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Everything posted by Winb143

  1. Winb143

    RIORITA says oooops!

    Hi Rita, A trouble shared etc. Hope hubby is well xxxx and you keep strong xx
  2. Had mine coiled so I am no help at all, sorry you had a rough time of it. My head played me up for a while, hope they can sort it out soon xx Good Luck and Hope you feel better soon xxxxxxx
  3. As I said to JeanHelen, Clara, We need to think happy thoughts, hard but good for us xxxx May your Seizures be small ones xxxx
  4. Hi Curt, I have had Epilepsy since puberty 14 but after I had my SAH 4 they became stronger and just as I was going 2 years without one. I had a really bad one and had MRI and they said I had a re bleed but was 2 small ones and they healed over. Phew !! Still scared me silly but at least I know why the bad Seizure happened xx Wife will get better but it does take time, remember all what others have said and keep moving forward. Slowly but surely we do move on. I knew I was getting better as instead of being pampered I got told to do it myself lol. Good luck Curt and Wife xxxx I still chance my arm lol xxxxx made myself laugh ha xxxx
  5. Winb143

    Jase Webber. New member.

    Hi Jase, My old life was work get a few bottles of wine on the way home, and I am surprised I had an SAH lol So I do not miss my old life apart from not being able to walk that far nowdays. So if you see an old dear in Sainsbury's being pushed by her hubby ..Yep it is me especially if the air is blue lol xxxx Be well and thank your lucky stars you can spend time with Partner xxxx Without my Hubby I would be lost. So pleased you made it xxxx Welcome to BTG ….The Survivors club. There is a life after a bleed. Well done on being able to run xxxxx
  6. Good Luck Jeff and let us know how you get on. You take care and when possible happy thoughts only All the Best Win xx
  7. Had same as you Jeff used to think mine was a 3 until hubby showed me papers from Hospital. Mine was coiled and then I had a really bad seizure, unlike any other, mind had them since 14 so pretty used to them, now an old dear xx Was different from any other seizure ie more violent and they told me I had another bleed after MRI showed blood on brain. No wonder my Surgeon said no stress !! If we put our heads together we'd be worth a few bob lol. Mine healed themselves xx Listen as Super says to Consultant and take it from there, I had mine in 2009 and find singing happy songs helps, poor family. Still here alive and kicking, wishing you all the best whatever you go with xxxx Remember no stress.
  8. Winb143

    Collagen rich food

    Thanks Kay I'll have a read up on that xxxxx Might rub some smoked salmon in skin lol joke!!
  9. Winb143

    A sixteen year old's story

    Your words made me well up Sophie, it's a part of my SAH and me now !! Tears at the drop of a Hat !! We are survivors and you have done extremely well for a young girl to put it into words. I hope you have a good life and a happy one, now the world is waiting for Sophie's next instalment. On her survival adventure. Well done you for putting it so concisely as I cannot spell Succinctly lol xxxx Now remember a smile a day keeps the blues away xx All the Best, that old girl with the silly name ...Keep us updated wont you xxx Love Win xxxxxx
  10. Thanks for that post Daffs and Super, it was quite helpful, if I felt like a seizure coming on I used to run to the bar and get 2 wines, well my Sis used to lol. It seemed to last me on the trip home and I know I shouldn't have drunk while on pills, but it was a one off and it got me home safely. xx XXXX
  11. Winb143

    New Member - Charlotte

    Hi Charlie, My Daughter found this site while I was in hospital and she put me onto it. My early days were doom and gloom and I was singing songs I wanted played at my funeral!! that's how bad I was. Then I saw people talking laughing and getting on with life and they had been through it and one girl was pregnant. I came on here and went into green room and we spoke and I knew I wasn't the only one. So keep happy, sing and try not to stress as I did in early days and if you are worried come on here, we cannot give medical advice but when you hear "Yes I got headaches in the early days" we then realise it is part of recovery but if ever worried always see Doctor. Welcome to BTG (Behind the Gray) and maybe I wont sing to you lol cannot promise though xxxx Trying to say life goes on and does get better slowly but surely and take no ones problems on and keep happy when possible it all helps in our recovery. Good luck Win xxxx
  12. Winb143

    New Member - Aimee

    Hi Aimee, Try not to stress as my Neuro Surgeon told me stress is bad for us, a few on here have small ones that the hospitals keep an eye on. I found out only recently 2 small ones had bled and healed over and I never knew a thing about it. And as I have had epilepsy since 14 my Epilepsy Doc decided to give me another MRI and he found that out. At first I was scared but all is okay and he said they had healed themselves. Clever little things lol. So remember no stress or worry, sing and be happy, hard to do but we need to think positive xxxx Saying that it is scary I know, but think they will keep an eye on you now xxxx Wishing you all the best xxxxxx Win xxxx
  13. Winb143

