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Hi New Here - laanka


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Morning Laanka,

I see you might be online, so just wanted to say "well done", I am so pleased to hear you have had it done and presume you are pleased that it is out of the way. I trust you are a bit more relaxed now. Hope you are feeling ok and all the best for the future.


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Thank you all for your continued good wishes and support .I am still a bit tired at times and a bit emotional (like watching Bambi once a day).I am however in a much better place for whatever life has in store ,I am also ovewhelmed by the good deeds and kidness shown me by my fellow humans.

Laanka XX

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Just a quick note I am about to return to work on the 1st of June.It was a year ago yesterday that I recieved the letter advising I had an aneurysm .

It has been a long stressful year but it has been more bearable with the support of the people and the information available on this site .

Thank you all .

Take care and keep well all of you .I will pop in after a week back at the grind.


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Hi All

A quick update as it is now five weeks since my return to work.I am still not working a full week but the hours are long the days I am in .I have missed you all but am to tired to get on the computer when I get home.

i have lots to write but not tonight perhaps tomorrow in the early dawn.


Love you allxx

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Hi Laanka,

It sounds as though you're doing pretty okay! :-D It's good of you to keep in touch with us all, as can well imagine how tired you must be feeling...

Keep well and only post if you feel up to it .... but lovely to hear from you. xx

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hi sweetheart

you have done so well so far please just take your time and DONT overdo things otherwise everyone on here will be queuing up to smack your bum take one day at a time and just look after yourself please hugs and cuddles for doing so well

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