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  1. Hi Eric, Before I came on here I worried about my mortality ie would I have another, I think it is natural. As Clare has said, are you worrying about it happening again. I worried a lot about it after my SAH. My Daughter found this site it helped her and she showed it to me and it has helped me no end, as I saw people joking and getting on with life. I love this site as we have all been there and we have survived. So you are a survivor and when down think happy thoughts and I sing happy songs as stress is no good for us !! Poor Family !! Keep well and when you feel a panic suck a mint or drink water. You have had all tests so remember you can stop panic attacks. Neighbour was taken ill and it left him with panic attacks so I gave him a bottle of water and a packet of mints lol (For dry mouth). Good Luck Winb143 xx .
  2. Concerned

    No need for stress now Sonia xx Glad you went as it has put mind at ease and we do not need worry Be Well WinB143 xxxx
  3. Hi Mandie, I get like that sometimes, today I had a lay in as not feeling 100% and Daughter is so good to me. I have become a grouch as I cannot take tales of woe, (not yours) but to hear them when eyes have just opened Arghhhh lol We all get Days like this, even had a go at hubby today and that isn't me (Yes it is Win) ha ha Who said that !!! ha ha When down I think of a happy song and start singing it or remembering good times to cheer me up. Stress is bad for us my Surgeon said. So now and again get ready meals for off Days, Wishing you happy thoughts and hope you feel better xxx Love Win xxxx Cheer up xxxxxxxx now a smile if possible xxxx
  4. Thank you Maeve, If ever on a downer pop in anytime and good luck to you and your family xxxx
  5. Sah 7 months post op

    Hi, He is scared bless him xx as I would have been if I was awake. Tell him he doesn't want it to turn to anything serious as Daffs and myself had, so ask him for your sake to see Doc at least. I was out of it for quite a while and remember nothing, put my Family through it. No ones fault but it happens and ignoring it will make him worry and my surgeon said stress is bad for us. Hope he gets better soon but do not be afraid tell him xxx Good luck to you both xxxx Win xxxxx See Doc Partner or I'll start singing xxxx !!
  6. Hi Maeve, When I had my SAH I saw my Mum but she wouldn't talk to me, maybe a dream, but I like to think my time wasn't up and she was not making me welcome lol xx My Dad got told off for singing with me and my brother by my Mum. All had passed on xx Surgeon told me stress is bad for us so I sing when on a downer. It keeps the stress away xx All what the others have put I agree with. I was cooking a curry on a Friday and had been feeling rough/tired all day. Hubby came home early and I passed out. ?? Awoke when shunt went in head to stop hydrocephalus. My Daughter has migraines and since my SAH I was worried for her but she had a scan and her brain is in good nick, phew xx Hope you and sister keep bright when possible, as your Mum wouldn't want you to worry about her xxxx Good luck to you Winb143 xxxxx
  7. Kathie - new member

    Wishing all of you well in recovery and do not overdo it xxxx Listen to your body and brain when tired xxxx Good luck All xxxxxxxxxx This site is a Godsend xxxx
  8. Elainec

    Elaine, Try not to Stress as my Surgeon said it is bad for us, I might have told you this already, I had no option but to have a shunt put in after getting Ventriculitis. You will get better and if you feel stressed, keep calm and remain happy. Easier said than done. I have ways of making myself happy I go back years and think of times I laughed until I cried with hysterics. Also I sing happy songs annoys the Hubby but keeps me stress free and then we both laugh ( albeit 1 am in the morning) !! See smiling at what I typed xxx Good luck with your recovery and stay happy when possible xxxx Never give up xxx
  9. Same as Jillbb Rich, I have a good day and then laying in bed I go giddy so I sit up slowly, wait for a while then stand etc etc . some days are worse than others and some I feel fine !! I think I have a fickle brain lol I've noticed it helps if you do things at a slower pace, well it does me. Good luck and hope you feel better soon xx Win xxxx
  10. Kay - new member

    I remember someone writing on here that when we first had our SAH they had the blood to deal with etc etc . This time it is more straight forward as you will be in hospital not sick and bleeding but a straight forward op. Whereas before you were ill, does that make sense??? Not telling you not to be afraid just saying it is more straight forward. Keep Well and chin up and let us know how you got on after 14th. I loved my 30's and 40's I wont go on anymore on age as we'll be here all night xxxx ha ha Smile xxxxxx
  11. Clare's album

    Santorini looks smashing Clare xxxx
  12. 9 months post SAH

    Hi Kathie, I had an SAH and I get tired a lot xx nature of the beast I guess. Never give up as we have all had down days and days where we are so tired we cannot do much. It gets better as the years go on so listen to your brain/body and take it slower xx Not nice that we get shattered quicker than before xx My short term memory is bad now days xx but I am an oldun ha ha xx You are in early days of recovery so take your time and pace self xx This site is a good place to come as it has helped my Daughter when I was in cuckoo land and now me. We are not alone xxxx keep going and try and manage a smile when poss xxxxx Good luck to you Winb143 xxx
  13. Thank you. Two years on!