    Collagen rich food

    Weedrea, I love smoked salmon and any salmon and a nice piece of cod unsmoked (Made self hungry now) lol Noticed my veins in fingers seem prominent, now this could be old age or my veins in hand playing up ..Really I think it is old age (21 again I do lie with a straight face) ha ha Good luck Weedrea and all xxx
  14. She made me laugh when I saw her on TV, she made it amusing while serious xxx
  15. Winb143

    New Member: Rook

    Hi Rook, I had an SAH4 and hear that's a pretty bad one. I remember nothing apart from cooking a curry and all apart from my Family gave me doom and gloom outcome. Anyway that was in 2009 and in 2010 I had a shunt put in to drain the brain/Hydrocephalus. I was told I'd never walk and they told my hubby and daughter to put me in a home. But they never and once I awoke after the shunt from cuckoo land. The physios gave me a balloon to hit in the end !! ...Do not give up on Mum. I started by turning my ankles and it has taken all this time for me to walk 250 yards but it gives me independence to shower myself sitting down. Keep Mum happy and never give up and see how she gets on. Music and singing helped me . Drove hubby mad though xx Good luck to your Mum early Days yet xxxx
  16. Hi Purple, Always see Doc as worrying and stress can do us no good, tell him how you feel rather than worry over it. The only sweats I had where in my change and they were horrid. Good luck and get help. Perhaps another person can throw light on this xxx Good luck xx
  17. Penny and Kyarva, As I put early, I ate like there was no tomorrow. Chocs any food put in front of me. Then a year after my waking up water tasted like chemicals, coffee and tea was horrid and I could smell petrol. I asked my Specialist and he says it sometimes happens after an SAH or Brain injury so I buy costa coffee as jar coffee I had tastes awful now and still get smells, some on a bad day really strong. Find what suits you as I had put on so much weight I started a diet and lost most of what I put on as never been slim. Being an old dear a bit saggy lol xxxx Anyone running their car engine lol Joke xxx
  18. Winb143

    Finally - 6 Years

    Good for you Paula, I am in my 9th year I think lol and I know this site has helped me no end. Just to know we are not alone helps xx Keep going forward and good to hear from others who made it as it gives us all hope Well Done to you Regards Win xxxx
  19. Hi Sarah, I had an SAH4 and my Daughter found this site while I was in cuckoo land. I am so happy to have made it back to reality !! My short term memory is bad but ask me what happened years ago well then all is well. We all have problems in getting better, I was told I'd never walk again but can walk a certain distance and some days are better than others. We will get there just stop listening to others tales of woe as we need to surround ourselves with happiness while getting better. Try not to stress as it does us no good and water helps us so keep drinking water, good luck on your recovery xx Regards Win xx
  20. Sorry and I hope wife is feeling a lot better and as Sami said if in doubt take her to hospital xxxx Good luck both xx and water is a must xx as Cat said xx Win xx
  21. Clever aren't they nowdays xxxx Thanks for info Super xxx Too old though lol xxxx
  22. Winb143

    In hospital with grandma who had SAH

    Hi Sarah, If she is a fighter then keep talking to her as my Sisters used to talk to me and sing, when I woke up I sang to a nurse after shunt was put in as I had Hydrocephalus. I do hope Nan gets better and talk as she might hear, I was with my Mum who wouldn't talk to me (Cuckoo land) !! Mum died in 1976 !! Make sure she is comfy and do not give up on her, get rest also and I do hope she gets better xxxx Good luck Sarah Winb143 xxxx
  23. I had an SAH and had it coiled, a year later I had a shunt put in because of Hydrocephalus. I do not know about stents but I am sure it is okay, someone will know I am sure xx Keep Well Winb143 alias Win lol xx
  24. Hope all is okay with your Mum Umut xx as Tina and others put xxxx Wishing you all the best Regards Win xx
  25. Hi Lady, I had an SAH 4 and a shunt fitted a year later because of Hydrocephalus etc. My Hubby was brilliant but I explained to him I cannot take on worries of his and explained about the stress it puts me through ... Sorry men!! but women seem to find it easier to talk about problems. On here it is different as we have all been through it or living with people who have had it. Without You or all our Carers we would be lost. He is in there and I'm sure you Love him and visa versa. Sounds like you have a good stable marriage. We do change slightly, perhaps he is scared deep down or worried. It does make us realise how vunerable we are. Before coming on here I was planning my funeral but I saw people laugh about it all, and this site gave me hope xxx Hope you and hubby can sort it out xxxx Worth it fight for it xxxx Good Luck Winb143 xxxx Still have a Sister who tells me all her troubles lol xxxxxx Arghhhhh