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  1. FRM, Try not to be in a hurry to go back to work get yourself at least 75% better, it is a long slow process, there'll be days when you can take on the world but then Wham back to bed you go. I can only speak from my experience I had an SAH 4 with Ventriculitis, Sepsis and Hydrocephalus . Just now you are a survivor and keep happy as I found that a smile and singing helps, sounds daft but no stress !! whatsoever plus I've always wanted to tell a Doc what to do ha ha xx Keep well and for the odd pains in head that come and go I take paracetamol. Keep a positive attitude also it is a must !!
  2. Must be hard for you TJR and hubby as when we panic all our body tenses up on us and we can say it will be okay but when you have one they are scary things xx Wishing you all the best and hubs xxx Do not think people understand about them enough xxx Win xxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. My Daughter has Panic Attacks and once she knew her heart was in fine fettle and that she can control them, she is okay and when a panic comes on she sucks peppermints and carries bottled water with her to help swallow/saliva ie dryness you get when panic attack !! She knows it will not hurt her and she is in charge of how she feels, the other night she woke up and thought she couldn't breathe. She spoke to herself and said "Come on relax" it went. after a while she said....Less stress more calmness eases them !! Think the op has made your hubby like this and it helped our neighbour who thought he was having a heart attack and ambulance man told him " no it is a panic attack" I told neighbour Daughter has had them since puberty and passed him a packet of mints and a bottle of water to keep with him. Good hearted I am!! His/neighbours panic episodes started after scare with his heart. Good luck TJ and hubby xxx They are scary things to have but hubby needs help and understanding when he has one so Good Luck to Both of you xx Remember he is a survivor and if I have put this before sorry xxxx and all the best to you both now get better or Win will break into song ha ha xxx
  4. Also Luke I couldn't sit up and kept falling sideways sounds silly but it does all get better in my case. I used to fall sideways on my Daughter and am no lightweight ha ha now I can hold myself up (small thing to some). Was told I'd never walk again but first 4 steps to give hubby Christmas then 30 then 100 yards and tomorrow the Olympics lol. Whatever you decide may it benefit Mum and you xxxx Good Luck Luke and Mum and keep her happy it is a must !!! Also pillows to prop her up are a must and I have so many sunglasses light ones black ones for different shades of sun. xx
  5. Thanks Greg I'll read later looked at the headings and some apply !!! lol xxx Read the bit that applied xxxx Thanks Greg xxxx
  6. How life changes