    Lovely post Irene and this is my safe Haven still xxxx Hope you go from strength to strength xxxx Keep in touch Win xxxxxxxxxxx
  14. And sing Miss Daffs and Mary xx Stress I was told is a no no by surgeon, so I sing upsets hubby but he is getting used to it xxxx
  15. Introducing Kristi G

    Hiya Kirsti, This site is good for sharing a worry or just giving vent. Glad you are well ish !! and it never ruptured. I agree with the others keep drinking water and when you feel sorry for yourself come on here and let off some steam. You keep in touch and try to manage a song or laughter as I swear that is what got me through it xxxx Good luck and remember you are not alone. Been there sung a song and managed a smile xxx Cheers Win xxxx
  16. 3 weeks post SAH

    Linda, A lot of us get a buzzing noise or like holding a shell up to our ear as we did when kids, do not know how else to explain it. And the thundery weather makes it worse, my head feels like it is extra heavy (No not a big head) Tinnitus some get, and I have noticed since my SAH op I do get waxy ears ..sorry if anyone was eating while reading this xx Good luck Linda Win xxxx
  17. Newbie -Linda

    Also Linda (She says remembering headaches) Some of us get headaches and especially in thundery weather when the pressure gets to our heads. Remember we are a lucky lot as we survived Yeahhhh!! So anytime you are down just come on here and there is always someone who has gone through the same. Hope to hear more from you and progress albeit slow or fast xxx Regards Win xxxx
  18. Anxiety

    My Daughter has not had an SAH but she gets Panic attacks and my next door neighbour gets them since his heart scare. Ambulance came and said his heart was working okay but he got so worked up he thought it was another heart thing (The mind throws you on a wobbly lol) I saw him and told him "Here is the answer Alan" and gave him a bottle of water and a packet of mints. Mints to moisten mouth and water so you can swallow. After we have something as major as we have had it scares us and our body is off kilt. See Doc and put mind at ease and keep away from Google as I went there and it was "Uh Oh Win". Scared the life out of me but came on here saw people living and laughing and having a giggle and I knew this was the place for me. Apart from my singing lol xxx Good luck Rosie xxx no stress and calm is order of the day xx easy for me to say xxxx Listen to Skippy xxx
  19. I had itchy scalp and tingly feeling so I remembered what my Mum always said .."If I doubt Win clean head with warm salt water" She swore by it and it cannot harm you so give it a go xx Hope you feel better soon if not see Doc and put mind at ease xx Wishing you well Win xxxxx
  20. Newbie -Linda

    Hi Linda You will get there and it isn't an overnight thing so try not to stress (I was told by my Surgeon) xx This is a good site to give vent to any worries although we do not give medical advice, It is good to share a worry. Keep well and smile when you can it keeps worry at bay Winb143 xx
  21. Do not remember anything Amanda until shunt was fitted and then I awoke from cuckooland. I was coiled had complications that knocked me for 6 and luckily I remember nothing !! Was a worrying time for Family but I was chasing my Mum who died in 1976 xx Glad I had support from my Family xxxx then I found BTG (well Daughter did) it helped her while I was ill and now it has helped me xx Be Well Win xx
  22. Melissa

    No Stress Melissa easy to say hard to do !! I had an SAH and it was coiled, then got Ventriculitis and after that Sepsis. You can call me Lucky as I feel so lucky to be here. A few on here have check ups on their Anni's and seem to get on okay, but see what Kim has typed xx I was told by my surgeon "No stress" so I always pass it on. I get over stress by singing and my poor family go through it. So think of happier times and smile (also hard to do when worried) Wishing you well and All the best Win xxxxxxxxxxx
  23. Muscle Spasms

    Amanda I get a lot of cramps but mainly in my feet but not spasms, apart from where my vein in my arm is shot from too many injections. But had that since 2009 since out of it and I was all tubed up as my Daughter puts it. Good luck and hope it goes xx All the best Win xxxxx
  24. New here :) Amanda

    Any worries Amanda come on here, this site helped my Daughter when I was out of it and has bought laughter to my face once again. Plus if you get sad you'll have to contend with all my Dads songs he taught me many moons ago. Remember we are survivors xxxx Good luck Win xxxx
  25. New here :) Amanda

    Welcome to BTG Amanda, Early days for you yet and you are already proving them wrong so keep it up xx I also was told I wouldn't walk but on good days 200 to 220 yards and on a sad day arghhh!! So I keep happy most days and even if it is a trip around garden . Welcome and hope you go from strength to strength Good luck Win xx