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    • PJ. At the start there was so much I couldn't do beyond even the physical limits,. I couldn't be in a crowded room and by crowd read more than five people. Car journeys reduced me to tears of pain as did trains , I couldn't read a book or watch tV , loud noise wired me so much, but I was determine, read stubborn, that I would would find and explore new ways to get back to some things and figure out what I could enjoy.    As time passed that's what I've done, explored and found my new ways of being and many are not as before, and some I have consigned to my rubbish bin of having tried it and it's not worth the brain drain ( big crowd events, fast trains, drinking to name just three )    It is a hard but normal reaction I think to listen to that ego to want to be all you were before but like any moment in history that is gone , we have to make peace with that and At the same time realise that the internal commentator we all have is probably the origin for Some of the greatest pressure and expectations in recovery  . . We are born into a world that typically measures success by what you do, how well you do it, often how fast or competent you are at a task and then throw into that mix the noise, pace and landscape of chaos you are often trying to juggle doing it. Then put brain injury into that mix. It's a big ouch of running into a brick  wall to be honest and pushing through often has harsh brain drain feelings and impacts which we all know are truly awful. But what do can we do? Sami S advice of not too much too fast Is best heeded.    None of us advocate doing nothing at all or stopping putting yourself out there  but you have to find a new rythmn and pace that works for you , tailored to your limits, you effects and that will probably  keep changing for a while yet much like the rythmn of life. I went back to work after almost 16 months against advice because I wanted to know what I could do and explore that as far as I could take it and yes it is hard saying to people you need to step out of a situation  , or you can't do something but you have to measure any progress from a post bleed setting and see how far you have come and still are travelling.   Yes I might want to do something NOW but it doesn't  mean  I can or even that I should, I have to find the way to do it if it's the right thing to do ...I tell my kids that all the time.! Also then again most people I find are extraordinarily nice and kind about my story and When i tell them what's happened they don't expect me to just do things the same way  and in fact are often surprised at how 'normal' i may appear.    So Pj, Pat and all others struggling with that force of ego, do keep asking yourself what is right for you in any given moment , right now is what matters and you are the judge of it and no one is going to pin a medal on you for doing more than is possible brain and energy wise because you will pay the toll, no one else. So be kind and considerate to self in doing what is truly ok by you .In the long run your brain will thank you for and I think it allows a gentler way to build your resilience and learn the new you.   evolution the SAH way! 
    • Welcome aboard Amanda,   Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience, little wonder you have severe anxiety and ptsd. Having said that, with the right support and time hopefully things will improve for you.      It sounds like you have done remarkably well in the short time since the event and I hope progress continues for you.  Being a mother of four will be hard work, especially whilst recovering from a sah - I found it all exhausting during recovery and I only had 3!!   Hopefully you'll find lots of advice and tips on this site which will help you feel more reassured with feelings, etc that you encounter along the recovery path.   Wishing you the very best, Sarah    
    • Welcome to BTG Amanda,   Early days for you yet and you are already proving them wrong so keep it up xx   I also was told I wouldn't walk but on good days 200 to 220 yards and on a sad day arghhh!!    So I keep happy most days and even if it is a trip around garden .   Welcome and hope you go from strength to strength    Good luck  Win xx
    • It's been hard realising things just happen and we have no control. Still coming to terms with it all and latest MRI bought it all back .