    Hi TJ, I ask my Hubby what happened and he and Daughter do not like to talk about it as they thought I was going to die. It upsets them as I had Ventriculitis and Sepsis also.. But I knew I was getting better as we argue now lol ie life is back to normal xx We do not see what our loved ones went through while we was out of it !! I was going to Spain but since shunt in I am scared of flying !! Wishing you both good luck and hope to see you in Green room daily thread sometime xxxx Tell hubby it helps to know he isn't the only one and a trouble shared and so on xx This site helped me and my Daughter so wishing you both Good luck xx
  7. Hi Luke, I have a shunt and am only speaking from what I was told happened to me as I remember nothing before my shunt !! When I was in cuckoo land before shunt I remembered absolutely nothing, my family say I spoke to them but remember zilch. Which in a way was good for me as no fear!! My husband and Daughter were worried as I was sleeping a lot etc etc and while in hospital thought I was in a café saying to Daughter "My treat" I came home (So I am told) and remember going to Hospital and said to a nurse put my cross on when I come back. Now whether or not I said this ???? I came around and sang to said nurse. I was in there from Thursday until Saturday when they said I could go home. I remember my Dogs going potty and my Daughter and hubby telling me what had happened in 2009 SAH. A year later I had shunt in and it took me approx. a week or 2 to realise how ill I had been. I have a lump behind my ear and a drain into tummy to drain my head off. (Scuse my words) When I first had it done I was "I don't like this big thing behind my ear" but I was able to tell my family how much I loved them. Not many people get a 2nd chance. So I am glad to be a survivor. Short term memory is awful but ask me what happened years ago and I'll tell you !! Good luck in your decision making, as my hubby was going to cancel mine, he rang male nurse who worked with Neuro Surgeon and said he didn't want me to go through more ops. Take care and have a word with Surgeon tell him your worries. xx Wish your Mum all the best Luke xx
  8. Hi TJR, When I had my SAH in 2009 I was so scared then had a shunt put in head for Hydrocephalus and I woke up. I found this site via my Daughter and it has been a help to both of us !! x Ask Hubby if he feels strong enough to go on Hols and let him choose, as you could always go in a Hotel in UK for his 60th and have a weekend away ?? Not the same but it is a thought. Keep hubs away from stress, as me and hubby worked together and it is stressful running own business. Keep him away from stressful people, (You know the type that tell you doom and gloom stories ) xx Keep bottles of water by him as it helps us. (3 Keeps there lol) Take it slowly as it is a long process !! So get your rest also !! ..You take care and hope all goes well with you both and keep happy. (another keep for luck) All the Best Winb143 Alias Win xx
  9. Many of us are given up on but remember to sing and smile a lot around brother. Singing songs can help memory (If I could only remember the new ones lol) xx Keep talking to him and if he sleeps he must need it But because I wasn't fully functional my Daughter used to tell my Sisters to include me in on conversation, as though I was as I was before SAH. We do not remember what was said to us 3 minutes ago in the early days. I have got better at remembering just lol xxx Good Luck Alex to you and your Brother xxxx smile xxxx Win
  10. Memory does get better, slow but sure . Still forget names of old singers though and actors, whatshis name has become my most used word, and me and hubby get through it by going "he was in that film we liked with that woman.with the blonde hair" ha ha Between the 2 of us we get there in the end !! You take care and remember slow but surely does it xxxxx
  11. Hi Steven, Ditto to all what Tina put. Also my scalp hurt so I used to bathe my head/hair in warm salt water where my stitches were as I felt really prickly headed and thought it might clean head ! I also got the bad heads but thought it was part of healing process ?? If worried see Doc, as my Neuro Surgeons words were "No Stress whatsoever" so I sing and try and keep happy. My poor family !! I came on here and found there are a lot of us and that in itself made me feel better ..I was not alone. Good luck in your recovery and if worried see Doc, never let it just go by as peace of mind is a good thing for us getting better xx Keep well and happy. A smile can really help us all. Regards WinB143 alias Win xxx
  12. back in hospital

    Good luck Clara, Take no chances as better to be safe than sorry xx So if we waste their time and it is nothing at least you will know and not stress over every pain in head xx You be well and take care of Number 1 ..You xxx Be well Love Win xxxx
  13. Hello Alex, It is very early days for your Brother but he has youth on his side. I can only say what happened to me and hope it will be of some help. SAH4 and was coiled Firstly while feeling tired all day, I passed out as about to have a glass of wine. 2009. I remember nothing until I woke up 2010 after having a shunt put it for Hydrocephalus. I was told I spoke a little but remember nothing and my Sisters sang to me, so I am. told. All what happened to me from July 2009 until August 2010 I remember nothing. After shunt was fitted I sang to the nurse and was allowed home after only 2 days I was given up on by OT's as I could not do a thing because of hydrocephalus, but luckily I have a good husband, Daughter and a family that sang to me. Keep your Brother stress free and keep him away from doom and gloomers.. Keep him happy and talking to him. It is a long haul but watch out that all is okay with him and talk to hospital about any concerns . Good luck to your Brother and you xxx Remember keep his spirits happy. xxxx Happy Talk only xxxxx and if he has catheter in make sure it is emptied regularly and plenty of water for brain. Winb143 alias Win xx
  14. back in hospital

    Clara, I do not want to scare you but a man who worked for us his grand daughter kept getting what was called migraines and she had a bleed. It was left without scan etc. Hospital did nothing but pain killers !! So please see a Doc and tell them you are worried and you need another scan. The girl was only 14 and the local hospital did nothing. I am telling you this not to frighten you but to get something done.. Good luck and get up hospital xxxx Better to be safe than sorry xxxx and let us know how you get on xx Put mind at ease please xxx
  15. 5 years

