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  1. Pat 11-4-16 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    That's the spirit Pat, When I get short term memory loss my Hubby and Daughter laugh, but now Tut a sure sign I am getting better. xxxx We will both get there and when down just come into Green room and have a chat with others, so many have had bleeds etc. We are like a Family who when our own get fed up we can share a problem with each other. You take care of yourself xxxx Nice typing to you lol xxx
  2. Untreated anuerysm

    Yes I never knew I had another one until I went for an MRI for Epilepsy and it had bled and healed itself over that is what my Specialist said and he wrote in caps. No need to worry which of course I did lol. But if I had known about it I would have worried, but when they are small like mine was it was a small bleed so now I am not so stressed out. As stress is not good for us (she repeats herself) ha ha xx Be well all and remember to sing and laugh xxx Best meds out there xxxx
  3. Pat 11-4-16 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    Hi Pat I have a sister named Patricia alias Patsy xx I used to get itchy head after my shunt woke me up so I decided to bathe it in warm salt water as my Mum used to swear by it. It does go but if it worries you see Doc. Sounds like you have done so well, I was told I'd never walk again but 250 yards then back aches on a good day!! I have had Epilepsy since puberty but noticed they had got stronger after SAH so Specialist upped pills and been seizure free since new pills in Feb. Touch wood !! Horrible things xx We are in it for the long haul but you will get there and some days you might feel so tired and another day you can take on the world. Then pay for it the following Day xx Keep happy and stress free as we are survivors and welcome to BTG and others might tell you to drink water listen to them xx Do not listen to others problems just be happy and think about the times you have laughed so much, it really helps. Wishing you all the best and Welcome to BTG xxxx Now a smile please xx
  4. Feeling rough again

    I slept through my Hydrocephalus for quite a while xx It didn't get any better and I remember nothing, too busy sleeping and the Surgeon said I needed a shunt. My husband didn't want me to have another op and he nearly called it off but Surgeon rang him and said "If it was my wife I'd go ahead with it" So I went in on the Thursday had op on Friday and awoke Saturday morning and finally knew where I was. I'm told I sang to Nurse !! If you can keep awake and not drift off into cuckoo land as I did then it might clear up but ask Doc xx Good luck
  5. Alexander64 - Recent SAH

    Hi Alex, When I was young and could not sleep my Mum always told me to "Win start from toes and work way up body" She'd say "relax toes wiggle wiggle then on to feet and work your way up your body until we both got up to neck and was sleepy or in hysterics with laughter. All I know is keeping happy is the best med for me and I think of my Mum and start to laugh and keep hubby awake as bed moves with laughter. You will get there as I put earlier to you. (I think) Relax and watch a boring programme on TV it works for me. Keep Well.
  6. Ask the Docs questions when worried Umut if you think Mum needs help. Like if catheter is not emptied enough etc. Good luck and may she wake up soon Win xx
  7. Finally - 5 Years

    Hi Iola, I can remember when you first came on here and we spoke about shunts etc. You are a lovely person and sooo sensible (Unlike me) lol. Well it wouldn't do if we were all the same. Glad you are over the 5 year mark as it takes us that long, as for tears and tantrums still get a few of them every so often lol Love Win and the next Anni versary xxxx
  8. Areajay

    No sad stories for Mum she needs happiness in her life. Well that's what I found as I couldn't take others problems anymore. Brain can only cope with happiness when on the mend and songs (This is Wins theory) as when my Sister used to moan about her Son, I'd get really bad heads as I was so happy to be alive and selfish I maybe but listening to who had died and who had a row did my brain in. So sing with Mum, laugh With her she has been through it. Take care of yourself also and wishing you all the luck you can get xxxx Keep in touch when you have time xxxxx
  9. As Sami has said Umut when worried about anything always ask the Docs especially when they are about. Get that list ready and write down anything that is bothering you and pass on to Hospital Docs. Ask Mum if anything is bothering her you might not get an answer but when I was half awake and asleep my husband gave me a pen and paper and said "Write down what we can do Win" In a scrawl I wrote help me, as I was half awake and half asleep. Lot of help I was !! Hope Mum is well rested and soon awakes xxxx Chin up Umut, hard going but keep a close eye on Mum. Good luck Both Mum and Umut xx
  10. Feeling rough again

    We have all been there Stephen, I always come on here as people understand me. Just !Lol I have had the what happens now and why me, you name it I've been there along with others. This site makes it so easier to talk about our concerns, as we have all been there one way or another. Good luck and if in doubt come on here if it helps. Remember the notes, as I did a list and forgot to take it with me !!
  11. Feeling rough again

    Stephen, Listen to what others have put, do you drink water? If not start now !! (I can be bossy) If you are not feeling well see Doc and get it sorted as stressing over it is no good for us. Please see Doc and get yourself sorted as you know it makes sense. Let us know how you get on xxxxx remember early days xx Regards Win x
  12. Good luck to Mum Umut. My Sisters used to sing to me, when I awoke they said I told them they sang the wrong words. I cannot remember any of this. So never give up on Mum and get rest also. I hope Mum makes a good recovery, All the best to you and Family Win xxxx
  13. Umut, You are being a good son and Mum cannot ask for anymore. She needs her Family more than ever. All the best for Mum and remember yourself xx Kindest regards to Both of you and I do hope Mum improves, take care yourself also. Win xxxx
  14. Hi Kjarva I have always loved my food and I have always been told as a kid to clear my plate. I was so tired before my SAH and thought I was worried about Husbands firm. Even then I never went off food. In fact when I passed out I was cooking a curry. When I had my Shunt fitted a year later I woke up from dream land and I had a big box of chocs which took me and Daughter no time to finish off. My first meal at home was a nice baked dinner. I could not hold a knife or fork so I ate with a spoon and it was cut up for me. Now on a diet lol xxxx Good luck xxxx
  15. My life after my stroke

