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      This is the forum to post in, if you've experienced a SAH with no known cause.

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      For all other types of stroke and childhood stroke

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      Discussion for carers of an SAH or stroke survivor.

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      Please post here if you're living with aneurysm(s) that haven't been treated or totally occluded.

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    8. Cerebral AVM's - Arteriovenous Malformations

      An abnormal connection between veins and arteries, usually congenital.

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      Tell us what you've found useful as an aid to your recovery (such as relaxation techniques etc.) and discuss natural diet advice/healthy living tips. This is also the forum to post in, if you need or can offer advice on Benefits that can be claimed after a SAH/Stroke

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      Tell us about yourself here and please feel free to include an account of your SAH/Stroke.

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    • Hi I am sure all will be fine. I travelled abroad at 4 months post NASAH and other than fatigue I was fine. Just factor in lots of resting. Enjoy the sunshine!   Clare xx
    • I'm sure you will both enjoy it. Please try and relax about it though.
    • Have literally just booked us a week in Tenerife.  Hubby will be 6 months post PASAH and we’re hoping for a week of relaxing and getting over the fear of going away.  It has taken a lot of persuading by my hubby to convince all will be okay after the event happening whilst away in September but he says everything will be okay.  I have made him check with his doctor first before I actually booked.  I will still be apprehensive whilst there but it has to be done at some point 
    • Catwoman, Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight into your  faith of Buddhism . I think you have described a very honest and personal view of what meditative contemplation looks and feels like and what it means to you.    I guess I started the thread on Mindfulness as this practice for me is more linked to neuroscience And I liked the logic of it but of course this is a westernised adaptation taking  learnings from Buddhism and other meditative practice and blending it together with medical and scientific learning.   i came across If because I was searching for something which would help me with my curiosity to gentle my state of ‘always on’ and as I mentioned I started by visiting And meeting with the folk at http://oxfordmindfulness.org/ and met one of the authors of the book many years ago and it resonated with me and I started from there. I also liked the fact that the study and practice of it has developed from a proven MBSR course created by  Jon Kabat Zinn which science and study has shown has helped people in crisis.   i agree with you that meditation requires  a commitment to practice but I  also think it is about being open to adapt your thinking . There are many ‘ McMindfulness’ approaches now all promising fast access to Mindfulness to reap easy rewards but I think that most people realise there’s is no quick route to this and  if Mindfulness meditation suits for you then you have to work at it and find ways to bring the practice in your life. For some that is the rigour and structure of retreats for others it can be daily habits and patterns that reinforce the mindful choice.   I have a dear friend who is a Buddhist  and we talk about our shared and differing views on meditation. Hers is more traditional, organised and ritualistic. She’s sets time aside and marks key events whereas mine fits to where I am that day, that week, that month. . She is from Sri Lanka and I often attend ceremonies with her and get to chant with the monks . I confess I don’t know entirely what I am doing but I sit with my breath, enjoy the moment and  learn each time but enjoying seeing a broader side of Buddhism too.    But any practice, be it traditional Budhist Vipassana or mindfulness meditation  is not for everyone , especially post a life changing event and that’s the point of starting this thread I guess . But some may find it helpful.   Mindfulness for me is about encouraging presence in every situation and moment even when that is uncomfortable and not seeking distraction and that takes practice and patience and kindness because our ancient brain is still always going to be telling us there is a sabre tooth tiger coming. And to ‘run run’ . Me I choose to sit with my breath and wait to see if the tiger shows up.    Ill be interested to see how you find the book Catwoman
    • Guess it’s like country music- here to stay! Weather has finally moved out. Got 10” plus rain. BP is up some tonight. If it’s down tomorrow I may have the answer I wanted. If not it’s back on the meds I suppose.