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  1. Hemorrhagic Stroke

    Good luck you and Mum Linda. My Family kept talking to me and got photos and my Sisters sang to me Even though I do not remember all, when I was better and had appointment I remember places that were all windows so some memories stuck in my head. My hubby said "We went here Win" and that was when I couldn't even hold myself upright !! xxx Remember some memories are better than none xxxx
  2. My Surgeon said I do not need to see you again (in letter form) but if you feel low or something isn't right see your own Doc and make appointment to see me. (My words). At first I was scared of cutting link with hospital. So I felt out on a limb but you get back to the old you pretty quickly and at first I was worried I hadn't got the Hospital to lean on. But I had the male nurses tele No. We do worry but we will get there eventually, I got up and cleaned the hob today and wiped down kitchen tops and I feel I have given my Daughter a break (pun not intended)she fractured her ankle xx Be well all and No Stress xxxxxxxxx As I always say !!! lol
  3. I also have a shunt and when I lay down shunt side my head feels giddy Penny. Do not know what to put it down to so I blame drill holes or shunt. As time goes on it does get better, You be well and remember happy thoughts always xx It keeps us going. Slowly does it xxx Love to All and you Penny xx Win
  4. Long term neck aches

    I thought I'd never get used to my lump and shunt tubes, but you treat them now as a pal who is stopping you from going into Dreamland again. Any pains double check with Doc as it will put your mind at ease and no stress !! As I always say lol xxx
  5. Lowey family post

    Good luck Lowey and Family xxx Hope you get some answers and Dad is in a singing mood or talking xxx But remember he is still healing his bad head xx
  6. Headaches worse at night?

    Perhaps there is someone on here who can remember after the event Drambly as I cannot remember until after the shunt, if not ask Docs in hospital xx I took Paracetamols as cannot take codeine bought me out in a rash. All the best to you Both
  7. Lowey family post

    Hi Lowey xx I had an SAH4 I was nearly 63 shh !! Moved on to Maidstone hospital and the OT's sort of gave up on me as I had hydrocephalus but my Family never. My Daughter was told to grieve for me as I'll never be the same person I once was. My Sisters used to sing old pub songs my Dad sung to us when young, none I can sing on here too rude lol xx Make sure Dad is well looked after and sing or talk about old days as our short term memory is rubbish lol. Keep him happy and always be positive even if you want to cry xx Got to go now 3rd time of typing this with migraine. All the best to your Dad and Family Love Win xxx
  8. Emma B new member

    I never knew who Mr Walsh was until I saw him after my Shunt op as I was totally out of it until then. He seems okay and he said to my husband while I was there "has she always spoken a lot, so I told him "coming from a family of 10 and the youngest, I have to speak quickly or I don't get a look in" That's when he knew I was okay as I spoke up for myself lol. plus I thought he should have asked me Ha Ha.. I had Ventriculitis and Sepsis so I thank my lucky stars I am here today so thanks to him and my Family who were great also xxxxxx Take care Emma and keep giving those haircuts xxxx
  9. Emma B new member

    Hi Emma, My surgeon was Mr Walsh also but I remember nothing until I had a shunt put in because I had hydrocephalus. This site is so good for us and it lets us know we are not alone. Sounds like you came out of it quite well xx Good Team Mr Walsh has. We could always phone up John Ling if my hubby was worried about me. Which he did quite a few times lol. Good luck on recovery and take it easy, I was told "No Stress" so I sing poor family lol xxxx All the best WinB143 alias Win xxxx
  10. SAH nearly 5 weeks ago passed out on the toilet!

    I was afraid that I had outlived my life expectancy and was not ready for death. !!. Was so scared to be honest Think when we have a bleed it makes us think life is too short to worry about mundane things. I came on here and saw people laughing and joking about what they did weekend and it made me realize there is a life after Bleeds/Sah etc xx. So Jen and Jason welcome to the survivors club and remember we made it, all being a few drill holes short or a scar or two. We are here xxxx Have a good weekend All (That's an order lol ) xxxxx
  11. Before I came on BTG I used to think oh well guess that's it !! Far from it I saw people laughing and getting on with life, but before this site I was scared !! Guess when we have something like a Bleed on brain it scares us witless. Now I do not give it a 2nd thought thanks to this site. Now when on a downer think of times you had a laugh until you cried. I sing but it doesn't go down to well with hubby ha ha xxx Cheer up when possible xxxx In your own time though
  12. Whatever you do listen to your brain xx I think that "letter from your brain" has it sussed. We need to listen to our brains more but is it my fault when my brain gives me all these good ideas ha ha Yes Win !! God Bless you all xxxxxxxxx Remain as happy as possible xxxx
  13. Long term neck aches

    I get a grinding in the top of my spine but I am an oldie, I sometimes get a needle feeling in my back, and a sharp and shooting pain. I told my Doc but he didn't seem concerned. Thought they had left a needle in, when it first happened !! If you get an answer let me know !! xx Good luck Win xx xx xx
  14. Carer new to SAH