    Mark, I wrote the other day I was teary, it helps to talk about it, so do not bottle it up. Come on here it has helped me get through rough patches. A trouble shared as the saying goes. My hubby has been so good to me but I still get teary some days as our brain has been through it. I apologise to him and Daughter with tears running down my face lol. I then break into a song which helps me but not the poor Hubby/Daughter. Keep stress at bay and take Supers and others advice xxx Good luck and keep happy thoughts for rotten days we get. Good luck Win xxxx
  16. Areajay

    Hello AJ Sorry to hear about Mum, I was 63 when I had mine and I remember just falling and shouting" help me". My memory has got a little better but still I forget what was said to me 1/2 hour ago. Now ask me what happened 20 years ago I know it all, but short term memory loss is part of SAH They asked me where I lived I couldn't remember so hubby wrote it on wall and every day he'd cover it and ask me "Where do we live Win?" I'd ask for a clue lol. As I was still living in our first house where we moved to when first married. We moved from there in the 80's. Keep notes up for Mum and it gradually gets better and remember to laugh with her as laughter is a good help to recovery xxxx No stress for Mum and songs she likes are a must. Good luck to Mum and You xxxxx is it okay I call you AJ ?
  17. Hi Umut, Never give up on Mum and look for signs that all is okay with her as you are doing. Ask questions if you are worried do not be afraid and glad to hear you are looking after yourself also. Horrid time for families as when I had mine my Daughter kept asking her Dad "Will Mum be okay" and her Dad said "Yes but when is the question" as I kept getting better then getting ill. So keep an eye on her and good luck. Love to you and Mum xxxx
  18. Dominic

    Hiya Dom, I had an SAH4 in 2009 and I don't remember much at all, as I was in dreamland Was taken to Kings College, also from Kent, and I remember only dreamlike bits of my time in there. Surgeon was Mr Daniel Walsh and after being moved from Kings to Maidstone, all I remember, the physio's making me cry, don't ask me why, think I was on a big sulk lol. Physios said to put me in a home as I will never be who I once was. Knew I didn't like them lol. Anyway hubs said to them "No she comes home with us" Phew !! Had a shunt fitted in 2010 and I awoke from my sleep by singing to a nurse so I am told as I hardly have any memory once SAH happened. I was told I got Ventriculitis and Sepsis while in Kings. Good job I do not remember really !! Without Kings and Mr Walsh and his male nurse who Hubs kept in contact with, I think I'd be some old dear sitting in a home with a brain full of water. My Daughter found this site and not looked back xx Good luck and no stress and keep singing as I don't know about you but short term has got a bit better but slowly. Slow but sure we will get there xxx Remember to keep happy and do not listen to sad stories. All the best and keep a smile at hand xx Win xxxx
  19. Aussie

    Hi Sue alias Aussie lol, I was so scared when I had my bleed I thought doom and gloom until my Daughter told me about this site. It was like finding new pals who knew how I felt, and on down days they understood and gradually I learnt to laugh again and not listen to sad stories, so keep away from doom and gloom stories just think happy thoughts and if you run out sing a happy song lol xx Be well and no stress as I always say (Well surgeon told me no stress) and we are survivors who might have a down day or a good day but remember Survivors we are xxxx Be well and Welcome to BTG xxxxxxx
  20. Hi Umut, I had trouble with my catheter, I didn't want to say anything but now you have mentioned it I will tell you what I thought when in dream land. A man was chasing me with a big pipe sounds daft but it was so real and I was running away and then got UTI (Urinary tract infection) I am sure they will check on Mum but ask them the question !! When they took my catheter out I sighed and went into a deep sleep yet again. But so peaceful my Daughter said!! Do they empty her bag regular ? if not ask them to check it is done. Wishing your Mum all the best and don't be frightened to ask questions as I have been there in dreamland and got the above but your Mum might not have it but it wont hurt to ask. Sorry if I upset you but I was out an age and do not want that happen to anyone xxxx
  21. I get clicks in my spine near neck but told Doc and he said "oh do you" So now I only mention pills and dose .. Had to put dose as couldn't spell doseage ..see lol xx
  22. Hi Jill, Depends on the person, only you know how you truly feel ..Read the letter from your Brain below Slowly does it xxxx after all we are all different and mine took me ages to get over SAH4. Good luck whatever road you choose xxxxx. Just do not overdo it xx and good luck xx Win xxxx
  23. She needs you now and I am sure you are right that she sensed you there but bet she is shattered as "A letter from your Brain" tells you what Mum has been through. But we are strong while we have our loved ones to help us
  24. My life after my stroke

    Like Louise I do not remember a thing which in a way pleases me unless i have to ask hubby dates and he goes "Not again" !! Bless him grrrr lol xxxx
  25. Hi Umut, I had an SAH4 and awoke after a long while. Keep Mum happy sing her favourite songs, my answer to all ills xx Also keep talking to her as my Sisters used to sing to me and my Daughter used to ask them to join me in the conversation. We are in there just keep talking to us or a song or 2 xx Wishing your Mum all the best Regards Win xxxxx