post and can relate to everything you are experiencing. It is not your imagination nor are you an attention seeker.   You like myself and everyone else on this site provide free research for the specialists. We talk when the other 50% of sufferers didn't make it to have their say. We are the support for the 50% that beat the odds to survive and more importantly we are the sounding board and comfort when the medical doors get shut in our faces.   Walk a day in our lives and you will only just begin to acknowledge what has happened to us, how far we have come on our individual journeys but more acutely just how very far we still have to go to achieve part of what we used to take for granted.   Please go to your doctor and show them not just my post but every single reply it has generated because we can all help you. What you feel is real, what you say is valid just because it isn't visible makes it no less deserving of their time. It is up to us to fight for help not because they don't want to help but because they haven't walked a day in our shoes.   To make you smile my mother who also had a sah just coming up two years ago is going for her first mri tomorrow as she still has two more unruptured aneurysms in her head.   As you can imagine conversations between us can be amusing add that to the fact she is not a conventional parent ( cutting her hair with pinking shears when it annoys her, drilling completely through a wall to put a shelf up) who does everything herself albeit rather badly.   So you can imagine my horror when she sent a text today saying how much better and lighter she felt now that she was "metal free", it had taken a while and she only managed it after "using copious amounts of veg oil".    I have visions of her trying to remove her shunt, the coils in her head all sorts when she calmly pipes up that she is now finally........jewellery free for the scan.   I couldn't stop smiling   Take care all, we have all just completed another day    Anita X         
    • Hello Paul, so delighted to hear of Lin`s latest improvements. Such a rewarding time for you - you have never doubted over these years. Take care.   Subs