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    • Thank you so much  I'm very glad to read you are well and very proud of your family being such a formidable team - it's dreadful we have to push for information at a time we are petrified and I shock ourselves isn't it!?  Thsnks again and continued health and very best wishes to you xx
    • Thankyou both so much for the time taken to respond and offer guidance via your own experience!  We are pretty much as reassured as we can be regarding the coiled aneurism due to her excellent recovery to date.  I agree that perhaps yes the neuro team may well have felt the second aneurism was better to be discussed after surgery and recovery from the first (coiled) aneurism - but I still think to leave someone with this unknown entity in their head and be so vague about it, is just so unrealistic. The family are fretting about it constantly - none of us sleeping or able to relax in any way shape or form - although we obviously never tell my sis this.  Not even being allowed to know it's size or location is appalling I think - it is inside HER head after all for goodness sake.  Anyway, all will be revealed in due course and yes I do trust the neuro team, but the medical professional family members we have in the USA and uk medic friends we have here have vehemently warned against blindly accepting decisions made by the NHS without asking for the specifics so we can make informed decisions, obtain second opinions, pay for additional/more regular scans privately if necessary etc. Forewarned is forearmed in every situation surely.  Thanks again for reassurance and the benefit of your experience. Very best wishes and continued good health to you and your families ❤️ x 
    • Hi Bon, welcome to site and pleased sister did successfully get treatment.  When I left hospital I was give a pack which included link to this website and there also was a support group held monthly which was useful.  I do think there could be better information but I am not sure that even that can provide real assurance.  As others have mentioned each SAH or bleed is different, my anuerysm was large, but luckily bleed not massive - no more anuerysm were found.  My sister who is 6 years younger has four anuerysm all small she has been monitored for two years but they have now told her they have not changed and whilst they cannot give any guarantee say they are not likely to grow.  They told her and me there is the same chance as anyone else of this happening.  She will no longer be monitored.   Hospital would be be unable to meet with you without sister due to patient confidentiality and going to next hospital appt armed with questions is a good idea.  My GP who is great did not know much about SAH's so info from her was limited.     A life threatening event event is terrifying for person and family, and although my aneurysm is coiled there is always that niggling doubt that it could occur again, i doubt it will ever leave.  Every time I have a real bad headache I have those moments of anxiety, but I am more quickly able to calm myself now than in the first six months.  It is early days for sister and she may experience a rollercoaster of emotions, I certainly did and was shocked I did not feel excubrant that I had a second chance.  I was diagnosed with Post traumatic stress and counselling did help.  Your sister will be the expert on what is best for her and she should be your guide.  Some days she will be up to doing more, I was ill the first few weeks had allergic reactions to some drugs and was fatigued.  My sleep pattern was awful, and I was sick a lot with tablets so eating was not good.  This got better as drugs reduced.  Headaches were awful, with the strangest sensations - thankfully appetite has returned (too well) and headaches less but still occur.     I think you you will be enormous support to your sister but just go at her pace and as she recovers she probably will have questions she wants answered.  I wish her all the best and ensure you are also kind to yourself as it does impact greatly on families too x
    • Gemma. Just sending you all the best for the angiogram on Tuesday.    I can remember only too well going into the National for mine and seeing all the people gathered around the bed and screens, it was like they had sold tickets...actually before hand I got interviewed but one of the wonderful doctors on the pain team which was a little bizarre but it took my mind off things. But they are a fab team which you know so trust in that.    Download something good to watch in the time on your back lying still afterwards. Like you I had an overnight stay post mine but my best advice is make sure everything is as neat and tidy as you would want it to be if you catch my drift and I'm sure all will be well. We will be thinking of you. 
    • Bon I have answered in your other post but just to say as someone who has another aneurism being watched I think that trying to explain all the detail of a second Anneurysm on top of the life changing event of the bleed that has just happened , well I just think that often they think the conversation can wait for a while if in their view there is little risk.   Bear in mind there will have been lots of scans, lots of discussions up till now about your sister which you will not have been privy to and there will be no light dismissal of this 'second' -Annie. I know this because mine is the subject of a panel discussion after every check up, how frequently should I be monitored etc . The correspondence is then between the GP and my neurosurgeon with me copied in.    yes the lack lack of information at discharge is shocking but please do trust that if she needed treatment now she would not have been discharged. I'm sure of that.    Its good  she feels so well and is doing ok in her recovery, the effects of a bleed can be very wide and varied and I would ask her hospital if they have a support group for SAH patients as in the months to follow she and you will learn more about what has changed for her. In the meantime take each day as it comes and as you say the healing she will get from being in her cosy peaceful home will be immeasurable.    Take care.