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    • Thank you for keeping us updated Clare. The neuro tests are always interesting. I have sat two lots at the hospital and also done some in rehab. Interestingly I tend to perform much worse in the tests then what I do in day to day life.   My OT was always surprised with my poor results in terms of speed of thought when I have managed to go back into work and teach lessons. I think this is maybe because my job is very structured with a lot of routine so perhaps I find that easier to cope with then some of the new things in the tests.   I tend to see evidence of the executive dysfunction in the silliest situations - for example not be able to pick out a face wash in the shops if the one I usually buy is not in stock!    I think they do try and measure you against what you were like beforehand - my reports talk about how I have 'severe deficits based upon pre-morbid estimates'. I think they based what I was like before on my educational background and the job I did.   I know in the hospital my husband and parents were asked about my qualifications and other tests I had sat before I had the haemorrhage.   I hope the final lot of testing goes well for you and the results help you plan things out. Keep us posted xxx    
    • Good for you go for it.. don't move from the chair till he does take you seriously....
    • Hello Jane....thank you for sharing your thoughts again on BTG.   It has been a tough eight years for you and I am so glad that you have still kept in touch with BTG.  Great that you have found so much encouragement from this thread started by MO5 and also from the very supportive comments which followed.   Wishing you the strength to hold on there and keep rebuilding your life.  You have so much to live for and your experiences will be valuable help for others who are facing the challenges post SAH.   Take care     Subs    
    • Daffs, I remember seeing my Nuero Surgeon and I thanked him for saving my life this was 2 years after op.  Now when I get nervy I talk 10 to the dozen and I was nervous having an MRI as I couldn't remember the other X Rays I had.   Anyway I was sitting there nervy and chatting away lol and he spoke to my husband and said "has your wife always spoke a lot" so I interrupted and said "When you are the youngest of 10 it is the only way you can get a word in" he smiled and bet he wrote chatterbox xx   It is annoying when the brain goes blank though and I say to my hubby what's his name about a singer and he cannot remember, so I tell him "Ah cognitive skills " !!  xxxx  
    • Just to add a pretty useful link which explains some of the executive dysfunction that Greg, I and others have and has been mentioned on this post http://healthdiary.pw/?p=354