    Well done Casey I missed your 5th anni..versary xxxx When we first had these things happen to us we were so scared ...still panic lol but not as much, as I come on here and tell you all about it !! Well done You xx Regards Win xxxxxxxx
  16. back in hospital

    Nooo Clara I go back to Days when really rough to make you feel better lol xx If we have all been there then you can make it xxxx Wins thinking lol Weather is a so and so, especially the thundery weather it gives us what we call barometer head, it pushes on your head (Wins way of describing it) Hope you have a Nice Sunday and all is well your end xx Keep getting better pal xxxx Win xxx Off shopping with hubby later xx if we don't argue by then ha ha xxxxx
  17. Nine Years who-hoo

    Colleen, Congratulations and this site is a God send when we have our bleeds etc. Glad you are doing well xxxx Win xxxx
  18. back in hospital

    We will get there Clara, Glad you had someone with you as my hubby said he came to see me and I was crying, must have just had the miseries ha xx See they do have their helps Brothers, my brother also came to see me once at home and he got me out of bed and we sang some old songs we did as kids. It really cheered me up xxxx Hope you get better soon and remember a song helps xx my answer to all ills xxxx Be Well Clara and happy xxxx When you can xxxxx
  19. back in hospital

    Together we can conquer this bleed xxx xxx Along without our Brothers help ha ha xxx now rest up xxxxxxxxx
  20. back in hospital

    Clara, Brothers sheesh !! ha ha , my Brother would not come up until he knew I was okay !! Coward !! ha They said I'd just eaten Jaffa cakes and threw up on him, His reply was "Thanks Win I'll hmmm I'll save that for journey home" xx You just get well and remember no stress, Glad the OT is bubbly xxxx We need happy around us xxx Get well soon Clara xxxxxx
  21. back in hospital

    Not had it either Clara xx My Daughters speech went but that was over a migraine and it got me worried, so can only guess how you feel. Good luck and hope everything goes well for you xx Love Win xxxx
  22. New member - Peter John

    Hi Peter J, We found this site and knowing we aren't alone in our fight to recover helps us, and it is good when worried to come on here and tell our worries. A trouble shared and so on as they say !! I find remembering good times helps me and trying not to stress, when stressed I sing, my poor family. It is a long haul so do not rush and always keep calm when possible xx Good luck and we are all in the same boat so it is good to share a nagging doubt xx Regards Winb143
  23. We all need a special person in our life while getting over this and you have been chosen pj's hubby, just like my hubby was also ha xx But I also get help from Daughter and I knew when I was getting better as we started to argue again ha ha (She has a fractured ankle at moment). Wishing you both all the best and keep spirits high when possible xx Good luck both and keep happy xx Win xx
  24. Sami/Skippy is correct in everything she has put to you Mrsnicg xx When you feel rough go to bed have a sleep xx Slow but sure you get more strength back. It is a slow process but keep away from others troubles as you need to concentrate on getting better, no doom and gloom tales from friends you need to keep happy when possible. Good to see PJ replying to you also as she is a newbie so perhaps you 2 can make notes lol xx Remember Stress is bad for us xxx Always putting that !!! We all leave hospital with unanswered questions xx Good luck xxxx
  25. Sorry you feel so down, not much I can say but my Daughter and next door neighbour have panic attacks and once they knew it was not going to kill them they seem to manage them okay. They suck on peppermints and drink water for the dry mouth and tell themselves to relax. As for getting better we all improve slowly but it is a long process so start being kind to yourself. Wishing you all the luck and well wishes you can get xx I was told I'd never walk again but a few yards on a bad day and on a good day 200 yards. As Paul has said get some help if possible. Good luck and remember if down come and talk about it to us or anyone, as stress does us in !! Never bottle things up just find someone you can trust to talk to xx All the Best xxx