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  1. Hi Kiwi11 As everyone has said, go to hospital and get this checked out, you really need to do this, as Macca said if it's not a SAH then you have lost nothing by going and you have put your mind at rest, if it turns out it has been a bleed then it will be dealt with by the hospital. Please don't leave it, get it checked and let us know how you got on. Wishing you good luck Love Michelle xx
  2. Hi Jan, We had a lovely day today until about 3.30pm, when it gets really cloudy I always feel really tired, it feels like my head is in a vice, We had a huge thunderstorm and heavy rain and once it was over my head eased up. I think Sami's description was perfect. Love Michelle xx
  3. Hi Jan, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling as you are. I agree with everything that has been said, John is the easy target because he's there, really the people you want to shout at are your sister's, they are the ones who are not being supportive, Louise had a great idea, getting them together and letting them know and see how this SAH has affected your lives, like Macca said there's no plaster cast for your brain, people can't see the injury so they assume ( wrongly of course ) that you are ok. Sit them down and tell them that you are not and ask them for help, try explaining how you would like them to help you, as Macca said write it all down and hand them copies and try to get them to understand what is going on. I think we all have a bit of jealousy because we have lost some of the person we were, the fact that others around us are just getting on with their lives can be frustrating at times. I know I have said this before, you have a fantastic man at your side, who I know worships the ground you walk on, I know he wouldn't leave you because YOU are his happiness, his world. As Macca said Jan, you can't change the past, you can however shape your future, We are all here for you, Sending you love Love Michelle xx
  4. Hi, welcome to BTG Sorry that your dad has suffered SAH. I agree with what has already been said, the brain is a very complex thing and it has suffered trauma, it's not unusual for strange things to be said, apparently when I was in hospital I had phoned my sister in the middle of the night telling her the nurses were trying to poison me, Then I phoned my partner and told him the same thing, I have no recollection of doing it at all. As has been said it is very early in your dad's recovery, don't expect to much to soon, the brain and body have suffered trauma, they need time to recover and heal, he sounds like a fit man but he still needs lots of rest and drinking plenty of water will also help. Take it one day at a time, You will find lots of advice here and you will find everyone very welcoming and friendly, it's a brilliant support group and we will all be here to help you and your dad along the recovery road. Love Michelle xx
  5. Hi Ricky, Welcome to BTG sorry that you suffered SAH. As Super Mario has said you are in the very early stages of your recovery and this is all new to you. The dizziness isn't very nice as you are finding out, try not to make sudden movements, like getting up from a sitting position move to the edge of the seat and sit for a moment then stand up slowly, the same when turning around do it slowly, your brain and your body have suffered trauma and they need time to heal. It's good that you are getting plenty of rest as that is a big help, making sure you are drinking lots of water is also very important as this helps with headaches, you have to listen to your body and your brain, try not to over do things because if you do they will let you know. You have come to the right place for help and support, you will find a lot of great information and advice here, you will find everyone very welcoming and friendly, it's nice to have somewhere you can come to where people know what you have been through and understand how you are feeling, The recovery road can be a bit bumpy at times, we are here to help you along it. Wishing you well as you start your recovery journey Ricky. Love Michelle xx
  6. Thanks Sharon, I will be celebrating with Jan this week. Love Michelle xx
  7. Thanks Colleen, Sarah,Sami & Mecca Your words mean a lot. Macca I am deeply sorry for your loss Life is so cruel at times. Your stepdaughter did a wonderful thing being an organ donor, And I'm sure she would be very proud that you raised so much money for the children's charity. I'm sending you a massive hug. X Love Michelle xx
  8. Hi Katy, I had SAH 3 years ago, I had follow up MRI after 6 months and spoke to the Professor who did my coiling, then I went for another MRI just after my 2 years, got a phone call from his secretary to tell me, he didn't need to see me again and as all was fine with the scan he was discharging me. She did say if I had any concerns at anytime about my head that I could ring her and an appointment would be made immediately for me to see him. It was a bit of a double edge sword feeling for me, happy that all was ok, then concern that I felt like no one was looking after my head anymore. It felt a bit strange. Hope all goes well with your appointment Love Michelle xx
  9. Thank you all so much for all the lovely kind words. It means a lot having people who understand. You are all wonderful. Love Michelle xx
  10. Hi Everyone, Well it`s here my 3rd Anni-versary and it`s been a bit of a difficult year with one thing and another, I feel like I took a bit of a step back in my recovery this year, mainly to do with stress and the not coping with it, My mum`s illness progressed quite rapidly and my family were putting a lot of pressure on me to spend more time at home. The feeling guilty for not being there was hard even though it was my doctor advice to " Step Away " for the sake of my own health, my family just didn't get it, they were seeing it as me not caring about my mum, they couldn't have been more wrong. I think the things that have gone on with Verdun on a personal level have really knocked my confidence, but I will bounce back from this I am sure. Last year I think my biggest achievement was raising over £1,ooo for Northwest Air Ambulance, doing it alone I was really proud of that, also making my friends 3 tier cake this year was great as I hadn't managed to do that since before SAH, so at least I had a couple of positives. BTG seems to be the only good thing in my life at the moment, this site has been my sanctuary and the people on it my saviours over the last 3 years and I am so very grateful for being able to come here and share my ups and downs ( I know mostly down, miserable woman ) without being judged I know for a fact I wouldn't be where I am today without you all, so Thank You all so much for all of the love, kindness and support that you have all given me, for the laughter you have brought into my life, I`m looking forward to the next 12 months, cant wait to see what it brings Love You All Dearly Michelle xx
  11. Jan you are a very special friend to me, I admire your courage and determination to not let this beat you and I know you won't let it. I didn't know you before, BTG brought us together and I am so glad it did, you are a very special friend to me as is John, you both have a very special place in my heart. You have come along way in 2 years and you have given so much support and hope to so many other people, you are an amazing lady. You should be very proud of that. Sending you both love & huge hugs as you continue on your journey together. Stay strong. Love Michelle, Verdun & Molly xxx
  12. Hi Kay, Welcome to BTG you have come to the right place for help and support, as Tina said we have member's who are carers and I'm sure your fiance will benefit from this site also. Like the others have said, drink plenty of water and make sure you get plenty of rest, your body and your brain have suffered trauma and they need plenty of time to heal. You will find lots of useful information here that will help a lot to alleviate some of your worries, you will also make a lot of new friends as you go along the recovery road. We are all here for you both, Wishing you well on your recovery journey. Love Michelle xx
  13. Hi, like Claire said it's very early days in your recovery. I had pain like you are experiencing and was told it was the blood dissipating like the others have said take your meds as prescribed and try go make sure you are drinking lots of water, making sure you are getting lots of rest will also help you a lot, Try not to over do things at this early stage, your brain and your body have suffered trauma they need time to recover, Try to be kind to yourself. Wishing you well Love Michelle xx
  14. Chris sorry to hear your news, I've not heard of it, hope they get you sorted soon. Love Michelle xx
  15. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I do feel a little easier about it knowing others have had the same feeling, but I will still mention it when I see doctor at the end of the month. Where would I be without you all. Love Michelle xx