    Liz I do not remember my op/coiling I was in cuckoo land and really the shunt woke me up that I had put in a year after the coiling due to hydrocephalus, next day I sang to nurse !! ha ha. My hubby jokes about having shunt taken out, I cuss more and some foods have lost their tastes, the water out of my tap is weird and a cuppa isn't as nice so I go to Costa quite a lot now days !! much to my hubby's dismay!! We can be awkward but honestly it isn't our fault, our brains have changed we are still here, so give Mum time and hopefully she will begin to understand we are so lucky to have our Family and be Loved. Your Mum has been through it and so have her Family so I suggest you read ..... "A letter from your brain" to Mum (when she's in the mood) or perhaps you read it and it will give you an inkling of what Mums been through. We are hard work but you know that ha ha Good luck to you and Mum and never give up on her you will look back at things she said and laugh together xxxx I used to say to my Daughter "my treat Sa" as I used to think I was in a café. Love Win xxxx
  15. Fourteen Years Later

    Happy Anni~versary Super, The one who is always there for me to delete my mess ups lol xxx Glad you are here xx (selfish Win) xxxx Thanks for all you do Super and it has been a pleasure to know you xxxx and keep that positivity xxxx Love Win xxxxxxxxxxx Many more Anni~versary's to celebrate XXXX I'll sing later lol j/kidding xxxxxx
  16. Carer new to SAH

    I used to get cramps really bad and someone suggested Tonic Water, but firstly take her to the Docs. Ask him what' s going on with Mum. I was in cuckoo land for an age /hydrocephalus and had helpers who came and washed me etc etc to help family out !! Once I had shunt put in I didn't need them as much but get help to take some of the burden off you and Family xx Hope Mum gets better soon xxxx and you get help xx Winb143 ..Alias Win xxx
  17. Back to Work

    Early Days yet Mark as it is only approx. 3 months give or take. !! You will get there but little steps at first. Give your brain a chance to heal. My suggestion to you is do not take on other peoples problems and do not listen to sad stories. Surgeon told me we need to be Stress free, and it is hard as life is stressful so sing a happy song or whatever makes you smile. I have found laughter is the best medicine as I have come on here and left crying with laughter. Good luck in your journey. As we are survivors xxx Have a read of "A letter from your Brain" it tells you what you have been through !! Take care and remember Laughter helps xx Winb143 Alias Win
  18. I was laughing also and I thought you might take offence but it was a cheer you up message xxxx Be well Rachel speak soon off shopping Again xxxx Love Win xxxx
  19. Hi Rach, Not a stupid question, but to be honest it made me think of us all wearing them and all of us stuck together and it made me laugh so sorry xx My silly brain working overtime lol xx as I also have a shunt !! Hope you can find out if you can wear them, If you can good luck xxxx No fluttering or I might back into you xx xx Regards Win xxxx Keep running out of likes.
  20. Dramblys - introduction

    I was never allergic to codeine, but since SAH I am !! Now on paracetamol's if I get a pain or a headache. Trying to take less nowday's
  21. Another new member....Rachel

    Hi Rachel, Heard a lot of stories where they miss what is really happening to us !! I just passed out and they/Emergency called out a Man who's Daughter died of it as it was put down to her age!! Totally wrong. You must be a strong one lol xx Welcome to BTG and sorry I am late in replying xx Good luck Winb143 xx or just Win xx ha
  22. New member ..Kathleen

    Hi Kathleen, I was out of it for approx. 1 year and it all was dreamlike to me, I awoke after I had a shunt fitted for hydrocephalus. ie light went on lol xx I was told I had Ventriculitis then UTI and followed by Sepsis !! I put my Family through it!! If worried about headaches always see Doc and drink lots of water....once you know you aren't the only one going through this it seems to help. Well it did me !! The slightest pain I got, worried me and to be honest I thought I was going to pop my clogs ie die !! Found this site saw others who could laugh and joke about it, and this site has been a real blessing for me xx We are not alone and we do not give medical advice but a trouble shared helps. Drink water I was told when I came on here and I do even now lol Wishing you Well and no Stress my Surgeon told me. Keep a happy song at hand when feeling stressed and work out your ways to stop stressing. Mine is singing happy songs my poor Hubby and Daughter ha xx Good luck and Welcome to BTG xxxx Win xxxx No worrying if possible !!
  23. Dramblys - introduction

    Hi Drambly, I was told I was okay by Surgeon but if I feel unwell to see Doctor and that was it. Must admit though we did have a male nurse we could call and he was very nice. My husband was so good to me when I was getting over my SAH. I remember nothing until I had a shunt put in a year later. Hubby and Daughter were great I am told. They still are but I can tell I am better as I get moaned at more, ha. Do not let wife hear sad stories of doom and gloom. I cannot take sadness anymore !! Wishing you and Wife all the best and happiness for you both xxx
  24. Candice

    Hi Candice, I was told by one of my Brain Team "What makes you think you will walk again" Well I had to show him he was wrong !! lol I can only walk 250 yards on a good day and a few steps on a bad day, but I have my independence back. nearly. You take your time and no stress (My Surgeon told me). Listen to your body and on good days go for it xx. On bad days rest up xx Good luck Candice and remember we made it, and we are survivors !! Keep going Win xxxx Oh also do not listen to others tales of woe ie doom and gloom stories you need happiness around you xx
  25. Kay - new member

    Well done Tina and Kay, Waiting is the worst lol but all will be okay. Fingers and eyes crossed lol XXXXXXXXX